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Blockchain technology has become a well-known sector in the A-share market

Time : 04/02/2022 Author : m4caq1 Click : + -
        These two days, it has become the most popular section of the A-share market. Professionals have shown that this reflects the enthusiasm of assets from all walks of life for independent innovation. Just for ordinary investors, how to talk about this "chain love"?. China concept stocks related to us blockchain technology were first launched. On October 25 local time, Xunlei resources soared 107% to a relatively large single day increase since its launch. Stocks such as ninth city, air intake grille carrier and horizon robot also rose significantly. After the opening of the A-share market on the 28th, the "blockchain concept" smoothly became a hot spot in the sales market. Statistics on the official website of Oriental Wealth showed that the blockchain sector rose by 8.12% on the whole that day, and more than 100 related concept stocks rose by the daily limit.
        According to the survey, the main capital flow of the blockchain sector was about 1.5 billion yuan on the same day, and the net inflow of super large single capital exceeded 2billion yuan, indicating that the organization is "rushing to raise" the blockchain sector. In March and October 2021, the office of China's Internet information company published the first and second batch of regional blockchain technical data service reporting identification codes, and blockchain technology products under Baidu search, Tianjin, Tencent official, JD mall, ant finance and other groups were all published in the list. According to the organizational statistical analysis, the behavioral subject enterprises behind the blockchain technical data services mentioned above involve 41 A-share listed enterprises. According to lianxun securities, blockchain technology, virtual currency, 5g, Internet of things technology and other related concept stocks will have the opportunity to become a hot spot in the sales market in the future.
        To put it bluntly, blockchain technology is a new way of using electronic information technologies such as distributed system data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption technology, and is regarded as a "reform" of enterprise management and the underlying logic of the digital economy. Ren Zeping, President economist of Evergrande real estate group, said that the four characteristics and advantages of broad coverage, cross behavior, efficiency improvement and cost reduction decided that blockchain technology can "subversive innovation" for the real economy and financial system. With the rapid influx of assets and talents, the scenario of suitable blockchain technology will accelerate to the ground, and the field will develop rapidly and more standardized within 3 to 5 years.
        According to the view of Orient Securities, the development plan of blockchain technology industry returns to objectivity under the influence of problems at all levels such as sales market, management and control, cognitive ability and so on, and continues to explore technical landing in various sub industries. In the future, blockchain technology is expected to be brilliant in many industries such as finance, power and energy, food and drug safety, such as "blockchain technology supply chain financing", "blockchain technology commercial insurance", "blockchain technology personal credit investigation", etc. With the application of 5g, Internet of things and other cutting-edge technologies, everyone is looking at the summary of BAIC Foton auto acquisition report. Have you seen enough of zhouwei57 live broadcast? Jiefang Baicheng linkage highlights express here comes mellee151 good news! The domestic oil price has finally dropped by nearly 50 cents. Mellee136. You only need to have an aoling express buff version of mellee63. Suzhou Expressway waste detection is positive. Stranded vehicles are advised to return to mellee60. The endurance is more than 600 kilometers. The long-distance money King earns 30% of mellee127 a year.
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