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Hot right now: what is blockchain? Just take a simple example

Time : 13/03/2022 Author : 27sgmc Click : + -
        Blockchain (English name blockchain) is a hot topic at present. (pay attention to me, and send you a colored egg in a private message. The colored egg is at the bottom of the article). Speaking of blockchain, at present, it is estimated that many people do not understand it. But speaking of bitcoin, I think Chinese netizens are no longer strangers to it. Bitcoin is not equal to blockchain, but a derivative based on blockchain. So, what is blockchain? In short: blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger database. Blockchain decentralization is different from traditional centralization. There is no center here, or everyone is the center. Distributed ledger database means that the recording method is not only to store the ledger data in each node, but also to synchronously share and copy the data of the whole ledger.
        In this way, it is estimated that many people will be difficult to understand, or even confused. Then, let's take a simple example, and everyone's understanding of it is almost the same:. Once upon a time, there were dozens of villagers living in a closed mountain village. There were some precious stones on the mountains in this area. The wealth of the village was calculated according to precious stones. The villagers will get together regularly and ask the village head to count and keep accounts. The property of each household of the villagers is recorded in the village head's account book, so that they can exchange it for the daily necessities they need. This way is the central bookkeeping financial system that is currently widespread. Our usual Alipay and banks are "village heads", and our assets are recorded in their account books.
        But the village head is also an ordinary person, not an immortal, and he will also have all kinds of bad problems. Because of their greed, they have also made a lot of false accounts. Anyway, the villagers can't find it. This is like saving money in Alipay and the bank. Although the risk is unlikely to occur, this risk exists. After being discovered by the villagers, the villagers collectively abolished the village head. At this time, who should keep the account? The villagers came up with a way. Everyone brought an account book. When someone dug a gem, he or she would record it himself and inform everyone to record the same content in their own account book and keep his or her own account book.
        In this way, once someone has recorded false accounts and bad debts, he can find the problem by comparing them with others. Because no one can be so powerful as to bribe more than half of people to tamper with their accounts, which greatly improves the security. This is decentralized distributed accounting. Each villager's account book records the information of each gem. Each excavated gem is associated with the previous gem, forming a chain. One of the villagers could not fabricate and change the information of the account book. This is blockchain &mdash& mdash; P2P Distributed Accounting. In the above example, every time a gem is dug, the villagers need to stop work once, because they have to keep accounts collectively. Although the safety is greatly improved, the efficiency of work is reduced.
        However, in the Internet world, such collective bookkeeping is just a moment. Well, now let's announce today's eggs, pay attention to private messages, and give you a fun app that can publish your own blockchain digital coins. Return to Sohu to see more.
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