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After six trading boards, this blockchain concept stock was filed for investigation

Time : 24/04/2022 Author : nt5qgj Click : + -
        Guangdong culture Great Wall Group Co., Ltd. is the first listed creative art ceramic enterprise in China. The 2018 annual report links the company with blockchain. Recently, blockchain has become a hot word, and companies related to blockchain have also reaped new benefits. From October 24 to October 31, the great wall of culture closed for six consecutive trading limits. On the evening of November 4, the great wall of culture announced that the company was suspected of violating laws and regulations in information disclosure and was filed for investigation by the CSRC. At the opening of trading yesterday (5th), the great wall of culture fell by the limit. The blockchain concept was popular, and the A-share market immediately responded. After the rise of the limit for 6 consecutive days, the great wall of culture, known as the "leader of blockchain concept stocks", encountered a case filing investigation by the CSRC, and then fell by the limit.
        How does the great wall of culture, which started with ceramics, relate to blockchain? Ding Zhibin, a media person who has long paid attention to the stock of Cultural Great Wall, told reporters that at the end of 2017, Cultural Great Wall led a merger and acquisition in the education industry with the largest amount in China at that time, and purchased Beijing feicui Education Technology Group Co., Ltd. by issuing shares and paying cash. This company has developed four blockchain software. Ding Zhibin: "the relationship between the great wall of culture and blockchain can be seen from the 2018 annual report that there are more than 50 R & D investment projects, including six registered copyrights of software, blockchain is involved in the name and description, and four are developed by emerald education company.
        ”。 Emerald education obtained four blockchain technology copyrights in March 2018, which are "smart learning assessment system based on blockchain technology", "practical training project sharing platform", "learning achievement display platform" and "campus teacher-student sharing platform". But in addition to copyright registration, the reporter could not find these four software through search. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the company registration place of emerald education in Haidian District, Beijing. The door of the office was locked. Through the glass, you can see that half of the entire office area has been emptied, the ground is in a mess, and some stations still retain office supplies. Cultural Great Wall once announced that during the acquisition, feicui education had concealed statements, and some shareholders illegally Pledged Shares in violation of the agreement, in violation of the company's regulations, and feicui education did not cooperate with the company's management.
        According to previous media reports, due to the delay in paying the originally agreed payment for the acquisition of jadeite education, the great wall of culture was sued by the original shareholder of jadeite education, and its equity in Jadeite education was also partially frozen. In fact, in addition to the "blockchain" business being questioned, the troubles faced by the great wall of culture are not limited to this. The 2018 annual report of Cultural Great Wall was issued with a non-standard opinion of "unable to express opinions" by Dahua certified public accountants. If the 2019 annual report continues to be issued with a non-standard opinion of "negative or unable to express opinions", it will face the risk of suspension of listing. According to the 2019 semi annual report of Cultural Great Wall, in the first half of this year, the company's business development was lower than expected and its operating performance declined. In view of the fact that the company has lost control of its subsidiary emerald education, emerald education will not be included in the company's consolidated statements during the reporting period.
        How can such an enterprise, whose only subsidiary has blockchain related copyright, be hyped as a "blockchain concept leading stock"?. GUI Haoming, chief market analyst of Shenwan Hongyuan securities, told reporters that the great wall of culture mentioned blockchain copyright in its annual report, but what are these software? What does it look like? The outside world is not clear. GUI Haoming: "when a certain theme of the company does have a significant impact on your company today, at least these conditions must be met. First, software can produce significant economic benefits, and this benefit will have an important impact on the company's business. Second, you must have a certain degree of progressiveness and market prospects in developing software.
        ”。 GUI Haoming explained that cultural Great Wall did not explain the research and development of blockchain software in detail, nor did it mention the economic benefits that could be generated in the future. When these issues were not clear, it was intentionally or unintentionally misleading to write blockchain into the annual report. Guihaoming: "so from now on, it's just some software, whether it has been officially used in the market, and whether it has formed commercial sales. In this case, it's a subject matter to take out, and to mention it repeatedly in the company's regular annual report, the third quarterly report, such as this kind of policy statements, in fact, it's a misleading problem.
        ”。 Guihaoming told reporters that under the hype of many parties, such an enterprise mainly engaged in ceramic business has become the so-called "blockchain leading stock". It may encounter some problems in information disclosure before being investigated by the CSRC. Why can such an enterprise usher in multiple trading boards in succession? GUI Haoming explained that the fickleness and dispassion of the market make it possible to hype the concept of blockchain. GUI Haoming: "our researchers found that more than 1000 companies are blockchains overnight. Some may not matter at all, but they all regard them as blockchains. The most ridiculous thing is that someone turned a zipper factory into a blockchain through a keyword search because of a chain word.
        Whether it's true or false, it's better to fry it anyway. The occurrence of such absurd things, I think, reflects the impetuous side of the market and the side of excessive speculation. ". Many industry experts said that blockchain has become a hot spot in the capital market, which will help the capital market give full play to the role of resource allocation, guide more social capital to invest in blockchain, and thus promote the development of this new technology. However, at the same time, the concept of blockchain involves a wide range, the breadth and depth of participation of listed companies vary, and there is also a large gap in technology application and profitability. Blockchain investment should strictly prevent risks and hype some "shell" companies that have nothing to do with blockchain.
        In this regard, investors should pay attention to the fundamental research of the company, grasp investment opportunities and avoid blindly "following the trend".
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