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Xita technology won two Honors: Top 100 industrial blockchain enterprises and typical cases of industrial blockchain

Time : 11/12/2021 Author : 1bixl5 Click : + -
        As the theme, we will deeply explore the application prospects and methods of industrial blockchain, share excellent cases and project achievements of industrial blockchain application at home and abroad, commend excellent practices and enterprises in the industry, explore the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of industrial blockchain in the new era, and jointly promote the rapid development of industrial blockchain and promote industrial upgrading and transformation. Chen Xiachu, member of the Party leadership group and first-class inspector of Jiangsu Provincial Communications Administration, and Fang Jing, district director of Nanjing Gulou District People's government, delivered an opening speech for the meeting. Typical cases of industrial blockchain and top 100 industrial blockchain enterprises were released at the meeting. As a leading blockchain technology company in China, Xita technology has been successfully selected into the top 100 industrial blockchain enterprises. The "Internet of things + blockchain based anti-counterfeiting and traceability system for agricultural products" created by Xita technology has been selected into the typical cases of industrial blockchain.
        As an important underlying supporting technology in the digital economy era, blockchain plays an important role in promoting digital industrialization and improving the digital economy governance system. As the central and local governments continue to put forward various favorable policies to support the application and development of blockchain, blockchain has become the "source power" of sustainable economic and social development.
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