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Industry, read the domestic blockchain industry map

Time : 05/11/2021 Author : 8e03ri Click : + -
        Blockchain is on fire. Whether it is the "tuyere" in the eyes of Xu Xiaoping and Chen Weixing, or the "foam" and "fraud" in the population of Buffett and Zhu Xiaohu. Entrepreneur & I through research, dark horse divides the domestic blockchain industry into five parts: enterprise services, application development, alliances, trading platforms / exchanges, and media. These five parts are not directly related. Generally speaking, it revolves around three core circles: the chain circle that provides the underlying technology for blockchain, the mining circle that provides high-power servers for mining, and the currency circle that issues digital currencies for trading. However, with the increasing influence of the core circle, it has driven the development of other circles and played an important role in promoting the development of blockchain.
        Behind the blockchain boom, service enterprises have contributed a lot. Of course, the profit scale of these service enterprises is also soaring at a speed beyond people's imagination. Take bitmain as an example. According to overseas media reports, it has only been established for four years, but its operating profit in 2017 reached US $3 billion to US $4 billion. NVIDIA, an American semiconductor giant, has used the same performance for 24 years. According to the report, most of the revenue of bitland comes from the sale of mining machines powered by the company's chips, and the rest is generated by the mining itself, by charging management fees from the mining pool and renting the mining capacity of its mining field through cloud services.
        Of course, in terms of blockchain enterprise services, in addition to the sale and leasing of mining machines, ore pools, mining capacity and other aspects, there are also the provision, operation and maintenance of underlying technologies. Bitland: founded in 2013, its products include antminer ant mining machine (hardware), hashnest computing power nest (website, which can mine bitcoin's cloud computing power platform without purchasing and maintaining mining machines), website, and digital currency related services such as mining pool, block browser, wallet, industry information). Suanlibao: founded at the end of 2015, Hangzhou branch of Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute is accelerating the incubation as a seed enterprise. At present, cloud Suanli leasing is the main business.
        Suanlibao will be IDC service provider &mdash& mdash; The main board listed enterprise Gaosheng Holdings (000971), bitcoin exchange, wallet service provider okcoin, mining pool and other resources are connected and integrated, so that users can realize remote mining through the network. Silver chain technology: headquartered in Shenzhen, it was founded in 2012. As a member of the presidium of the financial blockchain cooperation alliance (Shenzhen), it is committed to the blockchain middleware product "silver chain middleware" that can quickly develop blockchain applications, and provides blockchain application development solutions for financial institutions and enterprises and institutions to implement the "blockchain +" strategy. It has been funded by angel investments of listed groups and projects of the Nanjing government.
        Heshu software: headquartered in Shanghai, founded in April 2017, is an innovative enterprise dedicated to the research, development and application of blockchain technology. Since 2016, it has been studying the underlying technologies of blockchain (encryption algorithm, network security, distribution, point-to-point, etc.), and established the "blockchain Technology Laboratory" in January 2017, and also developed its own applications (point-to-point trading system and super ledger). Yunxiang: Yunxiang blockchain is a member of hyperledger, an internationally renowned open source blockchain project, which aims to build a world-class enterprise blockchain technology service platform. Zhigui Technology: at the beginning of its establishment, its main business was to help creators register copyright for free on the blockchain.
        At the end of 2017, Zhigui technology began to target the whole industry. Based on the self-developed underlying technology of the alliance chain, it provided customized enterprise blockchain solutions (baas), blockchain certificate storage, supply chain management and traceability, targeted poverty alleviation facility construction and other services to help more industries use blockchain. In addition, according to foreign media bitcoinmagazine, will also launch a project called "aicatapultaccelerator (AICA)" to support start-ups' business in the blockchain field. The project will be launched in March 2018 for a period of six months. The first batch of members are overseas start-ups, mostly focusing on logistics and retail.
        On March 1, zhuxiaohu, the managing director of Jinshajiang venture capital, questioned in his circle of friends: "there was at least eyeball in the Internet foam in 2000. What else is there in today's blockchain besides money speculation?". In fact, coin is just a technical application of blockchain. In the words of Ding Lei, founder of Netease, it is "don't think of bitcoin as a blockchain. Blockchain itself has many applications". As a new technology, blockchain has been gradually applied to all walks of life. For example, many companies, including bat, are operating blockchain technology in logistics, finance, entertainment, medical treatment, agriculture, law, public welfare services, etc.
        Rookie: with tmall global, blockchain technology has been used to track, upload and verify the logistics full link information of cross-border imported goods. This information covers the whole process of commodity import, such as production, transportation, customs clearance, inspection application, third-party inspection, and will give each cross-border imported commodity a unique "ID card" for consumers to query and verify. Cheetah Mobile: in January 2018, it announced the launch of SafeWallet, a mobile secure digital asset wallet, to enter the blockchain with a high profile. Recently, the company launched the AI + blockchain project "aiblockchain", and its official website has been launched. Linmengbao: established in May 2014, it is a map interactive game platform based on blockchain digital currency. It searches for treasure on the map to obtain a digital currency LMC issued in the game based on blockchain technology.
        Wuchain: established in March 2016, it aims to implant blockchain technology into all links of the generation, transfer, consumption, use and re circulation of various goods. At the same time, the Internet of things technology is used to give items vital signs, so as to build a low-cost, efficient, safe, transparent and honest value circulation system. Originally: founded in September 2016, blockchain original protection and self-service trading platform, similar enterprises also have Yishu and the paper expensive technology mentioned above. Boundary Intelligence: established in December 2016, it uses artificial intelligence + blockchain technology to provide technologies and services that protect data privacy, respect data ownership, and support the safe and distributed use of data by intelligent algorithms.
        Tianyi: founded in December 2017, it aims to be an "Ai doctor on the chain". Starting from the medical data end, the developed AI super doctors form a distributed "brain" of Tianyi. Combined with intelligent hardware, Internet of things and other devices, it builds an ecosystem of the whole industrial chain of intelligent medicine and writes vital signs data into the blockchain. For an emerging industry, it usually encounters a series of problems and difficulties in the early stage of development. At this time, it is particularly important to keep warm together. As an application technology, blockchain is the same. With the application of blockchain in all walks of life in full swing, blockchain related industries, industries, and regional alliances have emerged.
        Representative alliances: chinaledger alliance, blockchain industry alliance of China high tech Industrialization Research Association, Zhongguancun blockchain industry alliance, gold chain alliance, copyright blockchain alliance, and safe food blockchain traceability alliance. Zhongguancun blockchain Industry Alliance: officially established on February 3, 2016, under the guidance of Zhongguancun Management Committee, it was initiated by century Internet company in conjunction with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications and other universities, China Communications Society, China Unicom Research Institute and other operators, as well as Unitalen, Bubi network and other companies. At the founding conference of the alliance, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial community blockchain international incubation center was also established, which will provide platform and service support for startups in the blockchain field.
        Chinaledger Alliance: on April 19, 2016, it was jointly sponsored by 11 state-owned and private enterprises, including China Securities inter agency Quotation System Co., Ltd. and Beijing Smart Card Technology Research Institute of China Banknote Credit Card Industry Development Co., Ltd., committed to the development and research of distributed general ledger system and its derivative technologies, and its basic code will be used for open source sharing. Blockchain industry alliance of China high tech Industrialization Research Association: it is affiliated with China high tech Industrialization Research Association (hereinafter referred to as the China high tech Industrialization Research Association). The latter was initiated by famous scientists and economists such as Wang Daheng, Wang Ganchang, Ma Bin, etc. it was established in October 1993 and is now under the charge of China Association for science and technology.
        Gold chain alliance (financial blockchain alliance): established in Shenzhen on May 31, 2016, it was initiated by 25 enterprises such as Andersen securities and finance. It aims to integrate and coordinate financial blockchain technology research resources, form a joint force and coordination mechanism for financial blockchain technology research and application research, improve members' R & D capabilities in the field of blockchain technology, explore, develop and realize financial alliance blockchain suitable for financial institutions, And the application scenarios based on this. The first copyright blockchain alliance in China: on August 18, 2017, it was jointly initiated and established by 13 enterprises and experts, including copyright owners, iResearch consulting, Xiaomi technology, Meitu XiuXiu, 360 film and television, youmi, Ta intellectual property and entertainment law team, Hangzhou Shibei, zhijinlian, Annie shares, Lin Xiuqin, President of the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xiamen University, Zhizhuo capital Tao Chuang, Huayun music, with the purpose of using blockchain technology to drive copyright protection.
        China safe food blockchain traceability Alliance: on December 14th, 2017, Wal Mart,, IBM and Tsinghua University jointly announced the establishment of the alliance. Sifang will jointly establish a platform for collecting food production and circulation data, and provide consumers and retailers with real-time traceability services throughout the supply chain through blockchain technology. Blockchain issuers expect to maximize the value of their tokens in better liquidity and circulation through the way of token landing on the exchange. For investors, the exchange is also a platform for understanding the currency market and trading and investment. It is understood that at present, there are more than 100 exchanges in the digital money market, and the differences between platforms mainly focus on the number of supported currency types and the level of transaction rates.
        The importance of exchanges to the digital money market is self-evident. Blockchain projects that "monetize" in accordance with the voting rules have been frequently exposed to spend tens of millions of dollars in monetization fees in exchanges that have not yet achieved a decentralized "monetization" mechanism. On February 28, Huobi hadax released the "announcement of the first phase of voting results of huobihadax", in which the number of votes for the top three projects was 10 million, and the voting cost was basically around 50 million. According to entrepreneurs & I dark horse understands that under the huge difference between "cash on" and not, only the top ten currencies in the 60 projects in each phase can successfully log on to the trading platform.
        And not a few blockchain projects that have invested more than 10 million in the early stage have suspended the "cash in" plan after the late evaluation. Bitcoin trading network: one of the earliest bitcoin trading platforms in China, btctrade was launched in China on April 19, 2013, providing bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Wright coin (LTC) and Ethereum classic (etc) trading services for Chinese bitcoin lovers. Huo coin network: bitcoin, Wright coin, Ethereum, Ethereum classic trading platform, which is subordinate to Beijing Huo coin World Network Technology Co., Ltd. and was established on May 1st, 2013. Biquan network: operated by Biquan network technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., it was officially launched in September 2014 to provide investors with digital currency trading services.
        Gongxinbao: Affiliated to Hangzhou Cunxin Data Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, it is a company focusing on blockchain technology innovation. It has developed a public chain named Gongxin chain and developed the world's first decentralized data exchange based on Gongxin chain, which is suitable for data exchange in all walks of life. Binance: a blockchain based digital asset trading platform, was established in January 2017. The platform supports BTC, ETH, LTC and other digital currencies, and mainly provides users with digital asset exchange and trading services. Zhao CHANGPENG, its founder and CEO, was the co-founder and CTO of okcoin. During his tenure in okcoin, he launched international websites, futures trading platforms and algorithmic trading orders.
        Recently, it was said that Qian'an was attacked by hackers, resulting in abnormal access. CNBC: the China Station of okcoin, a digital asset trading platform, and the bitcoin / Wright coin / Ethereum trading platform. At present, okcoin CNBC has stopped all transactions about virtual currencies. Yuncoin: invested by bit fund managed by Li Xiaolai, it is built using the independently developed peatio open source program. It is a blockchain asset trading platform committed to transparency, openness and impartiality. However, the recharge and trading business has been completely shut down, and only the coin withdrawal service is retained. Bitcoin China: bitcoin China has stopped its website login and online on January 3, 2018. On the evening of the day, the official account of bitcoin China Weibo announced that BTCC had been officially acquired by a Hong Kong blockchain investment fund.
        After this acquisition, BTCC will be more powerful and actively develop its international market business, including BTCC ore pools. Bitcoin: bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum, lightcoin and litecoin trading platforms have suspended token trading services. The wechat community of "3o'clock sleepless blockchain" during the 2018 Spring Festival pushed people's attention and Discussion on blockchain to a climax. In addition to communities, mainstream commercial media have also begun to work in the blockchain industry, and vertical blockchain media and we media have been established one after another. On January 17, 2018, Tencent News launched "blockchain inspector"; On February 16, titanium media announced the launch of the blockchain app "LinkedIn"; On February 23, "bianews" also announced its full embrace of blockchain.
        According to the Beijing News, as many as 50 blockchain we media appeared in January this year alone. Capital is also constantly adding to the layout in terms of content. On March 1st, 2018, Shenzhen Chain Finance announced the completion of 10million Angel round financing. The next day, blockchain media + community "Babbitt" announced that it had received a round a financing of 100million yuan. In addition, wxy, Mars finance and others have also received large amounts of financing recently. According to entrepreneurs & I Heima understands that these blockchain media focus on reports on relevant industry policies, project investment and financing, market transactions, technology applications, etc. However, corresponding to the blockchain we media and platforms appearing in batches, the most critical problem at present is the shortage of talents in the industry.
        Representative media: blockchain inspector (Tencent News), blockchain axiology (entrepreneurial dark horse), chain de (titanium media), ear Finance (it ear). 36 krypton launched the blockchain column, bianews launched the "blockchain daily" column, and blue whale TMT launched the blockchain column &hellip& hellip;。 Representative media: Babbitt, blockchain Technology Chinese community, zone B, coin source community, 3o'clock sleepless blockchain community and branch community return to Sohu to see more.
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