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46 Baoma were cheated by more than 1.3 million because they joined this group

Time : 25/06/2021 Author : bfcnwm Click : + -
        By publishing such information on Baoma wechat group, Luo successively defrauded 46 Baoma of a total of more than 1.3 million yuan. Knowing that he did not have the ability to repay, Luo chose "robbing Peter to pay Paul" &mdash& mdash; Nearly 270000 yuan was "borrowed" from the company's boss and colleagues. Recently, the Minhang District Procuratorate of Shanghai indicted Luo on suspicion of fraud. In 2016, Luo began to work as an online customer service in an online store of maternal and infant products, so he met many treasure mothers who had just given birth. By offering Baoma some preferential activities, Luo gradually accumulated more than 1500 Baoma customers in his wechat.
        In July 2020, Luo joined an Internet company as the channel development director, mainly responsible for expanding the sales channel of the company's online store of maternal and infant products. Soon after, Luo thought that he could grasp the psychology of some Baoma who had just given birth to a child and were ready to buy mother and baby supplies, carrying the company behind his back to "start a new business" &mdash& mdash; In the name of free supplies for mothers and infants, a large amount of deposit was collected from Baoma. "In this way, you can not only use your own Baoma resources on wechat, but also accumulate a lot of funds in the short term." Luo Mou will do whatever he wants after calculation. At the beginning of 2021, Luo introduced a new benefit to Baoma wechat group: "attention, Baoma! You can receive the item for free by sending the information you want to the group. We will charge a deposit in the proportion of 1:10. For example, if you want a 200 yuan stroller, you can pay a deposit of 2000 yuan, and you can return all the deposit after 30 days.
        ”。 Once the welfare was released, it attracted a large number of Baoma's enthusiastic participation. At the end of the first batch of activities, baomoms successfully received their favorite items and were refunded the deposit in full. Since then, more baomoms have "entered the bureau". According to Luo's rough statistics, more than 150 people participated in his activities at most, and the deposit in his hand gradually accumulated to 2million yuan. With the increasing enthusiasm of Baoma's participation, the amount of deposit Luo has accumulated is also increasing, and the price of gifts in the wechat group is also rising, gradually upgrading from milk bottles and baby carriages to high-priced goods such as mobile phones. Followed by the huge losses brought to Luo by giving too many high priced gifts.
        In February, 2021, Luo took over the private work of writing bills for other companies for many times, and paid in advance with the deposit of Baoma. However, nearly 500000 yuan was invested in succession, resulting in a total loss. Anxious Luo looked at the book funds in front of him, and began to worry about how to "make money". With the remaining margin of about 1.5 million yuan, Luo took aim at the blockchain investment that was in the ascendant in the market. Therefore, Luo successively invested the 1.5 million yuan into the blockchain. But Luo, who was not good at investment, soon fell over again &mdash& mdash; A loss of nearly 1million yuan. Although Luo repaid part of the deposit by investing the remaining 500000 yuan in the blockchain, there are still a large number of Baoma's deposits that cannot be returned.
        Facing the debt collection of Baoma, Luo, desperate, had another plan &mdash& mdash; Cheat money from the company to fill the loophole of Baoma's huge deposit. On April 22, Luo knocked on the office door of the boss of the company and said half truely, "the previous promotion expenses are over. Can you borrow 50000 yuan from you first and pay you back when the official promotion expenses come down?" The boss didn't think much, and soon transferred 50000 yuan to Luo. But less than two weeks later, Luo told his boss on wechat that he was in debt because of building a house at home, and hoped to borrow another 100000 yuan to repay the debt. But the loan he got was just a drop in the bucket. Knowing that he had no repayment ability, Luo borrowed more than 100000 yuan from other colleagues.
        Although Luo used the borrowed money of more than 200000 yuan to fill some "holes" in the deposit, the way of "robbing Peter to pay Paul" is not far away after all. Luo can only use the delaying tactic in Baoma wechat group: "dear friends, due to the problem of capital turnover, the return of funds this month will be temporarily postponed.". A stone caused a thousand waves, and the baomoms in the group were angry, and began to denounce Luo, and said, "if you don't pay back the money, go to the police.". Seeing things getting worse and worse, although Luo regretted his previous behavior, it was too late. After a fierce ideological struggle, the next day, Luo confessed to the boss of the company with a heavy heart the fact that he had defrauded several Baoma of huge deposits, and, accompanied by the boss, went to the police station to surrender.
        Luo confessed after arriving at the case: "at that time, I thought of using the blockchain investment behind to make money back, but I didn't expect to lose so much. When I couldn't make it back, I didn't explain the actual purpose to my boss and colleagues, and the money I owed them has not been paid back yet. I pleaded guilty, and I really cheated these precious mothers and colleagues … …". "The defendant Luo, with the purpose of illegal possession, defrauded many people of money by fabricating facts and concealing the truth. The amount is particularly huge. His behavior has violated the relevant provisions of the criminal law and is suspected of fraud." Minhang District procuratorate prosecuted Luo according to law on September 2.
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