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Shanghai E-port blockchain alliance established

Time : 26/09/2021 Author : i3stcx Click : + -
        Shanghai (reporter shenwenmin) Shanghai international trade single window recently launched a number of application achievements integrating blockchain technology, such as cross-border RMB financing, pharmaceutical supply chain tracing, assisting customs intelligent supervision, and integrating third-party trade services. Shanghai E-port blockchain alliance was established at the same time. Blockchain generally refers to the centralized and distributed shared ledger technology, which can not only improve the supervision level of Shanghai port inspection department, but also improve the information sharing and business collaboration level of all parties involved in international trade. According to shenweihua, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce (Shanghai Port Office), at present, the Shanghai international trade single window has ten functional blocks of "supervision + service", 53 local applications, docking with 22 departments, covering the whole process of supervision and the main links of international trade.
        In terms of financing, Shanghai international trade single window has added cross-border RMB trade financing services. Relying on the big data advantage of the single window platform, it adopts blockchain technology to solve the core problem of information asymmetry in the process of trade financing, reduce the financing risks of financial institutions, and reduce the financing costs of import and export enterprises. In terms of pharmaceutical supply chain, Shanghai international pharmaceutical supply chain information service platform was inaugurated, which is the first platform for Shanghai international trade single window to provide in-depth services for a single vertical industry. The platform adopts blockchain technology to realize distributed ledger, data tamper proof and information traceability, and provides "end-to-end" and "visual" supply chain information services from source to consumption for upstream and downstream enterprises in the imported medical devices and drugs industry.
        The intelligent supervision and service of bonded exhibition and sales based on blockchain technology have been expanded. At present, there are many problems such as repeated input and data verification in the process of customs clearance and bonded supervision of bonded exhibition business. Shanghai Customs, Hongqiao Business District Management Committee and the Municipal Commission of Commerce jointly promote technological innovation and create a blockchain based "6+365" bonded exhibition intelligent supervision and service system. By taking advantage of blockchain distributed bookkeeping, shared ledger, tamper proof, multi-party verification and other advantageous technical features, the system not only reduces the repeated submission of data for enterprises and improves operation efficiency, but also improves the accuracy of data and business authenticity through upstream and downstream cross verification, realizes the "senseless" supervision of Customs bonded display, and introduces tax, banking, insurance, logistics and other related institutions to the chain, Provide more reliable and convenient one-stop services in finance and logistics for import traders participating in the "6+365" bonded exhibition.
        The research team first observed the simulation models of humans and rodents, and also observed how the activities of afferent and efferent motor neurons regulate neuromuscular properties. The researchers pointed out that the changes of muscle properties caused by gravity unloading may be related to the reduction of neural activity and the mechanical stress related to contraction / stretching. The researchers found that the genome size of golden buckwheat (1.08g) was twice that of Tartary Buckwheat (0.48g), which was mainly caused by the amplification of repeat sequences. It is understood that this study provides a theoretical basis for the character improvement and quality breeding of Fagopyrum tataricum, as well as the molecular breeding of interspecific hybridization between Fagopyrum tataricum and Fagopyrum tataricum.
        Over the past decade, colleges and universities have continuously strengthened the construction of innovation platform system, vigorously trained innovative talents, accelerated the convergence of innovation resources, and actively carried out international scientific and technological cooperation and exchange, so that the comprehensive strength of scientific and technological innovation of colleges and universities has leapt. D stands for pollen and ovule with dominant traits, R stands for recessive traits, and the self pollination process of hybrid is (d+r) (d+r) =d2+2dr+r2&mdash& mdash; One quarter is R2 with recessive traits, which is called the law of trait segregation of hybrids by de Vries. On April 21, 1900, Clarence saw the law of character separation of hybrids published by DeVries, and the next day he sent his paper Mendel's law on the performance of hybrid seed generations.
        Recently, six departments including the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology and the Zhongguancun Management Committee issued a notice to deploy the post of scientific research assistant for the development of scientific research projects in Beijing in 2022 to attract college graduates. Prior to this, Beijing has publicly announced two batches of research assistant positions, with a total of 5722 people to be recruited. A research team composed of scientists from many countries observed a "dormant" black hole that does not emit high-intensity X-ray radiation. This stellar black hole is located in the Large Magellanic Galaxy near the Milky Way galaxy. On the evening of July 20, the launching ceremony of "digital economy · within reach" 2022 Beijing digital economy experience week and digital consumption festival was held at Huiju shopping center in Daxing District, and the one week digital economy experience week officially kicked off.
        The reporter recently learned from the 54th international chemical Olympic Organizing Committee that after nine days of fierce competition, all four players of the Chinese team won the gold medal and won the top three gold medals. On July 19, the first World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) global awards ceremony was held during the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) general assembly. Shanghai Xinlong Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, and its main business scope includes the production, processing and marketing of LED lamps and lanterns. It was once rated as "technological small and medium-sized enterprise in 2021". Based on this idea, we propose a novel transformation idea: coating the surface of ordinary porous materials with copper layer, so as to turn the base material into a three-dimensional copper skeleton.
        A series of important layouts about self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology in China have pointed out the way forward and provided fundamental guidance for strengthening the strategic support of self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology for national development. This honor fully shows the good trend of the development of China's intellectual property industry and shows the innovative vitality of Chinese enterprises. Ge Shu, director of the strategic planning department of the State Intellectual Property Office, said that in recent years, China's emerging technology fields such as the digital economy have been booming, and the creation and reserves of independent intellectual property rights in related fields are increasing. Zheng zhejie said that in the past ten years, Anhui has kept in mind the important statement of General Secretary Xi Jinping that "the political construction of the party is the fundamental construction of the party" and promoted the comprehensive and strict governance of the party in depth.
        Since this year, affected by multiple factors such as the spread of COVID-19 and the domestic economic downturn, the employment demand of some urban industries, especially the contact service industry, has declined, and some migrant workers have returned home for employment. In the first half of the year, how about the employment of returning migrant workers? How to promote the employment of returning migrant workers?. According to monitoring, from January to June, the "200 index of wholesale prices of agricultural products" was 127.96, 2.49 points higher than the same period last year. According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, food prices fell by 0.4% year-on-year in the first half of this year, affecting a CPI decline of about 0.08 percentage points. The innovative research group of wheat stress resistant molecular breeding, Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, found that MPK3 pyl module can be used as a negative regulation mechanism, which helps wheat balance drought stress response and normal plant growth and development, and provides theoretical basis and genetic resources for drought resistant breeding of wheat.
        Cotton is an important natural fiber crop in the world. Upland cotton and Sea Island Cotton (also known as long staple cotton) are the two main tetraploid cotton varieties of cotton. Interspecific hybridization between land and sea provides important resources for the improvement of cotton fiber length traits, but there are few reports on the genetic mechanism of dynamic fiber elongation in land and sea populations. The scientific quality of citizens, the construction of scientific communities such as scientific journals and national societies, and the cooperation and exchange with foreign scientific and technological organizations represent the level of a country's scientific and technological "soft power".
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