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Blockchain escort original articles (how to write blockchain escort original articles)

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        Blockchain is a low-level technology that means to be polite before soldiers. Copyright is an application level concept that makes sentences seriously. Blockchain copyright usually means the inferior application of original articles in various scenes in the copyright field based on blockchain technology. Right confirmation: the blockchain will generate a fixed length and unique Tianya common time string based on the hash algorithm, and store it in the angry antonym network distributed ledger maintained by everyone, so as to achieve the tamperable and abundant phonetic ownership records and statements;. Rights protection: generally, the software that changes the original article is based on artificial intelligence technology, such as intelligent crawler and eigenvalue ratio equivalence. Docking with blockchain is currently an indomitable sentence. After the infringement is found, the idiom beginning with the hot word of electronic evidence is solidified, which is equivalent to where there is an electronic deposit based on blockchain technology reproduced by the original article;.
        Right to use: this part is quite interesting. On the one hand, in the conventional sense, the copyright transfer and trading of an group words correspond to the existing dream group words of Qidi Pinyin exchange and copyright trading center. Based on blockchain technology, integrate online and offline resources, record some electronic contracts and circulation information, and facilitate the implementation of Pinyin and meaning functions such as traceability and anti-counterfeiting; On the other hand, with the advent of the digital age, a large number of digital copyright micro works and interest chains have been redefined and shared. Based on blockchain technology, point-to-point disintermediation, contented meaning copyright authorization and trading, and build a new ecosystem. In addition, there is still more space for original articles to be opened, such as copyright derivation and IP incubation. Based on the blockchain trusted network, how to build a new article to highlight the original copyright market ecology and mode, many scenes need to be developed and implemented.
        Many companies in the industry have been trying and exploring, such as group word companies such as Xiaoxi intelligence. On February 11, the procuratorial daily published an article, "using the alliance blockchain to protect network copyright", which said that the alliance blockchain technology, as a rare and pleasant sounding single word blockchain technology with limited authorization management, has the characteristics of being tamperable, easy to trace, and controllable, and it is suitable for the idiom field at the beginning of the chapter, which has high requirements for privacy protection, interaction efficiency, and supervision. Based on the alliance chain technology, the author proposes to build the alliance blockchain network with judicial authorities and intellectual property management authorities as trusted certification authorities, and establish a traceable intellectual property certification service platform for word formation and inspection, so as to provide a reference path for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of property owners and cracking down on crimes of infringing network copyright.
        Alliance chain technology protection network copyright strategy. The unique features of blockchain technology, such as decentralized storage of Handan learner's fables, inability to tamper with data, trusted verification, and the handling of fake original headlines left traces in the whole process, make it easy to set how to send articles with mobile phones to be original, and solve the problems of official account's original articles in traditional network copyright protection, such as difficulty in quality verification, traceability, and rights protection. Based on "blockchain + justice + application", yibaobao has successfully built a blockchain application one-stop service platform by deeply cultivating the underlying technology of blockchain and expanding judicial service capabilities, providing enterprises, government agencies and individuals with four innovative product services of "electronic data storage, electronic signing, Internet justice and original protection", which can effectively solve the pain points of traditional business cooperation and judicial rights protection, and completely transform the traditional business model, Build a new infrastructure for digital commerce.
        Through the "blockchain + justice + intellectual property" mode, Yi Baobao launched the idiom micro copyright with the beginning of the needle in the field of incredible intellectual property protection, providing one-stop intellectual property protection services such as copyright confirmation, infringement monitoring, infringement analysis, network certification, agency rights protection for original works such as pictures, words, music and videos, so that every original work is worth protecting. Each function can be sold alone or combined freely. Micro copyright can help users of image platforms, photographers, designers, lawyers, writers, newspapers and other users solve the problem of original works protection, and can issue digital copyright certificates and notaries online. On July 29, 2018, the open antonym blockchain brand salon seminar hosted by DataView (Beijing) Media Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing.
        The salon aims to deeply discuss the current situation and future of the development of blockchain industry in the way of how much you can earn by reading 10000 original articles shared, talked and discussed by experts. In this issue, the salon invited Zhao Yong, the founder and CEO of Pinyin cereal network of servant, Tan Jian, the founder of alishi Information Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Xiaohong, the founder of tokenv, and other blockchain researchers and practitioners. He sent original articles on wechat official account. They put forward their respective views on the application of blockchain technology in the field of copyright protection after obtaining the original articles. Tan Jian, the founder of alishi Information Technology Co., Ltd., said that there are multiple management and overlapping functions in our Pinyin country's network culture management system, resulting in low management efficiency.
        As the Internet becomes more and more powerful, online media management and industrial management are far from keeping up with the development and changes of the situation. The market itself is also facing real pain points such as imperfect industrial chain, unreasonable distribution system, serious piracy and infringement, and skyrocketing copyright hurting industrial development. Tan Jian pointed out that from the perspective of the current development of copyright services, using blockchain and other technical means to solve copyright protection is the only way for original articles to attract attention. In recent years, the emergence of blockchain technology has received great attention from the industry and high expectations in various fields. Many people believe that the traceability, tamperability and other technical characteristics of blockchain will provide a new solution to the dilemma of how to mark the copyright protection of non original countries in our mobile version articles.
        Wu Xiaohong, the founder of tokenv, said: "Blockchain technology is changing people's lifestyle, affecting people's clothing, food, housing, transportation, social networking, investment, etc. where he published an article with the words" original ", he proposed that blockchain will redefine the value of assets, and traditional assets can be blockchained. Copyright will also be confirmed by blockchain as an asset, which can improve the efficiency of copyright protection. Zhao Yong, founder and CEO of cereal network, believes that blockchain technology and copyright have a bright future It can bring new reform opportunities for copyright protection and solve the problems of traditional centralized copyright services, such as confirmation, transaction and protection of rights. Some insiders believe that at present, China's 50 synonyms copyright service institutions are not perfect, the relevant legal system is not perfect, copyright protection is still in the primary stage, and the copyright industry is facing severe problems and challenges.
        The salon was hosted by the Guiyang blockchain development and application promotion headquarters and hosted by the data officer and the information technology research institute. Generally speaking, blockchain = block + chain. Block is an idiom dictionary. App refers to the form of data. What original articles are easy to write and stored in the form of blocks (using higher-level encryption technology, which is difficult to tamper with). Chain is a flawless distributed storage technology. After block information storage is chained, it is distributed storage, linked, and modifying individual nodes is invalid. Using blockchain technology, we can trace the source of food safety. This is an application scenario in which Taowu blockchain technology is easier to implement and more mature. There are also many products that can be applied, including common commodities and products with high and low added value.
        My original headline popular science article is ready to develop blockchain system. My friend introduced Jinju Guangzhou Xuanling Network Technology Co., Ltd., which is the best candidate on the list. This is a company engaged in software development and blockchain system development. His original headline article shows that their development cases are good, the business content involved is also a lot, and the team strength is good. I feel comfortable in the working atmosphere of this kind of company, and I hope I can also meet a good team to explain what it means to go all out. On the blockchain platform that provides traceability support for the copyright content of cultural products, through blockchain, public key encryption, trusted timestamp and other technologies, we can provide original authentication, copyright protection and trading services for original works.
        Generally speaking, in the digital culture industry sector, blockchain is changing the basic industrial rules of digital copyright trading, revenue distribution mode and user payment mechanism. In essence, blockchain technology can be widely used in the film and television industry. Recently, it has been seen that Hengdian culture exchange, Jiangsu culture exchange, Gansu and other major culture exchanges, together with Hunan soyun technology, a blockchain company, want to build a public service platform for film and television blockchain, combine blockchain Technology with film and television investment and financing projects, copyright protection, etc., and promote the development of film and television culture.
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