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What are blockchain and virtual currency

Time : 11/02/2022 Author : 90aslw Click : + -
        Just after 2018, I was in a meeting and received a phone call. It seemed that it was a big man, the former founder of a famous entrepreneurial project in Hangzhou. After quickly connecting, the boss directly asked me: do you know blockchain and bitcoin? Because the boss has been hanging out with the top executives of Hangzhou's best e-commerce team, I'm still very happy to ask me this question. So, I was on the wire for many minutes, and finally I realized that I didn't speak clearly, and he probably didn't understand. So finally, I said, give me a period of time to sort out my thoughts, and then communicate with you. In fact, I know in my heart that the reason why I didn't make it clear is that I didn't understand it enough (this is a tongue twister, do you understand it or not).
        After that, I learned the principle of bitcoin and the basic concept of money in finance from the hash table and distributed database again. After communicating with the small partners in the original mixed coin circle, I finally felt that I could understand this matter, but I also found two problems. First of all, regardless of your knowledge background, you only need to know that blockchain is a computer technology, which initially refers to a decentralized distributed database formed by using a lot of cryptography and data structure algorithms. You can ignore this pile of combined nouns and look directly below. So what's the use of this technology? In financial business, the role of the center is to solve the asynchronous and asymmetric settlement information between buyers and sellers. If blockchain technology is widely used, you can understand our Alipay in the process of Internet transactions as a settlement center. If it is decentralized, it means that you can understand our bank in the process of daily production transactions as a settlement center. If it is decentralized, It means that you can understand the stock market exchange as a trading center. If you go to the center, it means that Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange have no meaning to exist.
        Well, so far, we should explain the important reasons why the country restricts the development of bitcoin and blockchain technology. But now many blockchain companies have generalized the above technical concept. In China, Xunlei is relatively quick to respond, because Xunlei changed the original download from the server to P2P download (peer-to-peer download, I believe we will not be unfamiliar with accompanying Mr. Cang through his single years). In terms of download technology, isn't it decentralized? (in order not to go bankrupt, Xunlei is really a talent. It can be seen that rabbits will bite when they are in a hurry.) Unfortunately, luck is not good. Xunlei's own gamecoin was indirectly blocked by the policy at the climax. In essence, a virtual currency sharing small movie download resources and bandwidth certainly does not have the ability to subvert the national financial system.
        Only at that time, our policy makers must regard blockchain or virtual currency as a scourge, and Xunlei was a little too hard for its own interests, so he lay down his gun. So what is the relationship between virtual currency and blockchain? The concept of modern money is actually a general equivalent endorsed by the national credit. The exchange function of the general equivalent reflects the use value of money, while the credit of the issuing country determines the value of money, the inflation of countries with poor credit, and the price stability of countries with good credit. The value of virtual currency is endorsed by the application of the corresponding blockchain technology, that is, whether the virtual currency corresponding to a blockchain technology is valuable depends on the application and development of the blockchain technology.
        The blockchain corresponding to bitcoin is used in the financial industry, and the blockchain corresponding to playing bitcoin is used to review the classic of Mr. Cang. Who do you think is more valuable?.
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