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Blockchain agricultural products traceability, which farmland did you make your dinner from?

Time : 12/07/2022 Author : mpv8cj Click : + -
        Food safety is related to everyone's health and life safety. In recent years, food safety problems have occurred frequently. Many times, even if we compare and select carefully, it is still difficult to distinguish the real quality of food. The traceability of agricultural products can establish an information base covering all stages of agricultural products from primary to deep processing. Consumers at the terminal can understand all node information of purchased products from farmland to dining table with one click of scanning code. This is not only reassuring for consumers to buy, but also standardizing the planting and processing of agricultural products at the same time, and helping standardized agricultural product production enterprises establish brands. Take the traceability code of agricultural products as the information transmission carrier, take the traceability label of agricultural products as the form of expression, and take the traceability information management system of agricultural products as the service means to realize the whole process monitoring of various links such as planting, processing, circulation, storage and retail of agricultural products, realize the whole process network management of agricultural products production, and sort out, analyze, evaluate and warn the traceability information of agricultural products, so as to improve the national food safety supervision system.
        So that consumers can query the relevant information of food at any time, so as to ensure that they can eat safe food and ensure the safety and reputation of agricultural products. Establish a traceability information base for the planting, production and circulation of agricultural products; Monitor and manage the whole process of each link; Carry out comprehensive analysis and utilization of traceability information; Provide information traceability operation platform; Provide comprehensive information services through networks, clients and other channels. In the planting process, from the work information records of seed / fertilizer purchase, sowing, irrigation, fertilization, to the information records of picking and testing, the whole process data collection and monitoring are carried out according to different batch numbers, so as to realize the traceability management of the planting process information. From the arrival, testing and processing of agricultural products, the whole process tracking and information collection are carried out according to the batch number in turn. Each processed product will be given a QR code label of the corresponding batch number.
        Terminal sales: after purchasing agricultural products, consumers can trace the source by scanning the QR code label information, so that consumers can buy safe, healthy and guaranteed safe food. Establish a safety traceability network platform for agricultural products. End consumers can query directly on the website according to the traceability code, trace and understand the information of agricultural products from planting, deep processing, logistics and other links, and can query the value of online and agricultural product traceability?. For users, you can query the authenticity, trace the source, consume transparently, enjoy security, etc; For enterprises, they can establish industry benchmarks, improve brand reputation, and prevent counterfeit products in the market. At present, the traceability industry of farm products in China is still in the development stage, but many enterprises have been at the forefront.
        For example, vonetracer blockchain traceability platform under Shanghai wanglian technology is a commodity traceability SaaS platform based on blockchain technology independently developed and launched by wanglian technology. Unlike the traditional traceability platform, vonetracer uses blockchain technology to realize the true traceability of food and truly realize the source quality control. 1. All works marked with "source: Chinanet technology" on this website are works legally copyrighted or used by this website. 2. The above works shall not be reproduced, excerpted or used in other ways without the authorization of this website. Those who have been authorized to use works on this website should use them within the scope of authorization, and indicate "source and author".
        Those who violate the above statement will be investigated for their relevant legal responsibilities. Chinanet is a national key news website led by the Information Office of the State Council and managed by the China foreign language publishing and Distribution Bureau. This website publishes information in 10 languages and 11 editions in 24 hours. It is an important window for China to carry out international communication and information exchange.
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