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Lishengming blockchain,There are still many challenges in the vigorous development of blockchain industry. Li Li: setting standards and regular evaluation is also a management attempt

Time : 27/11/2021 Author : xwtuka Click : + -
        While China's blockchain industry is booming, blockchain technology and applications still face many problems and challenges. On December 22, at the "2020 trusted blockchain summit" hosted by the China Academy of information and communications, the China Communications Standardization Association and the trusted blockchain promotion plan, many industry expert practitioners discussed the application and problems of blockchain technology from multiple perspectives. On December 22, the chairman of China Communications Standardization Association said at the "2020 trusted blockchain summit" that China's blockchain industry is booming, but at the same time, we should also be soberly aware that blockchain technology and applications still face many problems and challenges.
        For the development of China's blockchain industry, he put forward three suggestions: first, vigorously tackle key core technologies; second, actively explore application paths; third, improve the regulatory governance system to ensure the orderly development of the industry; fourth, establish a risk prevention and control system; fifth, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. He said that at present, the China Communications Standardization Association is working closely with the China Academy of communications and communications to develop relevant blockchain standards, and will further cooperate with the China Academy of communications and communications in the future to enhance the international influence of China's blockchain and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. In addition, he also said that with the support of policies such as the "new infrastructure" and the "14th five year plan", the application and integration innovation of the blockchain industry has accelerated, and the development of the digital economy has been steadily promoted, showing a trend of vigorous development: the industry has accelerated technological innovation, the development of blockchain has begun to take shape, the formation of a "blockchain +" development pattern, and the standardization work has been actively promoted.
        With the increasing application of blockchain in many industries, it also brings some risks that cannot be ignored. Among them, blockchain projects are blooming everywhere, and there are many good and evil people mixed in them, which is also a big problem for supervision. After the financing of many ICO projects is completed, it is difficult to supervise the implementation of the projects, and many investors have huge risks after their capital investment. "At present, the blockchain is a little overheated, so there are some of them who may want to do it, but they are unable to do it in the end. Even the starting point of the project itself has events that maliciously affect the normal development of the industry. Therefore, the mixed situation in blockchain projects is difficult to be cured.
        ”Li Li, general manager of Tencent cloud blockchain, said, "In fact, today's trusted blockchain is also a management attempt. In the evaluation process, trusted blockchain has many evaluation indicators. Through the standard setting and regular evaluation system, it can be determined that the project really uses a trusted blockchain in the process of business development. In the future, trusted blockchain will also make the project better. Manufacturers can also choose the provider of blockchain if they want to choose To make a good judgment based on this. ". Li Li further said that with the regular publication of standards and evaluation results, investors can also obtain the true situation of the investment project through these results. At the same time, investors can also splice these basis to consider whether the project is a sustainable and replicable business, which will favor the evaluation in specific scenarios and specific environments. For this point, it is difficult to have a more unified standard.
        With the continuous development of blockchain industry and technology, blockchain has been integrated into all walks of life, and the integration of technology and industry can be seen in finance, supply chain, health care, smart city, education and other fields. According to the white paper on blockchain innovation and intellectual property development released on the same day, the applicants with the highest ranking of Chinese judicial blockchain patents include many Internet companies. Including Alibaba, Tencent technology,, Baidu, etc., among which Alibaba and tengxuneng technology are in the lead. Since 2017, the combination of justice and blockchain has ushered in a surge in patent applications. In terms of patent application trend, the field of infringement protection combined with blockchain technology is a hot spot and the focus of enterprise layout in the future.
        Tencent also has a layout for the application of blockchain technology in the judicial field. Li Li said that Tencent's blockchain based judicial applications include blockchain copyright authentication, infringement certificate storage management, and copyright trading. Tencent blockchain takes intellectual property rights as an actual project. The "copyright deposit" function jointly created with the original library solidifies the ownership information of original works through blockchain and abstract algorithm to ensure that the information is complete and verifiable. In addition, credible time is introduced into the national time service center to accurately record the birth time of works.
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