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The "web, 30 forward-looking research report" was prepared by the Ouke cloud chain and the Institute of communication and communications, taking the data processing capacity of the chain as Web3

Time : 02/02/2022 Author : 2oqknd Click : + -
        As Web3.0 is regarded by governments and enterprises as the development direction of the next generation Internet, the forward-looking research and strategic prediction on Web3.0 is particularly important. Among them, in the Web3.0 era, where blockchain technology is an important infrastructure, the security of digital space needs to rely on the processing and analysis of a large amount of data on the chain. The processing ability of big data on the chain has naturally become the foundation of information security in the Web3.0 era. Recently, the 2022 trusted blockchain ecological conference and the first trust technology conference were held in Beijing. The first Web3.0 authoritative report "Web3.0 forward looking Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as "the report") prepared by the Chinese Academy of communications and communications, EuroTech cloud chain, Tencent cloud, etc. as editorial units carried out a highlight interpretation at the conference.
        As the world's leading blockchain data and technology service provider, okiyun chain, based on its own blockchain + big data business practice experience, gives industry solutions around the analysis and governance of on-chain data in the Web3.0 era, and demonstrates the application direction of blockchain big data in the Web3.0 era. If users can not only browse information, but also publish information in Web2.0 era, then the coming Web3.0 era will give users ownership, and users will be able to control the ownership of data assets. The report mentioned that Web2.0 is an information internet with information as the core object. Its core feature is the interaction between information and algorithms. Using algorithms to distribute information, it has realized the development mode of digital economy with platform economy as the core engine; Web3.0 is a value Internet with assets as its core object. Its core feature is the interaction between digital assets and algorithms. Using algorithms to distribute digital assets will change the development mode of digital economy.
        In short, ordinary users can not only read published information, but also "own" information. In the Web3.0 era, the individual value of users is infinitely "respected". The digital content created by users, ownership and control belong to users. Digital content is no longer just simple data, but the digital assets of users. The introduction of digital assets means the change of production relations and the transfer of ownership in digital space. Especially in content creation and other scenes, users can really have their own digital labor and digital creation results. The report also points out that open source is the foundation of Web3.0. Open source code, open governance, and transaction availability.
        Open sharing and digitalization of basic resources such as data, algorithms and computing power will give users more say. The report also points out that foreign developed countries and regions represented by the United States, Europe and Japan are actively laying out Web3.0 tracks, and the industrial ecology is beginning to take shape. China is also building Web3.0 ecological key technologies. Digital collections and creator economy are the key applications for China to explore Web3.0. As the most typical application scenario in the Web3.0 era, digital assets have the characteristics of decentralization, anonymity and so on. However, with the continuous development of various applications in the Web3 field, the security problems are also highlighted.
        In the data analysis and Governance section, the report introduces that in the Web3.0 era with blockchain as the underlying infrastructure, the security of digital space still depends on the processing and analysis of a large amount of data, including the identification and behavior of security event subjects through data. In the report, orco cloud chain proposed that based on the current practical experience of data analysis on the blockchain chain chain, labeling the address on the chain is a relatively common practice, and labeling is also a general practice of big data processing. Through address tags, the anonymity of blockchain can be reduced to some extent and the recognition of transaction characteristics can be improved. Blockchain address tag analysis can play a significant role in Web3.0 security, such as analyzing the capital flow of malicious addresses involved in security events, or warning the abnormal flow of funds or assets at some specific addresses.
        Take Jay Chou's previously stolen bayc#3738nft as an example. The NFT was transferred out of Jay Chou's address and was quickly traded many times. Through the NFT traceability function provided by the sky eye product on the okoyun chain, combined with a large number of address tags on the chain, you can help users gain insight into the past history of NFT and quickly identify all kinds of fraud activities before trading and investment. Okoyun chain believes that the value of data on the chain has become more and more important. In addition to address tags, it also needs to check, catalogue and interpret the data through a complete set of solutions, so as to obtain more executive insights and insights. As the connecter of the Internet world and the blockchain world, OKC cloud chain has always been committed to improving its blockchain technology innovation ability and further exploring the application of blockchain technology in different scenarios.
        As one of the editorial units, okiyun chain participated in the writing of the report, aiming to continuously improve the innovative application of blockchain technology in China and jointly enable the healthy and rapid development of digital economy from the business practice of its own blockchain technology industry leading enterprises.
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