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If one day human beings reach the limit of development and find that they can no longer create new art, such as new songs and new paintings

Time : 19/02/2022 Author : jbgdhn Click : + -
        Since the dawn of mankind, from the slash and burn era to the era of manual operation to the era of machine production to today's all-round development of mechanization, automation, electronization and informatization, mankind has entered the era of landing on the moon. Each era is a major change, which has brought revolutionary changes to human life. But just as there is no limit to scientific exploration and the development of human society, there is no limit to life. Only better, no best. In terms of the development of art in the eastern powers, from the era of Oracle Bone Inscriptions and bronzes to the era of hundreds of schools of thought in the pre Qin period, from Chu Ci to Han Fu, from calligraphy and painting in the Jin Dynasty to song and dance poetry in the Tang Dynasty, from Song Ci and Yuan Qu to Ming and Qing novels, and today's painting, literature, music, dance, photography, calligraphy, sculpture, architectural art and so on have developed in an all-round way. A hundred flowers bloom and bloom, and art has been developing with the development of life in the times, The times are progressing, life is getting better and better, and art is becoming more and more prosperous.
        In terms of the development of Western art, from the sculpture and painting of ancient Greece and Rome more than 2000 years ago to the painting, literature and sculpture of the Renaissance, to the literature, painting, music and dance of the 19th century, to the blending and development of classical art and modern art in the 20th century, like the East, western art has been developing with the development of life in the times. Many periods have the peak of art development, such as the calligraphy art in the Jin Dynasty, the art of Tang poetry, Song Ci and Yuan Qu, the classical realistic painting art in the Renaissance, and so on. At that time, some people thought that art had reached its limit. However, later facts have proved that art has never stopped developing.
        For example, at the peak of classical realistic painting, impressionist painting and abstract painting came into being, and then super realistic painting and modern painting came into being. Besides painting, new visual arts such as photography, film and television have emerged. Dance has ballet, ballroom dance and square dance on the basis of traditional dance. Symphony and rock music are added to the music. This situation is still possible, because if it is in accordance with the rules of the universe, everything has its birth and death. If human beings find that the end of the earth is coming, people's creative consciousness will suddenly stop. In this situation, human beings have only panic and despair. Of course, we don't need to worry, because that is the nightmare of mankind millions of years later.
        First, digital copyright. In fact, to be honest, blockchain's implementation of copyright is still in the stage of gimmicks being greater than reality. After all, copyright is still a product of centralization, and its certification and rights protection need centralized institutions. Now it's a little weird to put it on a decentralized platform, but it has to be said that this is also a promotion of copyright development. The second is the storage and access methods. You can learn about the IPFs interstellar file system, an open and permanent unique storage system based on blockchain, which will not cause the loss of classic songs, nor rely on any centralized server. In fact, blockchain is just infrastructure. How to build applications and what kind of applications to build still need to be seen in combination with various scenarios and technologies. On the one hand, the impact is still limited.
        3、 Key encryption is adopted to solve the problem of unlimited circulation and free pirated use of music after downloading. Even if you pay the fee, you can only use the music during the license period. After expiration, even if you download it, you can't continue playing it, and you can't play it if you forward it to others.
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