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Famous enterprise blockchain

Time : 24/11/2021 Author : 3fho5e Click : + -
        Blockchain does not exist in isolation. This is especially true of enterprise blockchain, which aims at the commercial and financial sectors. These projects rely on industry wide consortia to attract new customers. A recent report from Deloitte showed that there were more than 40 blockchain consortiums in 2017. Since then, many other groups have been established, but only a few people have been attracted. Here are some specially established organizations. Hyperledger is a blockchain group created by the Linux foundation in 2015. It is one of the most famous enterprise blockchain groups. The most famous is hyperledgerfabric, a licensed blockchain platform being developed by IBM.
        In recent news, hyperledger has taken over a consensy blockchain project. The project, formerly known as the "Pantheon", is a set of tools for Ethereum. Hyperledger will continue to develop it in the name of hyperledger besu. The enterprise Ethereum alliance was established in 2017. It mainly provides standards and specifications for Ethereum based software tools for enterprises. At present, more than 250 companies have joined this organization. The EEA membership list includes many large technology companies, such as Microsoft and Intel. Several blockchain companies, including concensussys, aion and filment, are also members of it.
        Many financial companies, such as JPMorgan Chase and Santander bank, have also joined the organization. The most striking project of EEA may be the token taxonomy program, which aims to define blockchain tokens in a universally applicable way. EEA also regularly publishes industry reports: for example, last month it released a report on blockchain and telecommunications. R3 was founded in 2014, and its most famous company is corda, which is mainly aimed at financial institutions. R3 is not only a blockchain company, but also a group with more than 300 members. The most famous members of R3 are mainly banks and financial institutions, such as ing and WellsFargo.
        However, some of the earliest and most famous members of R3 have left the group: JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs have cut off contact. Some non member companies also cooperate with R3. Earlier this year, swift integrated its fast settlement service gpilink with cordasettler. Amazon also provides corda through amazonweb services, making it easier for customers to deploy R3 blockchain. In the recent news, R3 cooperated with wethaq to create a trading platform in line with Islamic law. It is reported that this platform is based on corda, which will support the trading of Islamic financial assets.
        The mobile open blockchain initiative was established in 2018. It may be new, but it is also unique: it introduces blockchain and distributed ledger technology to the automotive industry. It is also developing blockchain technology for smart cities and transportation systems. So far, Mobi has attracted the participation of many major automobile manufacturers, including Ford, Renault, general motors, Honda and BMW. Several blockchain companies are also involved, including iota, hyperledger, quantstamp, accordsys and dltlabs. IBM is also involved. Mobi's recent statement relates to plans for vehicle identity standards, which will be used to allow communication between vehicles and other entities.
        This in turn will make cars safer, reduce environmental damage, and improve supply chain management. The consortium can provide support for the enterprise blockchain, but it cannot guarantee success. As Deloitte pointed out, these enterprise groups must attract funds and members. Governance and leadership are also key &mdash& mdash; They actually have to do things well. Sometimes, despite their best efforts, the alliance will produce disappointing results. Some cooperation is short-lived, slow, or ineffective. It can be said that blockchain technology is a secondary concern of many large companies. Statement: chain world publishes this article only for the purpose of sharing blockchain knowledge, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm its description.
        The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk. If this article infringes upon your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us.
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