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Digital collections usher in the national trend: inventory the domestic well-known NFT platform!

Time : 12/06/2021 Author : 0ty4is Click : + -
        E-commerce announced that in recent years, the global NFT market has been in a slow development stage. As of 2020, the global market value of NFT was only US $317million, and entering the first year of NFT in 2021, the market ushered in rapid growth, and the current market value has broken through. According to the explanation of Collins dictionary, NFT (non fungibletokens) is translated as "non homogenous tokens", which is a unique digital certificate registered in the blockchain, which can anchor the digital certificate of real objects. The unique code represents its unique, scarce, indivisible or reproducible characteristics, and can be used to record the ownership of virtual collections, in-game assets, virtual assets, digital artworks, real estate and other assets, It also makes it a recognized asset specific tradable entity.
        At present, domestic NFT is dominated by digital collections, which is an application form of NFT, that is, it uses blockchain technology to generate the only digital certificate corresponding to specific works of art, and on the basis of protecting its digital copyright, it realizes true and credible digital distribution, purchase, collection and use. The e-commerce release gives you an inventory of the hottest NFT trading platforms in 2021. Let's take a look at the Chinese platforms! Magic core, whale detective, unique art, etc. are all on the list, "national tide" can not be underestimated. At present, there are more than 200 digital collection enterprises in China, which can be divided into copyright owners, distributors, underlying technology providers and trading platforms from the industrial chain, running through the complete life cycle of digital collection casting, trading and circulation.
        "Jingtan" was originally called "ant chain fan Granule", which was a small program launched by Alipay in June 2021. The upgrade announcement was issued on December 10, 2021. At present, the brand upgrade of the digital collection platform has been completed, and it has been renamed "Jingtan". The IOS version and Android version of the independent app "whale probe" were launched on December 25 and December 28, 2021, respectively. Ant chain provides low-level technical services for the issuance of digital collections on the platform to ensure the ownership and trading of digital collections. The representative digital collections include Dunhuang Feitian and Jiuse deer payment code skin; Hangzhou Asian Games digital torch, etc. Lingxi is a digital collection trading platform launched by on December 17, 2021.
        All digital collections of the platform will be provided by JD cloud with blockchain technology services &mdash& mdash; JD Zhizhen chain is uniquely identified. Joy&, launched at the same time as the platform; Doga series of digital collections are the first collections of the platform. The release of the first collection also linked JD health and JD public welfare, and jointly helped the public welfare projects of rare diseases. NFT China (nftcn) is a comprehensive platform for NFT digital asset chain, promotion and trading, which was founded in May 2021. It belongs to the UGC platform, and has built a meta universe of blockchain + content + community, forming an open NFT ecosystem.
        Registered users can have their own VR collection room. At present, thousands of artists have settled in NFT China, and hundreds of artists have carried out in-depth cooperation with the platform, bringing together many high-quality works with investment value. It is the largest digital collection trading platform in China. The self-developed NFT casting system is confirmed at the second level. Xiaobai users can also cast NFT works in one minute. There is no limit on the number of users with artist studios; Artists who apply individually can only upload up to 20 works. The platform currently supports blind box distribution, pricing and other distribution modes. "Magic core" app is a digital collection trading platform launched by Tencent's PCG business group in August 2021. Its digital collections are issued based on the "Zhixin chain" digital collection technology agreement, which has a unique logo on the "Zhixin chain" and cannot be tampered with.
        The digital collection business of phantom core platform adopts the whole process real name and content link review of users, and does not open the transfer of digital products between users (including resale and resale). Buyers purchase digital collections for collection only. Alibaba auction is an online auction business platform founded by Alibaba Group in 2007. It is the largest online auction in the world. Alibaba auction has started its first digital collection auction. So far, Alibaba auction has sold tens of thousands of digital collections. On January 25, little red book launched its digital collection distribution platform "stepintor-space" and released dozens of digital collections. At present, except for the latest collections on sale, the rest have been sold out.
        As early as November 2021, xiaohongshu launched the digital collection distribution platform, with the layout speed ahead of station B and The official said that the platform was incubated by the thermal neutron studio under xiaohongshu. Little red book named its digital collection "r-digital collection" and set aside a special display space in the app. China's leading digital collection e-commerce platform digital collection China will continue to tap excellent cultural works of art, combined with advanced blockchain technology, to create digital collections with profound cultural heritage and Chinese characteristics. The bsn-ddc blockchain technology adopted by the underlying technology of digital Tibet China is a legal, compliant and supervised open alliance chain jointly initiated by the National Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay and other institutions.
        Since its launch on January 25 this year, it has successively issued a series of digital collections, such as the 550th anniversary commemorative medallion of Wang Yangming's birthday, paper cutting and Suzhou embroidery, the national intangible cultural heritage, the bronze cymbals in the collection of Nanjing Museum, the 3D version of the temple of heaven's Prayer hall, and Zhang Daqian's picture of beautiful women with flowers. On January 19, Netease planet officially announced the launch of the digital collection function (NFT). Digital collections are based on blockchain technology and have unique identification, which is the basic support of the underlying system of the meta universe. Netease planet digital collection platform is committed to extending the boundary of art collection to the digital world, no longer limited to the physical world. Provide the IP party with a complete set of brand solutions for digital collection contract casting, product marketing, user management, etc.
        It also provides collectors with services such as secondary creation, exchange, purchase, gift and collection sharing of digital collections. Unique art is the first digital art e-commerce in China, which is jointly launched by well-known companies in the art design circle and the blockchain technology team. Based on the application of blockchain technology in the field of intellectual property rights and the development of the digital art industry, it is committed to providing a more solid infrastructure guarantee for the dissemination of Chinese culture, enhancing the influence of Chinese culture, and strengthening China's digital art industry.
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