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"Tax + Public Security + customs + central bank" launched the behavior of falsely issuing invoices and swindling tax rebates

Time : 07/12/2021 Author : cn21r6 Click : + -
        Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen Customs and Shenzhen Central Branch of the people's Bank of China jointly launched the "Shenzhen four department information exchange platform", which was officially launched. Using blockchain technology, it built a high-speed information exchange network for the interconnection of four departments, helping to improve the strike ability and efficiency of joint handling cases. The "Shenzhen four department information exchange platform" focuses on improving the cooperation mechanisms such as work support, information sharing, joint case handling, and clue transfer, and defines the cooperation mode of "joint deployment and organization, joint research and investigation, and joint assessment and guarantee", aiming at the new situation and new trends of false tax fraud, and maximizing the strike force.
        Previously, tax and Public Security jointly developed the "police tax link" platform, and normalized information and data query mechanisms such as face-to-face comparison, bank accounts, and capital flows have also been established between tax and customs, and between tax and the people's Bank of China. The platform uses blockchain technology to establish a list of queried data, and information and intelligence data interact in the "chain", so as to realize automatic query, automatic comparison and automatic processing, form a consensus mechanism, clarify data property rights, ensure data security and credibility, promote the common maintenance and utilization of data between departments, jointly carry out monitoring analysis and early warning response, and enhance the real-time and accuracy of supervision, It will effectively improve the ability and level of the four departments to jointly crack down on tax related crimes.
        Since August 2018, the four departments in Shenzhen have cracked down on illegal and criminal acts such as "fake enterprises" falsely issuing invoices and "fake exports" to defraud tax rebates, and have jointly cracked a number of major cases such as "Eagle strike No. 1", "tsunami No. 3", "12· 25", "tsunami No. 4", "Yuhao", "product oil falsely opening case", "Liujin No. 1", "Liujin No. 2" and so on. The Shenzhen Central Branch of the people's Bank of China assisted in obtaining the account opening information and capital transaction flow of nearly 11000 accounts, and transferred 37 suspicious lines totaling 100 million yuan. A total of 231 suspect were arrested, involving a tax of 14.8 billion. In September 2017, the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on improving the regulatory system and mechanism of anti money laundering, anti terrorist financing and anti tax evasion, Clearly "strengthen the communication and coordination between the administrative departments in charge of anti money laundering, tax authorities and supervision authorities, investigation authorities and administrative law enforcement agencies, further improve the suspicious transaction clue cooperation mechanism, strengthen the intelligence consultation and information feedback mechanism, analyze the situation and trend of money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion, and constantly optimize the strategies, methods and technologies of anti money laundering investigation".
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