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10000 units in two hours! Li Xiaolai, "the next big opportunity of blockchain" is coming!

Time : 27/02/2022 Author : 6ef90h Click : + -
        At 10:00 on May 20, the first blockchain smart Bracelet in the strategic cooperation between Zhikang chain alliance and LOXin medical, a listed enterprise, zhikangbao phase I pre-sale was opened. Within two hours, a total of 10000 units were snapped up on the official website http:. At 10:00 on May 20, the first blockchain smart Bracelet "zhikangbao" in the strategic cooperation between Zhikang chain alliance and listed enterprise Lexin medical was pre sold. Within two hours, a total of 10000 units on the official website were snapped up. Based on the popularity of the market, the alliance official said that it would increase the number of pre-sale to meet users. It is understood that the second batch of pre-sale time: 10:00 on June 1 to 24:00 on June 10.
        Li Xiaolai, the richest man of bitcoin in China, said at a product launch: the next big opportunity for blockchain is trusted devices and trusted execution environment. No one can stop this trend. Speaking of Li Xiaolai, his vision in blockchain investment is almost unparalleled: he once purchased 2100 bitcoins in 2011; In 2017, when EOS was ridiculed as an air project, it was predicted that it was more worthy of investment than Ethereum, and EOS has risen from 7 yuan at the beginning to 89 yuan now. It is said that he, who has 17billion assets, said that when the next outlet of blockchain is a trusted device, even if you don't agree with it very much, it is likely to be predicted by him.
        Imagine that many of our device data are in the hands of service providers or stored in operator servers. We cannot guarantee that the data will not be sold or leaked, so the device itself is also untrustworthy. A trusted device is that all data generated by all users using the device belongs to the user. It is encrypted and protected. Without your permission, no one can obtain this part of data. Of course, in addition to encryption, these data can also generate a variety of values. The future is the era of the Internet of things and big data. Everyone's data has different values as part of assets. The conclusion is: the use of trusted devices to generate data value. The data can be kept confidential, sold, used for other purposes, etc. at the discretion of the user.
        You may not imagine that in the future, the data generated by each user through trusted devices may slowly become more and more valuable, that is, more and more valuable, just like bitcoin in those days. So how big the market for big data is, everyone's demand for trusted devices will be. So what are the trusted devices on the market at present? How are they used?. Take the most used smart bracelet for example. Smart bracelets can generate everyone's health data, even work and rest, exercise frequency, etc. where are these data? Does it work? Have you thought about it?. According to the assumption of trusted devices, everyone's body monitoring data actually plays a great role in medical treatment and personal insurance. If everyone can sell or give value to the data generated by smart bracelets, this is a huge transformation of smart Bracelets from "stand-alone" to "Networking".
        In the future, intelligent hardware will be connected to blockchain technology, so that everyone can become a node in the big data network. Each node can generate different data aggregations through various intelligent and trusted devices, and different data will be connected to other service providers or operators in the big data network to produce different values. However, leyingzhikangbao is the fastest to grasp this wave of wind, taking the most basic smart bracelet as the entry point. This smart bracelet with mining function, jointly developed and launched by two industry leaders in different fields, listed companies Lexin medical and Zhikang chain technology, is not the same as the air project of inviting big guys to the platform and copying and pasting white papers, but first to manufacture products from the direction of landing and huge market prospects.
        It is understood that the team behind this project are talents from established financial institutions and bat. They have long studied various applications such as blockchain traceability, and finally chose the field of intelligent hardware with great prospects. As a trusted device, Le mental Kangbao bracelet is another highlight of the combination of blockchain technology. No matter where you are and what you are doing, as long as you keep Le mental Kangbao on your wrist and keep it running, you can generate revenue anytime and anywhere. Happy mind Kangbao has two models: Platinum Version (increase mining computing power by 200) and diamond Version (increase mining computing power by 300). When users wear the bracelet, they can upload the health data collected by the device (including: heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, body fat, etc.) to Zhikang chain for management, so that you can use the bracelet everyday and obtain Zhikang diamond through the data generated during exercise.
        300 mining computing power can produce up to 170 Zhikang diamonds per month. Zhikang chain feeds back users through Zhikang diamonds, and the price is based on the physical goods of the mall: 1 Zhikang diamond 1 yuan. At present, the pre-sale price of the platinum version of Le Zhi Xin Kang Bao is 399 yuan, and the pre-sale price of the diamond version is 599 yuan. That is to say, as long as you keep exercising "mining" every day, the maximum three months later is equivalent to 0 yuan to buy bracelets, and the subsequent incalculable income of Zhi Kang diamond. The blockchain technology field can be said to be an attractive cake, which can be seen from the continuous attention of various industry giants, and even their choice of investment and development. With the emergence and popularity of blockchain + trusted devices, applications in the direction of sports health will continue to increase, and the smart wearable device market will further open up.
        On the basis of technology and market, people attach importance to health, and the demand for fitness intelligent products will continue to increase. The existence of market demand also promotes the continuous development of intelligent wearable devices. It is believed that in the near future, the demand and voice for blockchain technology + trusted devices will also rise, which is the natural trend of its development. In a word, in terms of the current smart wear market, the combination of choice and blockchain technology may bring a new round of development, and the opportunity is at hand. The first phase of Lexin "zhikangbao" blockchain smart Bracelet sold 10000 units on the official website, which has been sold out in 2 hours. The second phase of sales will start on June 1. You can click the official website sales address:.
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