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How expensive are blockchain talents? The four hottest blockchain professions want to change careers after reading it

Time : 09/06/2021 Author : qve1m8 Click : + -
        Now the blockchain industry is booming. As long as it is a technology company, it wants to touch the edge of blockchain. Some industry giants have made layout for a long time, and blockchain applications are constantly landing. In the talent recruitment market, talents related to blockchain are hard to find, and even some interns' salaries are nearly 10000. At the beginning, the media interviewed some college graduates, such as an intern who graduated from 211 and practiced in a blockchain company, mainly responsible for industry information. The internship salary is 8000 yuan, and the salary after becoming a regular is as high as 20000,. Generally, the internship salary of Shanghai 211 graduates is about 5000 to 6000. Although this may be an example, it has to be said that the salary of blockchain industry is indeed much higher than that of other industries,.
        This has also attracted many partners who want to enter the industry. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you what occupations are urgently needed in blockchain. Let's have a look!. Blockchain technical engineers are the most urgently needed industries in the blockchain industry. None of them. Xiaobian has learned about the recruitment of some large blockchain companies, such as Huo coin and Qian'an. Blockchain engineers have been open for 40 million months. This is only the most basic staff. The wages of bitcoin mainland and Baidu Alibaba are higher, and you have blockchain experience, and the annual salary is millions,. Comparatively speaking, blockchain technical engineers have high requirements. You must be proficient in Java, the architecture of super ledger, access management solutions, digital identity (Oracle), python, ripple protocol, bitcoin and solid language.
        Blockchain developer is also one of the hottest occupations in the blockchain industry. As long as you know blockchain development, you can not only choose to work full-time or part-time, but also earn a lot of money. It's easy to earn tens of millions a year. Of course, this occupation also has high requirements for you. You are required to master GitHub, c++, Java and solid, and be proficient in mathematics and algorithm. What's more, you should have a good understanding of smart contracts, Ethereum and bitcoin. Like those who devote themselves to blockchain projects, they are generally programmers or technology bosses. These people either have genius ideas or God like technology, but their communication and community skills will also be relatively weak. The success of a project requires quite high requirements for operation. For example, if there is no such thing as Guo Qianan, EOS cannot be so successful without the strong promotion of Li Xiaolai's team, The main requirement of this profession is that you have rich operation experience. It is best to have successfully operated a product, and those who have been involved in blockchain are hard to find. Basically, it is not the operation director or CEO, and wealth freedom is just a collateral.
        Nowadays, blockchain technology has just started, and people don't know much about blockchain, but blockchain is an exciting and dynamic emerging industry, so there are a lot of articles to be written. Giants such as Qian'an and huo'coin have supported many we media. Some big V's such as Grandpa Bi, madman can be comparable to a company alone. I believe that in the era of we media, the future blockchain will need more we media talents.
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