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Why is Zhiji's "original stone Valley" a subversive play in the era of smart cars?

Time : 08/08/2021 Author : b68dme Click : + -
        In this context, data is particularly important. Data can help car companies understand user preferences. At the same time, car companies can also use driving data and other information to iterate intelligent driving technology based on more scenarios. But in this process, some problems gradually appear &mdash& mdash; Enterprises collect data unilaterally and lack interaction with users; Users also expressed concern about the privacy of personal data. Zhiji automobile is trying to solve this problem. Since its inception, Zhiji has synchronously proposed a user data rights platform. Since then, the user data rights plan has been evolving, releasing core operating links and innovative gameplay, and has been presented to users in the form of "original stone Valley" since August 27 last year.
        In fact, long before the establishment of Zhiji automobile, the founding team began to conceive of using "original stone Valley" as a user data rights project. In the words of Liu Tao, CO CEO of Zhiji automobile, "let users become the core creator of the value chain, and let user data become the driving force of enterprise and brand development" is the correct logic of the relationship between enterprises and users in the current era of digital economy. Because the progress of brands and products depends on users and the data generated in the process of users' use. It's easy to shout slogans. Every new car company talks about "user co creation", but the difficulty is to implement it. Most companies do nothing more than two things &mdash& mdash; Model configuration voting collects user suggestions to achieve product co creation; Or strengthen communication with users through the app community to shorten the distance.
        However, this approach is easy to replicate and fails to fully stimulate the interaction potential between users, products and enterprises. Zhiji is completely finding another way. On the one hand, through the "original stone Valley" of IM Zhiji app, user data can be continuously converged to help the intelligent system carry out technical iterations based on various car owner scenarios; On the other hand, Zhiji refuses to "plagiarize" user data, allowing users to gain real data rights in the process of accumulating crystals, pioneering stones, exchanging equipment and upgrading vehicles. Then you can also exchange goods. What is the difference between the crystal and raw stone in raw stone Valley and the "points" in other auto company apps? It can be understood that the nature of crystal is similar to integral.
        But the original stone has the real equity income as the value endorsement. It is reported that in the initial round of investment of 10billion yuan, Zhiji took out 4.9% of the growth equity with initial value as an endorsement, issued 300million "raw stones" to map the asset income and dividends corresponding to the equity income of this part, and gave back to users in the form of data equity. This means that, compared with other types of user points, raw stone can not only be used for software and hardware iterations of products, but also share the dividends of data value appreciation. Every smart user will become a co creator on the development path of the company, and the value of raw stone held by him will rise with the growth of the company. The user data equity plan of Zhiji automobile has generated certain influence among users through its early dissemination.
        In an interview in September 2021, the brand said that in the user preference survey, 62% of the respondents regarded the "original stone Valley" user data equity plan as the "key factor" in their choice of Zhiji L7. On July 12, the "original stone Valley" was fully opened. At the press conference, Zhiji officially released the details of the rights and interests of raw stone exchange, comprehensively penetrated the raw stone mining path, and created a new value community play imgo!. The fully open original stone Valley truly combines the driving experience of users in the real world with the data rights and interests in the virtual world, and is the real landing of its world's first user data value confirmation system.
        As the first convertible hardware after the implementation of the above system &mdash& mdash; Imad lidar fusion intelligent driving hardware system can be exchanged for up to 6800 raw stones + 10000 yuan. The system includes a full set of hardware such as high-precision lidar and high-power orinx chip. It is reported that in addition to lidar, the raw stone can be exchanged for more different kinds of rights and interests in the future, including software and hardware, services, peripheral goods, etc., which will be gradually announced later. Raw stones are invaluable, so how to obtain raw stones? The main way is "Li program mining". In a simple way, it is that the user generates data during normal driving. With the authorization and consent of the user, Zhiji collects this part of driving data for product development, and then gives the user a certain raw stone feedback according to the value of the data.
        It is reported that a batch of raw stones will fall in the "world" every 10 minutes and 144 batches a day. In the first four years, 500 raw stones fell from each batch. Every four years thereafter, the number of drops per batch will be halved. And the total amount of raw stone is constant. This means that the more mileage data provided by users and the earlier the time, the greater their contribution, so the greater the opportunity to harvest raw stones and the more data rights they will obtain. It is easy to understand that the more data a user outputs, the greater its contribution to the development of the enterprise. Another way to play is "nurturing mining", which aims to strengthen the interaction and spiritual connection with users. Therefore, it does not restrict car owners to participate as in the program mining.
        Even if you are not a smart owner for the time being, you can also get "crystal" by participating in interactive tasks on the app, CO creation activities organized by the official organization, or opening and using specific functions. It is worth mentioning that at this special event of the original stone Valley, Zhiji launched a new imgo! Play. It can be understood as a virtual and real game world. Here, Zhiji has created exclusive car life scenes for car owners, covering movingart, the most beautiful highway, citylife, techday and other route scenes. For example, at the weekend, I asked my best friend to go to the Dragon Art Museum to see a Jennifer · Guidi's solo exhibition, by the way, at imgo! Punch a card in.
        For example, you want to go on a soul washing journey. At the highest point of Duku highway at an altitude of 3390 meters, you can feel the grandeur of the backbone of Tianshan Mountain, shoot a group of road movies with carlog, and collect several raw stones in your car screen. No matter shuttling between cities or trekking between mountains and seas, your footprints will not only stay in the melodious path and vast land, but also be engraved on imgo! In the world of. IMGO! Let users play life in the real world like in the virtual world, and then use the raw stones brought back from the virtual world to get the real world equipment upgrade. Shuttling through the "parallel world" of virtual reality, Zhiji has given new meaning to driving and travel in this way.
        Building such a grand virtual world is inseparable from the blockchain technology behind the original stone valley. Blockchain technology is widely used, but Zhiji is still the first company in terms of the contribution scenario of user data in the automotive industry to the enterprise value chain. Zhiji calls this set of self-developed user value ecological chain "raw stone chain". Through the application of state secret algorithm, raw stone chain ensures the security of data, the privacy of information and the non tamperability and non forgery of transactions. The whole process is open and transparent, so as to ensure that every user will obtain data rights and interests fairly. Zhiji has previously said that when the vehicle is actually delivered to the user, it will "collect user data with great restraint", take desensitization and safety as the basic requirements of this action, and self-discipline with "exceeding the requirements of regulations".
        To this end, Zhiji automobile released and implemented the idpp data privacy protection plan, announcing that it would not use fingerprint, voiceprint, face recognition technology to collect personal biometric information and desensitize personal data. In the era of intelligent electricity and Internet of everything, everyone is talking about i&mdash& mdash; intelligence、interaction、information… But few people mention inertia (inertia). From internal combustion engine to hybrid to electric, from ABS to ESP to ACC, from brushing mobile phones in cars to playing games to karaoke & hellip& hellip; The development of technology always follows a certain inertia.
        Zhiji is jumping out of this habitual thinking. It allows users to seamlessly integrate with car companies through the unprecedented "original stone Valley" playing method, and makes virtual reality perfectly connected. In terms of cosmic scripts, Zhiji has achieved the "leap" of technology and ideas. For Zhiji, user data will not only be the core force driving intelligence, but also users can get feedback through data contributions in the real and virtual world. This will form a benign interaction between car companies and users, forming a snowballing evolutionary process. Not only that, Zhiji's new play brings greater imagination to the car scene. It may become a new model for automotive companies in digital transformation and user operations.
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