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Okex popular science blockchain knowledge professional explanation Market

Time : 31/01/2022 Author : lydh9r Click : + -
        Blockchain Tianyan app news: at this stage, the blockchain industry is still in the early stage of development. With the rapid development of blockchain, talent in the blockchain industry is in short supply. College students who mainly take single courses or blockchain related courses are difficult to meet the talent conditions required by the current blockchain market. Therefore, it is urgent to cultivate professional talents, and the lack of education in the blockchain industry needs to be solved urgently. In the face of the current lack of education in the blockchain industry, there is no professional blockchain head organization in China to promote the improvement of education. As a leading blockchain company in the world, okex has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years, accumulated profound experience in the blockchain field, and shoulder the major mission of promoting the healthy development of the industry.
        As an industry evangelist, okex integrates high-quality resources in the industry and cooperates with professionals to create an easy to understand and systematic blockchain education curriculum, so as to popularize the value and application of blockchain to the public, improve society's understanding of blockchain, and make up for the lack of blockchain education. Over the past three years, a series of professional and easy to understand blockchain science popularization courses have been launched, including the K-line teaching video of zero basic school currency market analysis, blockchain science popularization animation OK blockchain 60 lectures, and blockchain history dictation video blockchain past events. After investors enter the exchange, the first contact is the K line. K-line is not only a reflection of historical trends. It also contains a wealth of market information.
        Users can visually and clearly see the running track of the stock price through the K-line chart, which can not only see the trend of the currency price (or the market), but also understand the fluctuation of the daily currency situation, and can comprehensively and thoroughly observe the real changes in the market. The K-line trend chart contains many forms. When conducting technical analysis, the K-line combination form is an essential research object for everyone. Correct analysis of its form meaning is very important for future operations. Coin circle users have a strong learning demand for K-line knowledge. In 2018, okex launched a series of K-line teaching videos of "zero basic currency market analysis". The whole set of courses not only includes the introduction and application examples of common K-line combinations and K-line forms, but also the explanation of K-line trends and indicators, which can help white users in digital currency learn trading technology, master the operation law of K-line, know how to judge the market trend, and acquire a perfect trading system.
        In 2019, okex jointly produced the blockchain series popular science animation "OK blockchain 60 talks" with Sina Technology. The column has a total of 60 episodes, and each episode takes 1 to 2 minutes. For the zero basic users of blockchain, through the form of a series of popular science animations and articles, from the perspective of concept, technology and application, the concept of popular science blockchain is vividly and vividly. Through easy-to-understand courses, everyone can easily understand blockchain knowledge. In terms of content, from "blockchain operation principle" to "mining principle of bitcoin", there are not only technical principles such as consensus mechanism and timestamp principle, but also introduction of other currencies and industry history to help users establish a systematic understanding of blockchain technology.
        In order to ensure the professionalism of the content, okex also invited blockchain industry leaders and experts in finance, Internet and other fields as course instructors to review and make suggestions for each episode of the video. At present, its microblog line is million, and the broadcast volume of the whole network has exceeded 15million. In the business world of blockchain, a wave of geeks have come one after another. Both the mainstay business tycoons and the upstart businessmen are leading the transformation of blockchain in their own ways. Entrepreneurs on blockchain have promoted the development of new economy, and they are also worthy of being recorded. They have created the current prosperity of blockchain. In order to record these landmark blockchain past events, in August 2020, okex and Phoenix Technology launched blockchain past events, and 36 krypton, as a cooperative media, jointly launched the first oral blockchain history short video program in China.
        There are 30 episodes in this column. Uncle Ma, an early investor of bitland, will serve as the historical narrator. Around the stories of 30 blockchain preachers such as Nakamoto Cong, V Shen and Wu Jihan, it tells the ups and downs of blockchain for more than ten years, helping users further improve their understanding of the development of blockchain. As an emerging industry, knowledge popularization is an arduous task. In addition to launching popular science videos, okex has also established a blockchain College for this purpose. This is a free one-stop learning platform for blockchain and digital assets, which can provide a systematic learning window for users at different learning stages. At present, the learning contents of okex college include novice tutorials, trading strategies, industry research, blockchain dictionary, etc.
        In the college, you can learn how to buy digital currency and how to conduct digital currency transactions. At the same time, you can also learn professional trading strategies, understand rich knowledge of digital currency and cutting-edge industry research reports, which also contains rich interpretation of blockchain related knowledge. Help users establish correct digital asset investment values and master platform operation skills, so as to make scientific and rational digital asset investment. As the world's leading digital currency exchange, okex has been at the forefront of blockchain education. Help users establish a systematic blockchain knowledge system, understand the technical principles of blockchain operation, understand the relevant laws and regulations of blockchain at home and abroad, and have a macro understanding of the industrial structure and market pattern of blockchain.
        Actively help cultivate new drivers of economic development in various regions and industries, cultivate diversified talents in the blockchain field, and promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy. In this way, we will accelerate the blockchain enabled real industry and promote the implementation of blockchain applications.
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