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Lino, who uses blockchain to change the rules of the game: the Savior of the intensification of contradictions in the video community?

Time : 17/03/2022 Author : 7cegpo Click : + -
        According to the statistics of liverstream, a video platform, in 2016, 45% of viewers are willing to reward their favorite anchor, while PR newswires predicts that the size of the video streaming media market will grow to more than $70 billion by 2021. Although the online video community earns a lot, the Commission of the platform acting as an intermediary is unreasonably high. For example, YouTube's widely criticized 45/55 income distribution stipulates that video authors can only get 55% of their income, while Youku's advertising revenue is as high as 70%. The existing business model squeezes the value of video authors layer by layer by charging commissions, service fees, promotion fees and other fees. For the original author, this is like a "protection fee" handed over to a large platform.
        Under the current operation mode, most anchors and content producers can be said to have "lost their strength to make the platform cry", and only a few "big V" can have independent control. Founded by Berkeley and Stanford alumni, lino, a blockchain technology start-up team headquartered in Cupertino, the bay area, proposed a solution. In short, lino has established a fairer video platform community through blockchain technology. The lino platform does not charge any commission, and users can directly reward content creators through the token of the lino community. In addition, other contributors to the video community will also receive corresponding rewards &mdash& mdash; For example, if you like videos and participate in discussions, you will also win tokens.
        This decentralized evaluation system and profit model not only maximizes the interests of creators, but also enables viewers to directly participate in the scoring of video content, and puts an end to cheating such as scoring and broadcasting volume. Today, lino has received an investment of $20million. The designed transmission speed of lino blockchain can reach thousands of TPS, which can instantly complete a large number of reward and like payment tasks. The lino video test chain has been released on the online day. Building a fair community without intermediaries is a long-standing Utopian idea, but blockchain technology makes lino's vision possible.
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