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Involving 4.8 billion, the "fire cow" fourth party platform was captured, or it was the driving force behind the fire cow video

Time : 14/04/2022 Author : jqr6yd Click : + -
        A few days ago, Zhangjiagang Public Security Bureau reported that it had recently detected a major cross-border illegal fourth party payment platform case, successfully destroyed a criminal gang that provided payment and settlement channels for routine loan fraud, and successively arrested more than 70 people involved, confiscated 41 computers and 210 mobile phones used in the crime, frozen more than 2100 bank cards, and involved funds of more than 480 million yuan. It is understood that in the investigation of a routine loan fraud report, the police found that hundreds of loan apps suspected of routine loan were using a fourth party payment platform called "fire cow". "The so-called fourth party payment platform refers to the payment channel illegally built through a large number of registered merchants or personal accounts by relying on a third-party payment platform without obtaining the national payment and settlement license and violating the national payment and settlement system.
        ”Zhang Zhenhao, a policeman from the network security detachment of Suzhou Public Security Bureau, said that the "fourth party payment platform" provides financial settlement for online fraud, online gambling, online and other illegal and criminal activities, and collects handling fees from them, so as to make huge profits. According to the report, the platform was privately founded by Mr. Wang and others, and used blockchain technology to settle accounts to avoid fund tracing. The police also pointed out some details of the case. The "fire cow" platform settled through the issuance of "fire cow coins": "the final settlement is between the virtual currency platform and the financier of the loan app, depending on how many fire cow coins you have in your account, one by one with RMB.". For investors in the currency circle, the word "huoniu" is no stranger. As early as 2018, huoniu video with the concept of "blockchain + video" quickly became popular. The platform attracted a large number of users by relying on new incentives and high dividends. According to media reports, the total recharge users of huoniu video platform in that year were about 2.9 million, with a total recharge amount of more than 600million.
        However, a few months after its popularity, huoniu video platform began to frequently modify the dividend rules, and the user withdrawal channel was stopped. Then came the long road of safeguarding rights for investors. Now, there is no saying. According to the white paper of huoniu video, its CEO, Jing Feng, is a doctor majoring in artificial intelligence at Tsinghua University, and was once recommended to the computer major of Tsinghua University with the first place in Tsinghua. As for the fourth payment platform of huoniu mentioned in the case, the police said that Wang, who was arrested, was a top computer major student in a famous school with an annual salary of more than one million. Previously, they found that after taking these developed technologies, they went out to make money, and made a lot of money. Then they quit their jobs that were originally highly paid in our view, and developed this huoniu platform.
        At the bottom of this news, a comment said that this person is from Tsinghua. When something happened before, many people went to Tsinghua bar to scold. There is a fire cow video project I participated in two years ago, which is a very obvious capital game. However, according to the information released by the police at present, it is not completely clear that the suspect is Jing Feng, the former CEO of huoniu video. However, huoniu coin, blockchain technology, graduation from famous schools, graduation from computer department and so on all point to huoniu video step by step. Although it is impossible to confirm that the fire cow platform is fire cow video for the time being, it is inconceivable that the names of the platforms overlap, let alone the strange words like "fire cow". Therefore, it is very likely that the two are behind the scenes.
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