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The audience registration channel of "2018 digital Expo blockchain forum" is opened again!

Time : 14/07/2021 Author : klgafi Click : + -
        At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are sprouting, and the development of digital economy driven by information technology has entered a new stage. Blockchain has set off the first revolution in human history to reconstruct production relations with technology. In essence, it provides a platform for trust creation, and is expected to become a subversive technology for reconstructing business logic and forming new business forms. It will effectively reduce social friction costs and business transaction costs, improve efficiency, and become a new driving force for promoting supply side structural reform, a new opportunity for building a digital twin society, and a new engine for building a modern economic system. In 2018, blockchain technology received increasing attention from government agencies and international organizations. Blockchain technology was included for the first time in the 13th five year plan for national informatization issued by the State Council.
        Since this year, a large number of new blockchain projects have poured in, many institutional investors have run into the market, and Internet giants have lined up to embrace blockchain. Technological innovation and application exploration have become increasingly active, gestating huge innovation opportunities. Blockchain is in a period of strategic opportunities. How to contain blockchain and how to find a balance between regulation and innovation is also a major challenge for the development of blockchain in China at present, which is worthy of in-depth discussion by the industry. What changes will blockchain bring to social and economic life? How to avoid traps when blockchain technology is applied in application scenarios? How can decentralized blockchain ensure data security? Where is the future technological development of blockchain? On May 28, "2018 global blockchain Technology Development Forum (GBF)" will gather the world's top technical experts and industry experts to discuss hot topics at the Guiyang digital Expo, which will take you to understand the trend and future of blockchain and social governance.
        2018 global blockchain Technology Development Forum (GBF) &mdash& mdash; "Blockchain and social governance", as a professional forum of the blockchain section of the digital Expo, as GBF's first return since its official launch at the 2017 digital Expo last year, this year focuses on the implementation of blockchain solutions and application scenarios in the field of social governance with the theme of "co construction, common intelligence and sharing", so as to promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy. At the same time, the "2018 top ten trends of global blockchain" will also be released at this forum, which will also become a highlight of this Expo. Since 2017, Guiyang digital Expo has been officially upgraded to the only national Expo approved by the central government for the big data industry. This year, there are so many celebrities that you can't miss it! Last week, many spectators actively signed up for the conference. From May 8, the media and audience registration channel was opened again, and we applied for 100 free seats for you. The registration time is up to 20 p.m. on May 9, first come, first served.
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