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The "blockchain top ten books" will be released at the interface sharing meeting

Time : 24/05/2022 Author : svlnao Click : + -
        On January 12, at the "interface thought sharing conference" jointly hosted by interface news and Shanghai School of advanced finance, Shanghai Jiaotong University, many industry experts discussed the application scenarios and regulatory policies of blockchain in China from the perspective of concept and practice. At the same time, the organizers, together with comparison magazine, CITIC Publishing Group, Rushi Financial Research Institute, Wanxiang blockchain laboratory, Zhongguancun Internet Finance Research Institute Chainnews and Technology Finance Online jointly released the "top ten blockchain books". The interface thought sharing meeting is planned to be held once a month, inviting economists, scientists, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders to discuss new business knowledge and cutting-edge trends with high-end readers.
        This book introduces the basic concepts and technical principles of blockchain, gives a panoramic description of the prospects of the blockchain industry, and analyzes in detail the strategic layout and investment cases of global banking, stock exchanges, consulting, investment banking and other industries in blockchain. This book is one of Wanxiang blockchain laboratory series. Wanxiang blockchain is a recognized industry giant in China. This series provides a shortcut for people to understand and learn blockchain. This book introduces the basic concepts of bitcoin and blockchain technology, as well as the currency and payment system as the core of blockchain 1.0 applications. The author believes that blockchain 2.0 will develop into money market and financial applications, while blockchain 3.0 is a broader application scenario.
        3. Read Libra, the author of the research department of comparative, including first-class experts in the field of digital currency and blockchain in China, such as Yao Qian, zouchuanwei, Chen Yongwei, Yuan Yuming, etc. This book discusses the origin of digital currency, blockchain and financial infrastructure, the business scenarios and applications of cryptocurrencies such as Libra, Libra's operating mechanism, and Libra's challenges to traditional monetary theory and policy. 4. The author of blockchain — — reader for leading cadres (Revised Edition): Chen Chun, Xu Zhong, Wang He, Ba Shusong, Wang Wen, Wang Zhicheng and other domestic first-class blockchain and financial experts.
        Based on the top-level design and strategic deployment of national big data, this book systematically explains and thoroughly interprets blockchain from multiple perspectives, including its origin, core characteristics, possible future application scenarios and challenges to business, law and technology. 5. The author of blockchain: opportunities and risks in the era of digital economy is the Financial Research Institute, which was founded by economist Guan Qingyou. It is an independent third-party financial research platform supported by various institutions. This book enables readers to understand the concepts of blockchain and digital currency, and identify various investment traps. The industrial application chapter of this book explains how to use blockchain technology to reshape some traditional industries.
        6. Redefining the future — how blockchain subverts finance, commerce, culture and our way of life, written by Huang Zhen, Professor of the Law School of the Central University of Finance and economics and director of the Institute of financial law. This book analyzes blockchain technology in simple terms, analyzes the landing applications of blockchain in the fields of finance, commerce, culture, lifestyle and so on, and opens a picture of predicting the future for everyone. This book interprets this revolutionary financial technology achievement in detail from the source, technical principles, application cases, trends, policies and other aspects of blockchain. 8. China blockchain development report (2019), by Yao Qian and Zhu Yedong.
        Yao Qian, former director of the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited. This book comprehensively studies the policy, legislation, market comparison, key technologies and applications in banking, securities, insurance, payment and other financial fields and other fields of China's blockchain from the aspects of policy market, technological innovation, scenario application and so on. 9. Blockchain technology drives finance, by Alvin de · Narayanan / Josh · Benu / Edward · Felton / Andrew · Miller / Steven · Goldfield.
        This book interprets the application of blockchain technology in the financial field from the technical level of bitcoin and smart contract. If you have some knowledge of computer science and programming, this book should be very suitable for you. 10. Master Ethereum, by Andreas · M. Anton poros / Gavin · Wood, the former is the world's most important expert on bitcoin and open blockchain, and the author of master bitcoin, while the latter is the co-founder and former chief technology officer of Ethereum. Masteringbitcoin is a classic reference book for ordinary people to understand bitcoin and blockchain; This book popularizes the concepts of Ethereum and world computer.
        It includes the wonderful history of Ethereum, the tutorial of solidity, and the legal discussion about tokens and ICO. Even if you have only preliminary mathematical knowledge, you can easily understand it.
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