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After returning home, post doctors sell cables with blockchain. Henan has taken the first step in digitizing the cable industry

Time : 18/06/2022 Author : q490el Click : + -
        Liu Xiangyang, who came from Shangcai, Henan Province, was born in the Chinese Department of Henan University, and received a doctorate in economics from the Central Party school and a postdoctoral degree in Applied Economics from the Chinese Academy of social sciences. After serving as a civil servant of the central government and engaging in the investment management work of China Investment Co., Ltd., he decided to return to his hometown Henan and add digital wings to the traditional cable industry, Reconstruct the credit system of this traditional manufacturing industry with blockchain, and become a Chinese brand in the cable industry in the world. In Henan's innovation driven, digital transformation and lane changing leading strategy, Liu Xiangyang, who returned home to start a business, is a group worthy of observation& mdash;& mdash; Yuji press.
        At that time, the COVID-19 swept away, the overall demand of the cable industry weakened, and the fatigue intensified. The high-end cable market was carved up by foreign brands. Domestic enterprises had weak anti risk ability, low competition level, low industry concentration, and rampant price wars. The Yellow River cloud cable cross-border cable smart transaction was born, moving the factory online, breaking the trust dilemma of China's cable industry, and taking the first step towards the digitalization of the cable industry. How can traditional cable enterprises survive? Wire and cable is one of the largest supporting industries in the national economy, and is widely used in energy, transportation, communications, automotive, nuclear power, military, petrochemical and other industries. Data show that China's wire and cable industry has achieved an annual output value of more than trillion yuan. The scale of the cable industry ranks first in the world, and the production and sales of cables rank first in the world.
        Moreover, with the accelerated implementation of China's new infrastructure, new energy and other policy projects, as an essential supporting industry, the demand of the wire and cable industry will be accelerated. However, although the cable industry has broad prospects for development, there is a "big but not strong" short board. Some foreign businessmen frankly said that the most important thing is the cost performance of Chinese products. If you choose high-quality cables, you will choose those from Germany, the United States and Japan. The cost of upstream resources such as raw materials continues to rise, and the core technology has always been controlled by others. Foreign first-line brands have occupied the high-end market for a long time. Capital drives leading enterprises to constantly attack cities and seize land, so that many domestic cable enterprises can only continue to extend to the downstream of the industry.
        At this time, a Henan person became interested in the cable industry. Liu Xiangyang was born in Shangcai. He once stayed in the Chinese Department of Henan University to teach after graduation. He was admitted to the Central Party school for a doctorate and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for a postdoctoral degree. He served successively as a university teacher and a civil servant of the central state organs. Since 2007, he has been engaged in investment management in China Investment Co., Ltd. and systems company. In 2016, he resigned and started his business, stepping into the torrent of cross-border e-commerce, deeply engaged in innovation and venture capital, and supply chain finance. Now, he is the chairman of Houjin (Beijing) capital management Co., Ltd. He has both strong investment professional ability and successful experience in entrepreneurship.
        Deep capital operation ability and mature industrial digitalization skills are the two most prominent labels on Liu Xiangyang. After analyzing and studying the current situation of the cable industry, he quickly issued a "prescription": do industrial digitalization + Digital foreign trade in the cable industry. So the Yellow River cloud cable came into being. For industrial product orders involving large amounts of money, foreigners must personally see the factory and raw materials, but some manufacturers are superficial, but the real products are "behind the scenes", and "real core" becomes "fake core". How to cross the long-standing trust "gap" in the cable industry is a difficult problem for many cable enterprises at present, which is the "pain point" of China's cable industry.
        Based on the pain point of the industry, the solution given by Huanghe yuncable is to establish a complete product traceability + visualization system, and its important focus is blockchain technology. Liu Xiangyang explained that blockchain technology has been abused and stigmatized seriously for a long time, but blockchain provides a landing and executable solution to the trust problem of the cable industry. According to Liu Xiangyang, due to the traceability, tamper proof and irreversible characteristics of blockchain technology, the platform can encrypt the whole process of cable transaction, such as signing, production scheduling, production, inspection and delivery after introducing blockchain technology. On the Yellow River cloud cable platform, the green label of "traceability" is added to all products. After customers successfully place an order, they can enter the product traceability interface by clicking the "traceability" button in order management.
        All production details and even production parameters such as the materials used in the product, the production process, the operator, and the production progress will be synchronized to the customer. At the same time, with the help of blockchain technology, the whole process of production and trading can be traced and visualized, which can ensure that the risks of cable trading are controllable, problems can be investigated, and responsibilities can be investigated, so as to strictly control product quality and maintain transaction trust. The Yellow River cloud cable boldly tested the water and disclosed various production data, which is unprecedented in the industry, which means that open operation will also bring positive impetus to the development of the whole industry. Through the Yellow River cloud cable Internet of things system, the whole process of order, production scheduling, production and quality control online services can be realized; The integrated foreign trade services on the platform can solve customs clearance, foreign exchange settlement, tax rebate, logistics and other problems in a one-stop manner.
        It is reported that at present, Huanghe yuncable has more than 10 self-supporting and OEM factories, with a complete inspection system, a complete quality control system, a full process IOT traceability system, and a perfect customer service system. The technical details of the platform are being improved, and overseas promotion is about to be fully launched. According to Liu Xiangyang, since the platform was launched more than two months ago, many overseas enterprises have ordered cable products through the platform, and the inquiry amount has reached more than US $100 million at present. At present, China has become the world's largest cable demand and production country. The cable industry is the second largest industry in the machinery industry after the automobile manufacturing industry, with a market size of more than trillion yuan.
        There is no doubt that with the trust revolution of cable trading as the core, blockchain technology as the driver, and product traceability system and visual process as the support, Huanghe cloud cable tried to solve the problem of user trust by technical means, providing domestic and foreign users with a convenient, reliable and efficient one-stop smart trading solution for the cable industry, so as to promote the quality upgrading and industrial upgrading of cable products. However, the significance of the industrial Internet transformation practice of the Yellow River cloud cable is not limited to this. Looking at the whole country and the whole industry, it has been a national consensus to strengthen digital thinking, carry out digital strategic transformation, and vigorously develop the digital economy, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of cities and industrial competitiveness.
        In terms of traditional manufacturing industry, how to rely on digital and intelligent construction to promote intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading, the development of industrial Internet points out the direction for its breakthrough, and the Yellow River cloud cable has undoubtedly taken a firm step. As an "icebreaker", the practice of industrial Internet Digital foreign trade of Huanghe yuncable may provide a methodology for the transformation and breakthrough of traditional manufacturing industry.
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