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Why do more and more enterprises begin to use industrial blockchain technology? It will be announced tomorrow!

Time : 02/11/2021 Author : wnlu94 Click : + -
        At present, the new momentum with data as the core is promoting the migration of the real economy to the industrial Internet platform. As the core breakthrough of data security, industrial blockchain is becoming the key foundation for the "Digital Advanced" of industry leaders such as Sany group and Dingli technology, and plays an additive role in the development of new technologies and products and the development of incremental businesses. Behind this is the "weight" of the new generation of information technology in the process of improving the quality and strengthening the scale of the real economy. At the same time, it is also brewing unprecedented new opportunities. Shugen Gezhi is the "leader" of industrial blockchain. At present, it has fully possessed the integrated service ability of industrial Internet + blockchain, and has successfully created a number of solutions and products, such as a trusted depository service platform, an industrial product traceability platform, and a financial leasing application, to help many industrial enterprises reach a credible digital future.
        Dingli technology is a private high-tech military enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of new materials and high-end special thermal equipment. It has overcome the major key core technologies that have long restricted the field of thermal equipment and new materials in China. Dingli technology, together with Shugen Gezhi, will build two major sectors, "blockchain application + supply chain collaboration platform" and "blockchain + digital chemical plant", build a transparent chemical plant from nine aspects: new base construction, industrial blockchain construction, intelligent supply chain system construction, industrial blockchain system, intelligent business analysis system, create an agile supply chain system, and realize digital and intelligent transformation. As a leading equipment manufacturing enterprise in the world, Sany group also encountered the problem of fake goods impacting the market in the process of parts sales.
        Through the cooperation with Shugen Gezhi, Sany group uses the blockchain technology to realize the real-time uplink of accessories circulation data, and encrypts the data with the principle of asymmetric cryptography to ensure that the uplink data cannot be tampered with or forged. At the same time, with the technical characteristics of blockchain decentralized database and data traceability, a full life cycle information traceability system for accessories is established to provide a comprehensive security guarantee for accessories products and customer interests. Kaiyuan instrument is a typical enterprise representative of China's high-end intelligent equipment products. With the help of Shugen Gezhi, through the integrated application of "blockchain + industrial Internet" and the use of model driven product digital management solutions, Kaiyuan instrument builds six sections: blockchain application, product digital design, network transformation, post market service, digital chemical plant and platform integration, and provides coal detection equipment from design, manufacturing The whole life cycle management from operation and maintenance to retirement realizes the digital transformation of enterprises.
        In the logistics industry, industrial blockchain technology has also been widely used. As the first manufacturing enterprise in China to apply industrial Internet technology to terminal logistics vehicles, Youli electric drive solves the trusted collaboration between upstream and downstream parties in the industrial chain, builds a trusted industrial chain, realizes the online storage of orders, assets and other information, and solves many problems such as opaque signing process, cumbersome procedures, nonstandard vehicle delivery process, chaotic account management and so on in the traditional mode through blockchain electronic contracts. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg for industry leaders to lay out industrial blockchain. Industrial blockchain has not only become an indispensable part of the sustainable development of enterprises, but also an important cornerstone of building a digital ecosystem of trust, cooperation and win-win cooperation.
        The first industrial blockchain industry technology matchmaking day was hosted by Hunan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, organized by Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and industrial Internet industry alliance, and organized by Xingsha blockchain Industrial Park, Changsha blockchain Industrial Park, Loudi urban blockchain Industrial Park, Hunan Oriental blockchain security technology testing center The 2021 international industrial blockchain conference of "zone smart manufacturing link boundless" jointly organized by Shugen Gezhi Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd. is about to be grandly opened. As a professional conference in the field of industrial blockchain, the conference will launch the 2021 industrial blockchain technology application and trend report, perspective industrial application cases, and lead industrial enterprises to explore more possibilities of industrial blockchain applications.
        Industrial Internet, as the hub of the connection of all industrial elements, all industrial chains and all value chains, realizes the interconnection between equipment, enterprises, people and institutions; Blockchain uses cryptography technology and distributed consensus protocol to ensure the security of network transmission and access, and builds a new industrial and financial collaborative ecosystem of trusted interconnection between industrial enterprises and financial institutions. The 2021 industrial blockchain technology application and trend report points out that the ultimate goal of industrial blockchain is to achieve data and business collaboration among industrial enterprises and complete data sharing and process sharing in the supply chain. Industrial enterprises are the main force in the industrial blockchain ecosystem. Enterprises make full use of technology to explore the economic value of data, so as to realize the collaboration between industrial enterprises.
        For industrial enterprises, which industrial scenarios and industrial data are more conducive to the deployment strategy? How to use blockchain empowerment strategy and how to effectively carry out in the new infrastructure? These are urgent problems to be solved. What we are most looking forward to in this report is that according to the construction and deployment process of industrial blockchain, it combs the technologies used and future application trends from the three business links of "data link", "data mutual trust and sharing process" and "infrastructure construction and ecological cultivation", so as to help more traditional enterprises like Youli electric drive complete the digital transformation and upgrading. Whether it is to build a digital foundation, flexibly choose deployment strategies, or promote the integration and innovation of blockchain and identity resolution, and lay a solid foundation on the chain; Or the side chain technology, cross chain technology and privacy computing that need to be applied in the process of data mutual trust; As well as realizing digital transformation and ecological construction and ecological cultivation through the combination of cloud chain, the report brings detailed interpretation.
        The conference will also release the white paper "industrial blockchain: new opportunities to help industrial enterprises upgrade applications", as well as the heavy achievements such as "China's industrial blockchain case collection" and "industrial blockchain Application guide". A number of wonderful practical cases, combined with the interpretation of forward-looking technology and application trends, will point out the future development direction of industrial blockchain for industrial enterprises and industrial users. The conference will also hold two sub forums to focus on many hot topics in the new infrastructure era, such as how blockchain can empower the digital economy and how blockchain technology can promote the innovative development of industrial Internet. It is worth looking forward to talking about the future with industry masters.
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