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Forward looking blockchain industry global weekly 2022 issue 22: many domestic departments of Huawei are studying and exploring Web3 mobile

Time : 30/03/2022 Author : k3iqvc Click : + -
        According to a person familiar with the matter, "many Huawei (domestic) departments or teams are exploring Web3, including Huawei Weiyun, Hongmeng, Huawei wallet, etc." Abroad, Huawei launched an NFT called cakedapes on twitter in May this year, which led to a surge in the base price of the series. In addition, Huawei cloud also provides cloud services for Web3 games such as ankotsofmisteria and revolution. Recently, the "settlement chain" jointly built by China Mobile and China Unicom was officially put into commercial use. On July 8, the settlement chain was successfully used to realize the inter network business settlement and billing of operators in Guangdong, Liaoning, Ningxia, Henan and Hebei provinces.
        The results of the first operation of the settlement chain show that the business time consumption is reduced by 60% on average, and it is expected to save more than 10 million yuan in human operation costs every year. It is reported that the settlement chain is a cross baas platform enterprise level alliance chain built by China Mobile Information Technology Center and China Mobile Research Institute in conjunction with China Unicom Software Research Institute, based on their original "China Mobile Chain" and "Unicom chain", which provides enterprises with a real-time data channel for cross cloud interoperability. It is a transparent, mutual trust and efficient settlement network. On July 10, the UK asset management industry is lobbying the government to approve blockchain trading funds that issue digital tokens to investors. The organization also proposed to establish a new working group to study how distributed ledger technology can accelerate the creation of new products and services.
        The association said that if the financial conduct regulatory authority accelerates the approval, the blockchain trading fund may be launched in the middle of next year, and added that Franklin Templeton launched the first American mutual fund using blockchain last year. On July 12, doniprimantojoewano, President of Bank of Indonesia (BI), said at the G20 digital economy side event held in Padang, Bali that a regulatory framework was needed to overcome the stability problems related to encrypted assets. He believes that cryptocurrency has the potential to develop inclusiveness and improve the efficiency of the financial system. Encrypted assets have prompted central banks in many countries to explore the design and issuance of central bank digital currency (CBDC).
        Joewono said that the country was exploring the possibility of incorporating cryptocurrency into its financial system. Bank Indonesia has been studying CBDC, aiming to release a white paper on the development of digital IDR. On July 12, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office and the Copyright Office will launch a study to study the impact of NFT on intellectual property rights. In June this year, senators patrickleahy and thomtillis called for an in-depth study of the potential impact of this emerging asset class on intellectual property rights. The two departments have agreed to conduct communication research with Leahy and Tillis, and held preliminary discussions on the development of action plans, including consultations with various stakeholders familiar with the NFT field.
        The two senators from Vermont and North Carolina originally proposed a series of issues to be considered. This includes potential intellectual property challenges for NFT's future applications, rights related to the transfer of NFT ownership, licensing rights and infringements, and potential intellectual property rights granted to NFT creators. On July 13, the United Nations believed that cryptocurrency might threaten the monetary sovereignty of "developing" countries, and proposed to formulate strict rules to restrict its use. The United Nations Conference on Trade and development (UNCTAD) pointed out in the document entitled "what glitters is not gold" first released in June that the adverse effects of cryptocurrencies on these countries far outweigh the benefits they may bring to individuals and financial institutions, The document even suggests that "developing" countries require compulsory registration of all encrypted wallets and prohibit advertisements related to cryptocurrencies.
        On July 13, according to the announcement on Wednesday, the digital economic zone supported by the catawbaindiannation in Rockhill, South Carolina, has passed a series of regulations aimed at creating "legal clarity" for digital assets. The framework defines digital assets (including cryptocurrency and NFT) as intangible property or personal property without physical existence. It defines NFT as an indivisible asset, which can be classified as securities according to the nature of its use. According to the announcement, the establishment of a legal definition of digital assets is the first step in establishing a more complex regulatory framework to manage stable currencies and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) owned by members.
        The general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government recently issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of Shanghai's digital economy, which proposes that Shanghai will cultivate new data elements including digital content and digital trade during the "14th five year plan", support leading enterprises to explore the construction of NFT (non homogenous token) trading platform, and study and promote the digitalization of NFT and other assets, the global circulation of digital IP Relevant formats such as digital rights confirmation and protection were first tried in Shanghai. On July 12, Gemini announced that its plan to participate in the digital currency Innovation Laboratory (dcil) will be extended for two years, which aims to provide regulated encrypted access to Hawaiian residents.
        Although the original dcil plan is scheduled to end for all participants later this year, the Hawaiian Department of financial institutions (DFI) and the Hawaiian Technology Development Corporation (htdc) extended the plan to 2024. The plan aims to stimulate economic opportunities through the early adoption of cryptocurrency, protect consumers by providing guidance to cryptocurrency issuers, and collect data to formulate cryptocurrency legislation. By participating in the program, Gemini will continue to provide customers in all 50 U.S. states with secure and regulated access to the crypto ecosystem. On July 13, McDonald's China launched its new McCarthy crunchy chicken burger. At the same time, McDonald's China also released a video "digital collection" with a 6-second introduction to the product for the first time, with a total of 100000 copies.
        It is reported that from 10:30 on July 13, consumers will buy a single McDonald's crunchy chicken burger in McDonald's app, wechat applet and Alipay applet, and then redeem the commemorative digital collection through points. One ID will be exchanged for one, and the collection will end immediately. According to the data, the digital collection is provided with technical support by cocafe. On July 14, the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce and the Fujian Branch of Agricultural Bank of China jointly held the launching ceremony of the "all Fujian Tesco digital benefits Fujian capital" digital RMB theme promotion activity in Fuzhou. It is reported that in 2022, the Fujian Branch of Agricultural Bank of China will arrange a special fee of no less than 50million yuan to carry out consumption promotion activities.
        Among them, 38million yuan was invested to issue exclusive consumption coupons, send preferential red envelopes, and reduce the full amount of coupons; We will allocate 12million yuan of special expenses for promoting consumption in digital RMB for Fuzhou, widely build digital RMB payment application scenarios, and comprehensively help the development of Fuzhou's digital economy. On July 16, the Bank of communications and Shentong Metro Group announced that citizens who use the latest version of Metro metropolis app to take the subway or maglev in Shanghai can use digital RMB to pay. Citizens only need to download the app and add Metro metropolis to the sub wallet of the digital RMB account to pay with digital RMB when taking rail transit.
        It is understood that the Bank of communications and Shentong Metro Group have an exclusive cooperation to open the interface between "Metro metropolis" and digital RMB. While supporting the Bank of Communications' digital RMB wallet, it also supports the digital wallet of digital RMB operating institutions such as industry, agriculture, China Construction, postal savings, China Merchants Bank, etc. On July 13, experts from the national technology planning capacity center of St. Petersburg National University in Russia announced that they were preparing to try out a new interbank payment system to replace swift. Due to the financial restrictions imposed by Moscow's decision to invade Ukraine, major Russian banks are now unable to enter the latter. The University said in a statement, "the pilot version of the decentralized interbank financial information system is ready for testing and can be used in banks.
        ”Alexanderkiriyev, the technical director of the center, said that the preliminary tests showed good results. At present, the transmission speed of a node exceeds 25000 messages per second, and the capacity of the network can be increased in the future. On July 14, the blockchain as a service (baas) platform seracle announced the launch of web3.0nft infrastructure for brands and enterprises in various industries to help them create their own customized NFT market. The company announced that the infrastructure is suitable for companies and brands in the fields of entertainment, e-commerce, games, social media, fashion, sports, art, augmented reality and virtual reality.
        Seracle provides end-to-end NFT market solutions, including product development, operation and marketing. On July 17, freeway, a pledge platform, tweeted that it had resumed FWT recharge and withdrawal functions. FWT purchase function is temporarily disabled, but it should be restored soon. The price of FWT on the platform is still locked at $0.008. On July 16, according to official twitter, starkcon announced that blockchain security company quantstamp has become a partner of starkconparismixer. It is reported that quantstamp provides risk protection for more than 250 start-ups, foundations and enterprises with more than $200billion in digital assets.
        On July 16, boafinancialgroup in Hong Kong announced a cooperation with redhareanalytics, an NFT analysis company. Redhareanalytics mainly provides products and services such as NFT index, NFT related analysis, NFT data API, NFT related technology development and NFT incubation. The two sides will jointly explore more business opportunities in the field of NFT and jointly establish a joint venture. It is reported that the new company will apply for an NFT derivatives license in the British Virgin Islands. In addition, the Hong Kong Asian bank financial group also plans to run the redharenft index on financial institutions such as the Bank of Asia and other designated platforms.
        According to uktech, spinview, a digital mapping company based in London, UK, completed a pre-A round of financing of 5.5 million pounds, led by Alchemy, a management consulting company, futurefund, a British government innovation fund, and a number of angel investors. The new funds will be used to develop its data visualization platform. On July 14, yuancosmos 3D virtual brand Avar announced the completion of multi million dollar Angel round and seed round financing. The seed round was invested by Weilie capital, the angel round was invested by Huachuang capital, and Yuanzhi capital acted as the long-term exclusive financial adviser. Avar has not only created its own virtual fashion brand, but also launched a series of virtual human IP and virtual fashion products, and built a tool "digital art generator" that can quickly generate a large number of 3D digital assets with programmed algorithms.
        In April this year, Avar launched "virtual invasion series" and "virtual reality mirror" on xiaohongshu and several digital collection platforms and sold out quickly. The star's same "cosmic fantasy series" is being publicized. These virtual clothes and accessories can be worn by real people through ar filters or artificial synthesis. Consumers can wear virtual clothes to take photos or generate videos. According to the news on July 15, Xita technology, a blockchain infrastructure development and service enterprise, has completed tens of millions of pre-B rounds of strategic financing. This investment is led by Qi'an investment, and the old shareholders of Dawan District common home development fund and China Merchants Bank International continue to increase their stakes. With the a+ round financing of HengDi capital last year, the total financing of Xita technology has exceeded 100 million yuan.
        This round of financing will be used for the company's research and development of core technologies at the bottom of the blockchain, creating Web3.0 tool components suitable for the service industry, promoting the interconnection between partners and new digital economy infrastructure, and continuously enabling the rapid development of digital economy. On July 16, bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange, donated 36 bitcoins and $600000 worth of tether to small businesses in El Salvador as part of supporting the economic development of the community. Bitfinex announced on Thursday that these funds are being allocated to socially poor communities such as ilopango, Soyapango and Apopa, with gang violence and extortion against small business owners being the most common.
        These donations will be funded through the recipient's bitcoin wallet (including the state funded chivo wallet), which will support an environmental business plan to hire local workers. The company said that in addition to funding the donation, bitfinex's parent company, ifinexinc It also worked with the government of El Salvador to create a new regulatory framework for digital assets and securities. On July 17, according to a tweet released by bitcoinmagazine, mongocongo cafe in Dominica, Costa Rica now accepts bitcoin payment. On July 16, yachtzoo, a luxury yacht service provider in Monaco, cooperated with bitpay, a cryptocurrency payment processor, to support customers to pay with Shib and dogcoin.
        Other cryptocurrencies supported by bitpay include BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, Dai, wbtc and stable currency. According to Bloomberg news on July 14, according to court documents published this week, a British judge approved the delivery of legal documents on the blockchain ledger through NFT for the first time, which means that the UK now allows blockchain litigation. The decision stems from a lawsuit filed by fabriziodaloia, the founder of an online gambling company, against five cryptocurrency exchanges. Earlier, daloia claimed that someone stole two of his wallets and cashed them on the trading platform.
        Therefore, the court approved the NFT of litigation related documents. The court also ruled that crypto transactions are fully responsible for ensuring that stolen cryptocurrencies are not transferred or removed from their systems. This delivery will now air drop the litigation documents into two wallets through NFT, which were originally used by daloia and stolen by fraudsters. Giambrone& Partnersllp law firm said that this paved the way for victims of encryption fraud to sue unidentified swindlers in the UK. On July 15, according to the official news released by ohdatlabs, the original IP pekingmonsters of Peng Lei, the lead singer of the new pants band, will release the NFT series and will start operation recently. This is Peng Lei's first NFT series released in Ethereum.
        New pants is one of the most popular rock bands in China. Peng Lei is the soul of the band, with more than 1.2 million fans on Weibo accounts. Since its birth in 1998, Beihai monster IP has owned a variety of products, such as comics, animation, peripherals, trendy games, bars and so on. It is reported that the NFT series will be exclusively operated by ohdatlabs. On July 15, rainmarkergames, a cryptocurrency startup, announced the launch of the NFT cross chain market. Willdeane, CEO of Rainmaker, said in an interview that with this new market, players can browse the list of mainstream gamefinft aggregated in Web3, including guidelines, strategies and comments. At present, RA
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