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Laizhiming, vice president of Tencent: it is suggested to expand the scope of blockchain electronic ordinary invoice application scenarios

Time : 11/07/2021 Author : q418p0 Click : + -
        On January 28, laizhiming, member of the CPPCC Guangdong Provincial Committee and vice president of Tencent group, proposed to promote the pilot of blockchain electronic ordinary invoice to the "two sessions" of Guangdong Province. Laizhiming said that blockchain electronic ordinary invoice is the product of the deep integration of "Internet + taxation", and its emergence provides an effective solution to solve the many disadvantages of traditional electronic invoice. In the next step, it is suggested to take "building smart tax" as the goal, and on the basis of the pilot project in Shenzhen in the early stage, the State Administration of Taxation Guangdong provincial taxation bureau should further organize and promote the pilot application of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices and expand the scope of application scenarios in Guangdong Province, and encourage the application of blockchain underlying technology with completely independent intellectual property rights in the tax field.
        Traditional electronic invoice has disadvantages in three levels: users, enterprises and tax bureau. At the user level, there are problems such as electronic invoice reimbursement is stateless and most company reimbursements need to be printed; At the enterprise level, there are problems such as unable to batch query the authenticity of invoices and high Invoicing costs; At the tax bureau level, there have been long-standing drawbacks of stateless reimbursement, centralized storage, and separation of participants. Lai Zhiming introduced that blockchain technology has the characteristics of complete traceability of the whole process, information tamperability and joint maintenance of multi node bookkeeping. It is highly consistent with invoice logic and needs, and can effectively avoid fake invoices and improve invoice supervision process. In practice, blockchain electronic ordinary invoices can connect every invoice stakeholder: enterprises can apply for, issue, check and record invoices on the blockchain; Users can realize online storage, circulation and reimbursement; For the tax bureau of the tax supervisor and manager, it can achieve the scientific and technological innovation of whole process supervision and realize paperless intelligent tax management.
        Practical operation has also proved that the experience of consumers and businesses has been upgraded. In 2018, with the support and guidance of the State Administration of Taxation, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau launched a pilot application of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices in Shenzhen. On August 10, 2018, Shenzhen International Trade revolving restaurant issued the country's first blockchain electronic ordinary invoice, announcing that Shenzhen has become the first pilot city of blockchain electronic invoice in China, and its underlying technology is provided by Tencent blockchain. Shenzhen International Trade revolving restaurant, Shenzhen BaoTi parking lot, Pingshan garage, Tencent impression coffee shop, etc. are the first merchants to access the system. With blockchain electronic invoice, merchants can use blockchain electronic invoice to greatly save Invoicing costs and improve store efficiency and consumption experience; After checking out, consumers can apply for invoicing, storage and reimbursement through wechat with one click, and the reimbursement status can be checked in real time, eliminating the cumbersome process, and truly realizing "invoicing is Invoicing, invoicing is reimbursement".
        Lai Zhiming also suggested that on the basis of the successful pilot of blockchain electronic invoice, we should continue to strengthen efforts to promote the national tax system reform, tax innovation and tax related credit information management based on big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, and promote the continuous and deepening implementation of "Internet + tax". It is understood that since the establishment of the blockchain team in 2015, Tencent has focused on building the blockchain infrastructure. In the 2018 trusted blockchain standard evaluation, Tencent blockchain won the first place, and the platform capabilities achieved breakthroughs in three aspects, including function, performance and stability evaluation. In addition, Tencent blockchain continues to do in-depth and thorough application scenarios. So far, Tencent blockchain has implemented many application scenarios, such as electronic invoice, supply chain finance, smart medicine, games, logistics information, legal deposit certificate, etc.
        In the future, Tencent will adhere to scenario driven, continue to promote the effective integration of blockchain and various industry application scenarios, solve practical pain points and serve the real economy. It is recommended that release Q1 financial report. industrial products use the supply chain to serve the "continuous line" of enterprise production and operation, and the "continuous line" of industrial chain stability and safety.
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