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Last year, 260000 blockchain projects were born in the world, and currently less than 10% survive

Time : 23/04/2022 Author : f6ypn8 Click : + -
        Blockchain technology is considered to be the next-generation disruptive core technology after steam engine, electricity and Internet, and it is also one of the fastest-growing technology fields at present. However, researchers found that the vast majority of blockchain projects will be abandoned within a few months. According to CNBC, the research of Deloitte, a heavyweight consulting company, showed that in 2016, more than 26000 open source blockchain projects were born on GitHub website. Although people are interested in this technology, only 8% of the projects are still actively maintained so far. "We note that about 90% of the open source blockchain projects on GitHub have been idle, their average life cycle is only one year, and the highest mortality period occurs in the first six months," they added.
        According to a research report released by juniperresearch in July this year, more than half of the world's major companies are studying blockchain technology, with the purpose of integrating blockchain functions into their products, but now it seems that blockchain technology is not suitable for all industries. Many companies want to rub the heat while blockchain technology is hot, but once the heat returns to the essence of things in the past, These developers need to ask themselves, do we really need so many blockchain technologies?.
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