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IBM blockchain layout scanning: with more than 400 partners, the annual revenue is hundreds of millions

Time : 28/04/2022 Author : e2cdjt Click : + -
        On December 14th, 2017, IBM, Wal Mart, and the National Engineering Laboratory of e-commerce transaction technology of Tsinghua University jointly announced the establishment of China's first safe food blockchain traceability alliance. The cooperation between Internet giants and top academic institutions has attracted widespread attention. This part of the code has a total of 44000 lines, which became the main part of the hyperledger project at that time. Later, hyperledger quickly developed into the world's largest blockchain technology alliance. Over the past few years, more and more companies have cooperated with IBM in the blockchain field, and even the governments of some countries and regions have established cooperative relations with IBM.
        According to the recent report of wintergreenresearch, IBM has the largest market share in the blockchain products and services market with a total size of more than $700million. Since the invention of computer technology, related technology patents have been the focus of competition among major companies. The acquisition of important patents can even kill competitors. IBM, Microsoft, apple, Qualcomm, Intel and other giants attach great importance to patents, and Microsoft and Qualcomm use patents to monopolize their related fields. In the three years from 2015 to 2018, IBM has been leading in blockchain technology patents, and the number of patents was not surpassed by Alibaba until recently this year.
        In terms of patent strength, IBM was once stronger than Alibaba. At the beginning of this year, the public chain project was extremely hot. The public chain project led by EOS even put forward the plan of millions of TPS, while other public chains did not admit defeat, saying that their TPS could also reach the enterprise level. While all public chains are still fighting for a higher TPS, IBM has already taken the lead and began to cooperate with a large number of enterprise customers. As early as March this year, IBM announced that it has at least 400 customers related to blockchain technology, involving finance, banking, manufacturing, logistics, insurance, health, retail, energy and so on.
        Among these customers, 63 have cooperated with IBM on specific topics: including 25 global trading companies, 14 food companies and 14 global payment business companies. It includes a large number of world-renowned enterprises, such as HSBC, UBS group, Daxin, Maersk, Wal Mart, etc. IBM released an IBM blockchain research report entitled "building government trust" in early 2017, which said that the vast majority of government personnel will pursue blockchain development in 2017. The survey covers 200 government leaders from 16 countries. The report believes that by 2018, 90% of government organizations plan to invest in blockchain technology.
        Therefore, after extensive market research, IBM began to actively cooperate with the government. At present, the cooperation has been reached: Kenya, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Delaware, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, etc. In July this year, IBM signed an overall government procurement agreement worth a $1 billion (4.9 billion yuan) with the Australian federal government, including the joint innovation plan carried out by the Australian digital transformation authority and IBM, which aims to conduct in-depth research on high-tech fields such as quantum computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. In order to achieve commercial success, a blockchain project requires not only excellent technology, but also many other factors and talents.
        Unlike some domestic public chain teams with only dozens of people, IBM has more than 1600 people engaged in blockchain related work around the world. A large number of talents have enabled IBM's blockchain services to advance rapidly in various fields. At present, IBM has developed tools and platforms for insurance, finance, logistics, advertising, supply chain, database, traceability, environmental protection and other fields. Among them, ledgerconnect, globalpayment and we Trade platform has been supported by a large number of banking giants, including UBS, HSBC, Citigroup, Barclays, JPMorgan Chase and so on.
        In addition, based on the stellar agreement, IBM launched the stable currency usdanchor with the start-up stronghold to enter the field of digital currency. In contrast, for public chain projects, only a few projects have been launched on the main network, but TPS cannot meet the enterprise level requirements at all; Some projects have only launched the test network, and most projects have not even built the test network, and even remain in the concept stage. Mizuho Financial Group includes Mizuho bank, Mizuho Securities and other financial institutions, with a total number of employees of more than 50000. According to statistics, Mizuho group has a total account of more than 30 million, 170000 enterprise customers, and has contacts with 70% of listed companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
        Mizuho's cooperation with IBM mainly lies in the settlement of international trade. At present, due to the different exchange rates and payment methods of various countries, transnational and inter agency transactions are time-consuming and labor-consuming. In response to this pain point, IBM has developed a real-time settlement system supported by blockchain technology to help achieve safer and faster settlement of international trade. In order to realize the proof of concept of real-time settlement of virtual currency, Mizuho visited ibmgarage in Tokyo and experienced the blockchain service based on IBM cloud platform bluemix. Its developers can quickly create a distributed ledger application based on blockchain technology, and develop, deploy, execute and manage blockchain applications through Devops on bluemix to help Mizuho verify the blockchain settlement system based on digital currency.
        After cooperating with IBM, Mizuho's cross-border transaction settlement work, which used to take two to three days, will be shortened to one day, which greatly improves work efficiency. In IBM's global layout, there are many platforms and computing centers that provide blockchain services such as bluemix, which are distributed around the world, including San Francisco in the United States, New York, Toronto in Canada, nice in France, Munich in Germany, San Paolo in Brazil and Marina Bay in Singapore. In November 2017, nitingaur, director of IBM blockchain laboratory, said in an interview that from a technical point of view, blockchain technology provides the financial industry and enterprises with non intermediary and subversive transformation elements, and many enterprises hope to achieve a leading position in this innovative field.
        Blockchain has great potential in the field of trading system and payment. In March this year, Jesselund, head of IBM blockchain department, said in an interview with AMA (amediumcorporation): "with hyperledgerfabric, IBM is undoubtedly the leader in the enterprise blockchain. We believe that the enterprise market of this technology is not limited to private license chains, so we cooperate with SDF (stellar Development Foundation) to support public networks in a secure and licensed manner. We see a wide range of enterprise interests in this regard.
        ”。 Mary ·, general manager of blockchain of IBM; Wick said in a recent interview that the Internet has changed the way of communication, and blockchain is changing communication in the same way. The transformation of business processes by this technology may be the same as the transformation of personal processes by the Internet. In addition, she also said that the distributed ledger is essentially a database shared and synchronized on the computer network, which can prove the accuracy of the database. Although it takes time to establish an ecosystem, engineers who have their own views on technology will soon see its value. At present, although the domestic hype about blockchain may have peaked, according to the prediction of Gartner, the world's top consulting company, blockchain technology will increase its commercial value by $176billion by 2025 and more than $3.1 trillion by 2030. Therefore, the international community is still optimistic about the future of blockchain.
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