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One account of blockchain project "Letz dog" can receive four free of charge

Time : 11/07/2021 Author : ti3e1f Click : + -
        Starting from bitcoin, the concept of "blockchain" has been in full swing in the IT industry. As the largest technology service provider in China, Baidu will not miss it. Just recently, Xiaobian's friend circle has been Baidu's blockchain pet dog &mdash& mdash; Leitz dog brushed the screen. As for why it is called letsgo, it is said to be a homonym from "letsgo". Anyway, Xiaobian also adopted several dogs, and realized the way of getting 20 dogs with a mobile phone number in some way. If you are interested, you can also try it. According to the rarity of attributes, lucky people can get excellent or epic dogs. Of course, the rarer the dog is, the higher the price is.
        The rank is: ordinary rare excellent epic mythology and legend. Each dog has a unique number, which is unique on the server. If you don't like it, you can sell it. But Xiaobian reminds you that it seems OK to sell now, but you should be careful, because it seems particularly difficult to buy a good and cheap dog now, because there are all kinds of plug-ins on the market and begin to pay for cheap dogs, ╮ (╯▽system) ╭ hey ~ plug-ins are really everywhere. After a baidu account is bound to a mobile phone, you can get four free dogs. How can you break the limit and get your favorite dogs? Here is a way to help you:.
        4. At first, you may be asked to verify your mobile number. Just enter it according to the steps. If you are required to enter a new mobile number, close the dialog box and click unbind again. 5. After unbinding, apply for multiple Baidu accounts, and then continue to bind mobile applications. But note that there is a limit to the number of times a mobile number can be bound every month, about 5 or 6 times. Friends who haven't received excellence or above can try this method.
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