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Notice on printing and distributing the action plan for blockchain application in the field of Jiangmen Digital Government

Time : 15/06/2022 Author : 7uysba Click : + -
        In order to speed up the application of blockchain in the field of digital government in our city, after seeking the opinions of relevant units, our bureau has taken the lead in formulating the action plan for blockchain application in the field of digital government in Jiangmen City, which is now printed and distributed to you. Please speed up the exploration of blockchain application in combination with business reality, and strive for more blockchain application scenarios to achieve results. Please report the problems encountered in the implementation to our bureau. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on using the blockchain data sharing mode to bring better government service experience to the people, in accordance with the key points of the reform and construction of digital government in Guangdong Province in 2020 and the deployment requirements of the provincial government service data management bureau on carrying out the exploration and application of blockchain technology in the field of digital government, we should give full play to the advantages of blockchain technology, deepen the reform of "decentralized management service", optimize the business environment This action plan is formulated to promote the benefit of enterprises and the convenience of the people, and help the city's "digital government" reform and smart city construction to a new level.
        Focusing on creating the best and most advanced government services and business environment, we will actively explore the application of blockchain technology to the reform of "digital government" and the construction of smart cities in our city, promote data sharing, process optimization and business collaboration, achieve the credibility and traceability of government data, openness and transparency of government affairs, improve the quality and efficiency of government affairs, and enhance the happiness and sense of gain of the enterprise masses. Strive to build a number of business scenarios with obvious results, form a number of representative common applications, create a number of leading technological achievements, develop diversified blockchain application scenarios, and strive to explore and create Jiangmen mode of blockchain application in the whole province and even the whole country within 1-2 years.
        Adhere to unified planning. Based on unified standards and specifications, and with safety, reliability, autonomy and controllability as the bottom line, build a unified blockchain application foundation platform. Build a unified node authorization and consensus mechanism, through orderly planning, construction and promotion, provide common support for blockchain applications, such as information uplink, data verification, smart contract deployment and cross chain mutual recognition, and provide credible, safe and convenient technical services for information sharing and business collaboration. Adhere to application orientation. Focus on the pain points and difficulties of "digital government" reform and smart city construction, break the problems of low data sharing rate, poor control, weak timeliness, unclear rights and responsibilities, and poor coordination existing in traditional data sharing and business collaboration, realize the authenticity and credibility of shared data, real-time circulation, clear authority confirmation, and traceable, promote the joint maintenance and utilization of government data across departments and regions, and promote business collaboration, Upgrade the government service experience.
        Adhere to innovation and leadership. Introduce the advanced concepts of blockchain application at home and abroad, fully combine the cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5g, and the Internet of things, launch a number of typical applications and demonstrations of blockchain in the field of "digital government" reform and smart city construction, and create Jiangmen mode of blockchain application with innovation leading, technology enabling, application driven, and rich scenes. 1. Unify the basic platform for blockchain technology application. Build the trusted infrastructure of the government blockchain and the common underlying blockchain platform, build the city's unified autonomous and controllable government blockchain technology and application standards, and gradually build the city's unified government baas (blockchain as a service) platform based on the blockchain underlying technology platform, so as to provide "unified management and sharing" blockchain government application support services for all departments in the city, It is convenient for all departments to quickly build the application scenario of government service blockchain.
        Build a unified digital government construction credit cornerstone through the blockchain trusted infrastructure platform to avoid the isolation and dispersion of new systems, and form new "data islands" and "value islands". 2. Unified trust and authorization management. Based on the tamper proof and verifiable high security characteristics and information mutual trust characteristics of blockchain, explore and build a distributed secure and trusted data authorization and flow process control mechanism, and build a cross departmental and cross regional government business integration service capability based on blockchain. The digital identification right based on blockchain realizes the "self certification" of individual information in the case of individual authorization and multi-party verification, without the need for a third-party institution to issue a certificate, which greatly reduces the materials that the masses need to submit in government services, and also reduces the verification work in the approval process of government departments, and unifies the data sharing channel.
        Based on the blockchain infrastructure trust facilities, optimize the data sharing exchange and business processes, clarify the responsibilities and rights of data sharing, build a big data service trust network and value network, realize the authenticity and credibility of shared data, real-time circulation, clear authorization, and traceable footprints, and promote the joint maintenance and utilization of government data across departments and regions. 1. Blockchain + Housing online signing. Build a blockchain based housing transaction service platform, establish a mutual recognition mechanism among the government, banks, enterprises and the masses, effectively eliminate administrative barriers, and realize a new model of government data sharing. Through the business processing data and authorization data of the key links of housing contract online signing, the contract online signing business can be traced throughout the process to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the data; Through smart contract technology, the purchase qualification is automatically verified to avoid human factors and reduce department management risks; By linking the contract data, we will put an end to the phenomenon of "Yin-Yang contract" in the real estate transaction process, simplify the government business process, and improve the efficiency of the masses.
        2. Blockchain + real estate registration. Establish a unified real estate registration management blockchain service platform to improve the service level of real estate registration management. Give play to the advantages of distributed accounting mode and data encryption technology, realize the real-time update and synchronous and safe sharing of data of real estate registration and management institutions at all levels, and provide cross regional and uninterrupted real estate information query services for enterprises and the masses. 3. Blockchain + charitable donation. Explore and promote the application of blockchain charitable donations jointly participated by civil affairs departments and charitable organizations, realize the effective supervision of donation funds, the traceability of donated materials throughout the process, and the release of authoritative statistics of donation information, so as to improve the trust of society in charitable donations.
        4. Blockchain + certificate exemption. Rely on the electronic license system to collect the licenses issued by the license issuing organs, and link the key characteristic values of the licenses. After the real name authentication and authorization of the agent, it can be used in the "easy service" mobile client or the "Guangdong Provincial affairs" wechat applet and other multi terminal applications to realize the "real person", "true certificate" and "true thing", create the whole chain sharing application mode of electronic licenses such as verification, license issuance and management, and prevent third-party programs from retaining user license data, Protect data privacy and security. Combined with face recognition technology, the relevant information of electronic licenses can be accessed after face brushing authentication with the authorization of the applicant, so as to realize the certificate exemption of government services based on blockchain.
        1. Blockchain + financial services and regulation. Using blockchain cross chain mutual recognition and encryption authorization technology, we will further deepen the application of blockchain technology in the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote the sharing and utilization of credit business application, approval, issuance, post loan management and enterprise repayment data, and solve the problem of information asymmetry between financial institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises. Strengthen the interoperability of data among financial management departments, financial institutions and government departments, optimize the mortgage and pledge loan process, reduce the cost and time of mortgage and pledge loan processing, and alleviate the financing difficulties and expensive problems of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. 2. Blockchain + talent introduction. Focusing on the electronic license information involved in talent settlement, the blockchain smart contract technology is used to automatically match and verify the resident ID card, marriage certificate, residence, education and other information. Combined with face recognition and other technologies, the intelligent issuance of the electronic certificate of "talent is allowed to move in" is realized, and the whole process of College Students' settlement and points settlement is handled online, "no running at one time".
        3. Blockchain + notarization service. Using blockchain and its derivative technology, we can process the basic information of notarial business and notarial social subjects on the chain, promote the whole process of electronic and networked application of notarial business, realize the real-time update and synchronous and safe sharing of data between notarial institutions and government departments, provide cross regional and uninterrupted notarial information query services for enterprises and the public, and effectively avoid the difficulties of verifying the complexity of social information and querying the authenticity of notarial results, Improve the application efficiency of notarization business. 4. Blockchain + consumer rights protection. Build a trusted consumption risk prevention and supervision platform, and use blockchain technology to establish trusted authentication channels, trusted electronic contracts, trusted consumption data, trusted ledger reconciliation and other channels to realize the whole process of trusted consumption.
        Through the platform, the government, banks, insurance, business merchants and consumers are connected to achieve multi-party collaborative supervision and create a credible e-commerce trading environment. By establishing a joint operation guarantee system with banks, insurance institutions and other third-party institutions, we will build a healthy market environment with capital security, account security, data security and business safety, avoid transaction risks, and promote market confidence and market vitality of the industry. 5. Blockchain + rural property rights transaction. By registering the relevant information of rural property rights transactions in the whole process on the chain, we can achieve more open and transparent information of rural property rights transactions, traceable information in the whole process of transactions, effectively expand the scope of transaction participation and audience, promote the open, fair and efficient flow of rural production factors in a larger region, improve asset transaction prices, promote the preservation and appreciation of rural collective assets, and help implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy.
        1. Blockchain + important product traceability. Focusing on local characteristic agricultural products (Xinhui orange peel, durian lianggua, Taishan rice, etc.), food and drugs, agricultural means of production, special equipment and other fields, explore the establishment of a cross sectoral, cross domain, cross industry important product traceability system with blockchain technology as the core, build a traceability chain across the whole life cycle of production, circulation and consumption, and realize that the source of products can be checked, the destination can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. 2. Blockchain + health care. Build a trusted exchange system of health care data by using blockchain technology, explore the circulation of health care big data and the sharing and use of medical insurance payment information across medical institutions and medical insurance departments, promote the intelligent supervision of medical insurance funds, improve the supervision ability of medical insurance funds, and help the construction of smart medicine.
        3. Blockchain + targeted poverty alleviation. Using blockchain and its derivative technology, we will promote the cross departmental trusted exchange of personal information of the poor, fund allocation, and use tracking management applications, so as to achieve accurate identification of the poor, accurate management of assistance objects, accurate traceability of assistance funds throughout the whole process, and improve the transparency of poverty alleviation work. 4. Blockchain + pension services. For the basic information of pension service institutions, such as social security payment, tax payment, credit, safety production, fire protection, food safety, as well as the professional qualification, education level, infectious diseases and other professional ability information of pension service personnel, the multi-party real-time sharing of data is realized through blockchain technology, so as to enhance the credit supervision ability of pension service institutions and employees.
        5. Blockchain + consultation and complaint. The 12345 appeal calls, acceptance, order distribution, signing, disposal, feedback, return visit and other whole process elements will be linked, and the data of all links and their related parties will be promoted to leave traces in the whole chain. Based on the unchanging linked data, an integrated evaluation result will be formed, the evaluation ranking will be publicized in real time, and an intelligent service mechanism of citizen hotline with real-time interconnection, data sharing, linkage and coordination, openness and fairness will be built. (1) Strengthen organizational leadership. The municipal government affairs service data management bureau is responsible for strengthening the top-level design, coordinating the city's "digital government" reform and blockchain application in the field of smart city construction, coordinating and solving key and difficult problems in business collaboration, and providing a technical environment and data sharing guarantee for business applications; The Municipal Bureau of justice is responsible for strengthening research on the legal effectiveness of electronic data and electronic certificates as approval basis and archived materials in blockchain applications, and improving legal protection; Finance departments at all levels in the city are responsible for strengthening the fund guarantee of local block chain application projects.
        (2) Jointly promote the implementation. Encourage all cities (districts) and departments to boldly explore and actively pilot, and form their own unique experience and practices. The leading units of each scenario application should unify the construction ideas, clarify the application priorities, promote the selection and adaptation of blockchain technology for scenario applications according to the unified standards and specifications of blockchain applications in the city, coordinate data sharing and business collaboration, further optimize and integrate business processes, and promote the implementation and effectiveness of each scenario. (3) Carry out training exchange. Strengthen blockchain application training, improve the understanding of blockchain in all cities (districts) and departments, and master the core values, outstanding advantages and applicable scenarios of blockchain. Learn from the advanced experience of blockchain application in the field of "digital government" reform and smart city construction at home and abroad, carry out business exchanges in combination with the business needs of our city, and create a good atmosphere for blockchain application exploration.
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