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Is virtual currency legal in the Chinese market

Time : 18/06/2022 Author : wvzjh3 Click : + -
        I believe many friends are familiar with virtual currency, at least they have heard of it, and many have participated in investment transactions. At present, there are many types of virtual currency on the market, but at present, China has not recognized any kind of virtual currency that can be bought and sold on the market as legal. 1. Game loan. The loan currency that can buy and sell transactions in online games can also be called virtual currency. However, the loan currency in the stand-alone mobile game cannot be called virtual currency, because it cannot be connected to the Internet to carry out trading markets with other players. The answer is that they are all legal loans. But don't rush to make a final decision. Although they are all legal loan coins, they are also thousands of miles away from the "legal loan coins". In terms of blockchain loans, China has listed blockchain loans as legal assets. On September 28, 2019, Hainan established a blockcenter.
        The block center was led by Huo coin group. It is reported that digital currency is also the main driving force of China's economic development, and China has also affirmed the technology of the block industry. The establishment of the block center is the first time CCTV has reported the progress of virtual currency. What is "legal tender"? Digital RMB issued by the central bank: decp is currently the only legal digital currency in China. Generally speaking, the most prominent feature of decp relative to virtual currency is its legal solvency. It pays all public and personal liabilities in China in data RMB. No unit or individual can refuse it if it has the conditions to receive it. Central bank digital currency is a data shape of RMB, which has the same function as banknotes. Compared with banknotes, digital currency is invisible money.
        At present, digital RMB has four functions: code scanning payment, remittance, payment and touch. 3. The issuance of digital currency by the central bank has enhanced the central bank's control over the supply of loan money and currency circulation, which can better apply to social and economic development and effectively promote the nationalization of RMB. In general, the only legal virtual currency in China is the central bank digital currency. The central bank digital currency is the legal loan currency, but the digital currency is intelligentized by banknotes. Issuing digital currency can reduce the cost of issuing banknotes, and it is beneficial to the central bank's control, and can reduce money laundering, tax evasion and other violations of law and discipline.
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