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Blockchain asset contract exchange develops digital currency multi currency Wallet

Time : 15/08/2021 Author : bqg1es Click : + -
        With the current development of blockchain asset exchanges, the global exchange industry has ushered in great changes, with iteration and transformation in organizational form, operation mode, business model, technical means, etc. At present, the overall development trend of the contract market presents a situation of "gradual development and centralized detonation". This is not only because the market scale advantage is outstanding at present, but also because of the high threshold of contract trading. The trading depth, system stability and risk control mechanism are indispensable for the contract platform. As a service provider providing the trading market, the contract exchange collects transaction fees as its core business model, and ensuring the safety of traders' assets is the core indicator to measure the technical strength of the exchange.
        Technical injury. Generally speaking, the vast majority of contract trading platforms have technical difficulties, which is also the difficulty of contract trading. Matching performance, scalability, stability, speed limit of API interface and security of digital assets are all technical issues that need to be deeply cultivated by the trading platform. Users' digital assets are easy to be stolen. Frequent theft of users' digital assets is also a major problem in the blockchain asset market. Hacker obtains a large number of user API passwords, phishing, virusattack, and even advanced hacker can invade the trading platform system and steal user assets without triggering conventional risk control alerts.
        With the frequent occurrence of asset security incidents, the market needs to provide effective security protection measures for contract trading platforms with higher technical requirements. If there is a decentralized asset custody scheme in the industry, it may change the market pattern. Enrich service content, open contract business, meet the technical needs of major companies to open contract transactions, so that more exchanges can open contract services, and stimulate the creativity of the industry through benign competition. Therefore, in order to better develop the contract exchange next, we need to create and improve the blockchain asset derivatives system through the underlying architecture, technology, user base and other aspects, reduce the risk of the blockchain asset exchange in the contract, and gradually build a standardized, scientific and rational industry standard.
        At present, when facing this competition pattern, the major exchanges are also actively formulating new development strategies, developing new product businesses, creating competitive advantages for future development, and gradually forming their own distinctive development strategic models.
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