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Blockchain Daily: serious inflation in Argentina makes investors pay more attention to bitcoin

Time : 09/09/2021 Author : 8han0u Click : + -
        According to cointegraph, a research report released by the emerging Finance Research Center (CCAF) of the University of Cambridge on April 16 said that the lack of standard global terminology for encrypted assets was the main obstacle to the adoption of clear regulatory policies in the industry. With the support of Nomura Comprehensive Research Institute (NRI), the study conducted a detailed analysis of the regulatory environment for encrypted asset activities in 23 jurisdictions. The research shows that the terms encrypted asset and token have different meanings in different situations. Coingeek founder calvinayre launched an upgraded version of the network called quasar on twitter on BSV Genesis route day, which focuses on increasing expansion capabilities.
        At the protocol level, the only change to this upgrade plan is to raise the default block size limit. Coingeek founder calvinayre tweeted that Kraken has terminated the withdrawal business of BSV (the official withdrawal deadline announced by Kraken is May 31). The U.S. company holding BSV in Kraken should be ready to file a lawsuit, and the relevant users should also file a class action on this, because this is illegal. Obviously, Kraken has violated U.S. law, and it needs to be investigated and supervised. In addition, reddit's BSV community seems to be dissatisfied with Kraken's behavior of taking BSV off the shelves according to the results of the public opinion survey. Users commented that this move was "emotional", and some users said that speculators would use this vote to make profits for themselves.
        According to bitcoinist, citing Bloomberg news, the Central Bank of Argentina has tightened monetary policy three times last month, but the inflation rate rose to nearly 55% in March, and the consumer price index rose 4.7% that month. The unstable economic environment has prompted many traders and investors to pay attention to bitcoin. According to the latest data from localbitcoins, the transaction volume of bitcoin from Argentina has reached the highest level in history. At the close of U.S. stocks today, the NASDAQ index fell 0.05% and the Dow Jones index fell 0.01%. Related companies of Zhonggu zhongblockchain: Renren closed down 0.58%, Siku closed down 2.73%, Zhongwang online% and advantage interaction closed up 2.19%.
        Us blockchain concept stocks: Kodak fell 4.78%, Accenture fell 0.06%, 0.19%, riotblockchain fell 0.61%, marathon fell 5.99%, and square fell 0.99%. It is reported that during the joint spring meeting held by the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) this year, ceciliaskingsley, deputy governor of the Swedish central bank, said that the possibility of the central bank issuing its own digital currency e-krona in the next decade was more than 50%. Timothylane, deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, elaborated on the costs and benefits, risks and opportunities of issuing CBDC.
        He believes that part of the main motivation for issuing CBDC is that the public must be convinced that this is what they want to hold. Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced in its blog on Wednesday that it is expanding its cryptocurrency trading services to 11 countries and regions. The 11 countries and regions are Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand. Johnmcafee tweeted that I am trying to find Nakamoto Cong and keep narrowing the scope until he admits himself or is exposed by me. First of all: Nakamoto is not from the CIA, nor is he a member of any world government agency.
        It's a group, but the white paper was written by a man who now lives in the United States. He also said that Nakamoto's anonymous existence would allow swindlers to try to seize the name. For example, craigwright falsely claimed that he was Nakamoto and was entirely responsible for the BSV scam, which hurt us all. According to ambcrypto, the latest announcement of lightning network daemon said that lndv0.6-beta has been launched, which mainly improves the data backup function. According to ethereumworldnews, U.S. police arrested three criminals Codd, maccarty and Anderson who sold drugs on dark networks on Tuesday.
        Three drug traffickers accepted bitcoin payments, totaling more than $2.3 million, and have managed to withdraw more than $1million from encrypted ATMs in New Jersey and Manhattan. According to cointegraph, Google launched the launchpad accelerator program in Mexico, which includes ripio, a crypto financial services company. According to cointegraph, telegramopennetwork (ton), a blockchain application network of telegram, has reached a cooperation with wirecard, a German financial services institution. According to bat's official website, braverewards has launched the latest Android version of brave (1.0.91).
        According to bitcoinmagazine, riflabs announced that the smart contract of its public chain RSK has been integrated into Microsoft cloud computing service application store azuremarketplace. Before integration, riflabs customers must deploy local servers, and manually set and maintain the nodes used to run blockchain. By adding RSK smart contracts, users can establish RSK blockchain network through azure in a few minutes. The official blog of Gemini (Gemini), a cryptocurrency exchange founded by Winklevoss brothers, shows that the exchange has upgraded its wallet infrastructure to handle bitcoin transactions, and has supported segwit on the bitcoin network. The bitcoin transaction address of isolation verification begins with BC1, which is now available for bitcoin deposit and withdrawal.
        According to cryptoglobe, sun Yuchen, founder of wave field, recently said that Tron plans to launch 2000 dapps on its blockchain by the end of this year. As of today, the total number of wavefield dapps is 365. According to bitcoin, on April 16, sergiodemiá, chief scientist of RSK laboratory; Nlerner published a study on the earliest mining blocks on the bitcoin network. The research report provides relevant evidence that a miner has processed 22000 bitcoin blocks. In addition, Lerner also released a website called satoshiblocks, which is designed to help encryption enthusiasts view early bitcoin mining information.
        According to coindesk, a group of investors launched a $50million venture capital fund focusing on blockchain, aiming to bring blockchain technology to the public. The fund, called proofofcapital, was founded by three partners. According to the announcement on Wednesday, capitalofcapital will invest in early-stage start-ups focusing on several areas within the blockchain ecosystem, including remittances, custody and wallets, as well as security and identity.
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