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Is the person who buys NFT stupid? We made one by ourselves, NFT, let me tell you

Time : 07/05/2022 Author : r5z4nl Click : + -
        , it is different from other houses in floor, apartment type, area and lot. It can't be replaced with each other. One house is one price, and it can't be sold apart. Therefore, it is called non homogenous token. First of all, we registered a digital currency wallet, which is equivalent to a bank card, but it contains bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies. Src= send the picture for the title. Fill in some information and mark the price. In this way, a JPG image becomes a unique NFT work. As mentioned just now, blockchain itself is equivalent to a large distributed ledger, and data cannot be tampered with. If you buy this NFT, it means that everyone recognizes that the ownership of this work on the blockchain belongs to you.
        It sounds very advanced, but in fact, you can keep a digital collection, or transfer it to the next receiver at a high price or at a loss in the future. Src= most NFT works are so simple. For example, for a few dollars, you can buy NFT, a famous animation crash loving NFT, but it is no different from the pictures directly saved by right clicking others, except that it has a serial number and can be resold. Each website will give you a few digital collections when you have nothing to do. They are all similar, just for fun. Src= however, there are also some NFTs with a bunch of potential benefits. For example, the famous boring ape now starts with 100 ether, which is equivalent to 200000 dollars a year ago, 340000 dollars six months ago, or 100000 dollars now &hellip& hellip;。
        NBA star curry and Jay Chou all own this expensive NFT. What they bought was not only a picture, but also a complete commercial license of the monkey. SRC = in September 2021, Adidas bought No. 8774 boring ape at the price of 46 eth, and then based on this, it launched its own NFT for sale. At present, more than 200000 people have bought this NFT, and have already made money back. Src= of course, in addition to business value, some NFTs also have certain social functions that allow you to participate in activities with these big guys. Due to the characteristics of NFT, it is impossible to copy a picture and mix it in.
        Therefore, those who buy NFT recognize the unique and unchangeable ownership behind it. They will say that like real art, authentic works and copies can never be compared. Src= but more people choose to be a right clicker, right-click. Because in any case, the file saved directly by right clicking looks exactly like the NFT file bought for millions of dollars, and every pixel is not bad. You say it's unique, but I can directly copy 10000 copies at any time ~. Src= although everyone doesn't understand each other's happiness and thinks each other is the fool, everyone has the same concern:.
        In 2021, when NFT became popular, most of the transactions in the entire NFT market were trading picture projects such as boring apes. If you can successfully make others recognize that your work has investment value, or make a leek think that the work you buy is very valuable, you can really make money. But the reality is that there are few really popular projects, and the vast majority of NFT, like this one we do, no one cares at all. It's like today's short video creators are full of holes, but how many people really make money? If it's really valuable, these websites won't give you free. Src= some projects that look very lively also have routines behind them.
        For example, at the beginning, sun Yuchen spent $10.5 million to buy NFT avatars, which actually came from his own investment project. The money he took out of his left pocket went into his right pocket, earning a wave of yelling in vain. In the blockchain world, any operation will consume a certain amount of computer computing power. You need to pay a gasfee for computing power, which can be understood as a handling fee. Whether it is casting, transfer, account opening, transaction, gift and so on, you need to pay a fee of a few dollars to more than a dozen dollars, or draw a percentage according to the transaction amount for the platform. We spent nearly $20 just to do this demonstration for you. Src= but compared with the bursting of the foam, the handling fee is nothing at all.
        Even the star project of NFT may be worthless someday. For example, in March 2021, twitter founder Jack · Dorsey made his first tweet into NFT and put it up for auction online. The transaction price was as high as 1630 eth, which was equivalent to $2.9 million at that time. But a year later, when this tweet was auctioned again, the highest offer was only 1 eth &hellip& hellip; Fortunately, everyone is embarrassed to laugh at the buyer. One of the big loopholes is that the people who cast NFT are not necessarily the people who really create works. For example, the designer's works have been stolen and openly sold on the platform, and he has no good way to protect his rights.
        Src= in fact, if you save all the videos of Chai know now, cast them into NFT, and sell them for 100 yuan, there is nothing we can do. But you also need to know that the copyright of these works in reality is still ours. If the buyer spends 100 yuan, the probability is that he will lose 100 yuan. Src= in addition, although NFT cannot be tampered with, it does not mean absolute security. The simplest case is that once your wallet is stolen and NFT is transferred, it is almost impossible to find out who did it. Jay Chou's boring ape was stolen on April Fool's day this year, and it changed hands several times. Finally, an organization recycled it at the price of 164.69 eth, and finally it was sent back to Jay Chou for free.
        But there is only one Jay Chou in the world. If the NFT you bought with tens of millions is stolen, you really have to kneel on durian and cry. Src= so, is NFT the hard currency of the future world or a short-lived foam? We dare not make a final decision, because it depends on your consensus. Whether it's gold, paper money, famous paintings or diamonds, it's because enough people recognize their symbolic meaning that they become valuable things. The value of NFT depends on how many people recognize it in the future. Who is the ultimate fool depends on the result of everyone's game. Src= but anyway, if you just want to speculate, we still advise you to take it easy &hellip& hellip; If you want to use our NFT as your avatar or wallpaper, you don't need to buy it. No one will connect it to you ~.
        After following us, send a private message about the keyword "NFT", and we will send it to you free of charge. If you save money, we will raise fans. In the future, we will collect the money of advertisers together, and everyone will have a bright future ~. Recently, an ideal L9 store test drive recently hit a pit on the road at high speed, causing air leakage damage to the right front air spring, which has brought users' doubts about the quality and durability of the air spring.
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