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What classes can blockchains be divided into? Introduction to blockchain classification

Time : 06/10/2021 Author : 40nl2h Click : + -
        Have you ever understood the concept of blockchain! Today's editor will bring you the analysis of this content. If you also want to learn its knowledge points, you might as well take a little time to browse the following! I hope it can be of some help to readers!. The public chain is open and transparent. Any individual or group in the world can send transactions on the public chain, and the transactions can be effectively confirmed by the blockchain. Everyone can compete for bookkeeping rights. Bitcoin blockchain is a typical representative of public chain. The alliance chain is semi public. It is a blockchain used within a group or organization. Several nodes need to be designated as bookkeepers in advance. The generation of each block is jointly decided by all preselected bookkeepers. Other nodes can trade, but do not have bookkeeping rights.
        The private chain is completely closed. Only blockchain technology is used for bookkeeping. The bookkeeping right is not public, and only internal transactions are recorded, which is exclusive to companies or individuals. The concept of blockchain and its categories are all introduced to you. I hope it can help you.
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