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Dynamics of invested projects - SaaS one-stop traceability service of digital Qin technology "ansubo" heavy release

Time : 01/07/2022 Author : la3jqh Click : + -
        Digital Qin technology blockchain traceability platform - "ansubo" is a large-scale commercial traceability service platform developed by digital Qin tritium platform baas, which is suitable for various traceability scenarios. The platform uses blockchain traceability and Internet of things and other technologies to track and record all links of the product life cycle, including production information, quality information, circulation information, inspection information, circulation information and other data of products, as well as the information of relevant participants, which are recorded on the blockchain to ensure the traceability of commodity sources and quality, improve consumer trust, improve traceability and accountability, and create a brand that consumers can trust. Through more accurate management and improvement of the supply chain process, we can track the inventory, circulation and sales in the whole supply chain in real time, optimize the inventory through automatic replenishment, reduce the shortage and excess inventory, enhance the delivery capacity of goods, and realize dynamic pricing.
        Tracing the whole process from farm to table, linking consumers with specific and licensed information, helps to influence purchase decisions, such as origin, quality and sustainability. Using blockchain and Internet of things technology, we can track and record the information of the whole process of commodity production and circulation to realize the transparent visualization of the supply chain; Track the inventory situation in the whole supply chain in near real time, optimize inventory in time, reduce shortage and excess inventory, and enhance the delivery capacity of goods. Support upstream and downstream visibility of the supply chain, help upstream and downstream enterprises understand the source of goods, view their status or location in the supply chain, and verify supplier information.
        Support regulators to provide certification of origin, quality and sustainability. Allow users to upload, manage, edit and share these files to improve information management. The blockchain traceability platform of digital Qin technology provides users with a set of simple SaaS service console to support interface operation, open API to support secondary development and official public query client. The family office, China's leading elite family wealth management platform, helps global elites build a small family parent base, carry out global equity asset allocation, and make family wealth grow continuously. At the same time, it is a platform for family wisdom growth, by constantly learning the latest and most advanced business models in the world:.
        Precipitate more wisdom crystallization for the growth of family wealth; Provide a stable and sustainable driving force for family development; Provide wealth appreciation models such as asset allocation, equity investment, second generation training, digital assets, carbon indicators, etc. for global wealthy families, high net worth individual investors and institutional investors. The company has invested in nearly 200 enterprises in total, and the unicorn enterprises that have been listed and cultivated mainly include: Dajiang UAV, Weilai automobile, Jinke energy, Yibang international, Jinli permanent magnet, Woge optoelectronics, Tiandi one, Harbin Institute of technology robot group, digital Qin technology, xunze science and technology, xintianxia, Yunling optoelectronics, Baode computer, Ruihua pharmaceutical, Anbang pharmaceutical, palm home, Evergrande Taobao football and other well-known enterprises.
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