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Yan Ting, the initiator representative of Zhongxiang chain network: accept young people, accept new things and innovate the world together

Time : 27/08/2021 Author : 0yn6d7 Click : + -
        The experience and achievements of Zhongxiang chain network in the past year were reported, and the next year's development plan of Zhongxiang chain network was elaborated. In order to adapt to the current situation of the increasing number of super nodes and the proliferation of sub chains and new services in the public chain network, vonedao shared its product concept and form. Vonedao can be used to manage the growing super nodes and business needs of the public chain network in the future. This paper introduces the latest progress in the field of digital collections. The Motian digital collection platform has been connected to the public chain network, and shares several cases of digital collections successfully released by Motian universe. The highlight of this press conference is that Yan Ting, the representative of the founder of Zhongxiang chain network and the chairman of Zhongxiang bit, delivered a speech and issued three new world declarations on behalf of the team of Zhongxiang bit and all super nodes of Zhongxiang chain network.
        Yan Ting reviewed the development process of the eighth anniversary of the establishment of crowdsource bit and shared the connotation and broad prospects of Web3.0. The crowdsource chain launched a year ago has triggered "nuclear fission" and "nuclear fusion". He hopes that more peers will join the crowdsource chain and jointly innovate the world. Unprecedented changes are taking place in the world political and economic pattern in 2022, with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and the Russia Ukraine conflict disturbing the sharp fluctuations in the world economy. The repeated epidemics in many places in China have brought downward pressure on economic operation. Under the complex internal and external environment, China's digital economy has increasingly become the driving force for economic transformation and upgrading. Professor Si Xueming, chief scientist of Zhongxiang chain network and director of blockchain special committee of Chinese computer society, analyzed the scale of China's digital economy and the continuous growth of blockchain industry. From 2017 to 2021, the scale of China's digital economy has increased from 27 trillion yuan to more than 45 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world.
        Since the study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on December 24, 2019, the central and local governments at all levels have issued a number of industrial support policies, creating a good policy environment for blockchain technology and industrial development. Si Xueming pointed out that in the past three years, colleagues in the blockchain industry have responded to the call of the central government and made great progress in the underlying technology innovation of blockchain, the establishment and improvement of standards and specifications, and the promotion of new products and services. Since the release of Zhongxiang chain one year ago, more than 30 super nodes have been assembled, creating new scenes and deriving many new businesses. Si Xueming also put forward three expectations for the development of Zhongxiang chain network. First, it is open. Only open and compatible can it develop and grow. We hope that Zhongxiang chain network can open and cooperate with more blockchain ecological partners at home and abroad.
        Second, integration. The wider application of blockchain technology needs to be integrated with AI, Internet of things, big data, network security and other technologies. The third is cost. In the evolution of new technologies, the cost is generally high first and then low. We hope that the crowdsource chain network can play a scale agglomeration effect by reducing the cost and create a blockchain + digital economy benchmarking application. "On the occasion of the first anniversary of the release of Zhongxiang chain network and the eighth anniversary of the establishment of Beijing Zhongxiang bit Technology Co., Ltd., we pass through the mysterious nebula and welcome you to Zhongxiang ecological chain island." Summarizing the eight-year development history of crowdsource bit, Yan Ting, the representative of the initiator of crowdsource chain network and the chairman of crowdsource bit, recalled that with the progress of technology and the outbreak of big data, various platforms occupy and develop personal data to form the business model of Web2.0.
        The original intention of Zhongxiang bit is to solve the contradiction and conflict between personal privacy and platform economy in Web2.0 with distributed network. In the face of the new forms of digital economy development, data governance to be improved, and Web3.0 accelerated upgrading, Yan Ting believes that Web3.0 will bring about the subversion of the existing Internet. "Web3.0 is a safe and credible value Internet, a new economic system jointly built and shared by users and developers, and a three-dimensional intelligent holographic Internet. Under this trend, mobit will create a ‘ new world ’ that subverts the Web2.0 era.". Yan Ting explained that the new world in the concept of shared bits is a diverse world, an open world and a world for young people.
        Diversity means that the new world has the ability to transcend reality and ensure that people will not feel boring and boring in the new world. Compatible and open means that the new world is not a monopoly, and all users can easily participate in Web3.0 through Dao. The breaking of old rules and the establishment of new rules depend on young people. These are the characteristics of the new world and are in line with the development environment of the new world. For the concept of meta universe, which has exploded in recent years, Yan Ting believes that in the meta universe, data will grow explosively, which puts forward new requirements and challenges for data governance. In order to realize equal, just and fair value exchange in the meta universe, it is necessary to ensure the identity security of users in the meta universe.
        Different scenarios of the metauniverse and the construction of new applications require the joint participation of multiple subjects to form an open and cooperative ecosystem. Blockchain technology can solve the above problems and create a pass to enter the meta universe. Yan Ting further proposed that on the road to the new world, Zhongxiang chain network has outstanding advantages. To sum up, the Zhongxiang chain can trigger "nuclear fission" and "nuclear fusion". Nuclear fission is similar to the main sub chain structure of the public chain network, and the sub chains of various businesses are derived like nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion is like super nodes colliding new ideas, creating new scenes, activating new businesses, generating new data and creating a meta universe like nuclear fusion. "In just one year, Zhongxiang chain network has made good achievements in both ecological expansion and technological development.
        ”Zhu Bo, Secretary General of the consensus decision-making committee of the public chain network, presented in detail the development achievements of the first anniversary of the public chain network. At present, Zhongxiang chain network has developed 31 super nodes, covering more than 22 industries, and a total of 12 consensus decision-making committees. The total transaction volume of the chain has exceeded 1million, the block height has reached 150000, 5 sub chains have been generated, more than 10 technical iterations have been completed, and 9 products have been launched. At the press conference, the Web3.0 ecological map of Zhongxiang chain was released. The ecological map covers 15 sectors, comprehensively displaying the blockchain ecosystem of "Multi Chain interconnection and symbiosis" of the public chain network. In the second half of 2022, Zhongxiang chain network will continue to expand its ecological landscape and strive to exceed 60 super nodes.
        Zhu Bo believes that the development of blockchain industrialization in China is still in the state of "letting a hundred flowers bloom" of multi system and multi architecture alliance chain, and there is an urgent need for a cross chain platform to realize the role of Multi Chain portal navigation and clustering into a network. The crowdsource chain ecosystem brings together many blockchain peers to jointly build a cross chain platform including relay chain, distributed storage and multi compatible smart contract library, which realizes the interoperability and scalability between chains, ensures value interoperability and data mutual recognition, breaks the separation of chain groups and value island effect, and promotes the integrated development of China's Alliance chain industry. "The public chain network is building the infrastructure to support China's digital cultural and creative products.
        ”Zhu Bo believes that in recent years, digital collections will be the hottest application in the blockchain industry. Zhongxiang chain released the first blockchain integrated service platform focusing on digital cultural and creative products in China &mdash& mdash; Enjoy the digital collection chain for all, and a new attempt to "popularize digital collections" &mdash& mdash; Enjoy the silhouette of all things, and provide new momentum for the innovative development of the digital collection industry. "The public chain network is a channel to link everyone and the new world, so that everyone can realize their ideas in ‘ the new world &rsquo Zhu Bo introduced that Zhongxiang chain network provides infrastructure to support future applications.
        First of all, the public chain network provides a low-cost, efficient and multi compatible infrastructure. Both Web3.0 and metauniverse need stronger infrastructure to support. The crowdsource chain network encapsulates the functions as components, so that more people can use the infrastructure with stronger compatibility to build applications quickly and at a low cost. In addition, Zhongxiang chain network is jointly built by a number of technology companies, covering a variety of high and new technologies, significantly reducing the threshold and cost of integrating and using a variety of technologies. In addition to technology, Zhongxiang chain also has a lot of resources to break the monopoly with a richer business environment, a higher trust system and a more equal position. At the same time, Zhongxiang chain plans to launch a Zhongxiang chain ecological entrepreneurship incubator in first tier cities in China to support enterprises and individuals who are interested in building entrepreneurial dreams through Zhongxiang chain.
        The new world is the world of young people, and the Zhongxiang chain network will enable more young people to run out of the acceleration through the incubator. With the increase of the number of super nodes in the public chain network, more sub chains are derived through "nuclear fission" and more new businesses are expanded through "nuclear fusion". In the process of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, how to effectively manage business sub chains and participate in the organization and operation of new businesses poses new challenges to every super node organization operator in the public chain network. Vonedao, which is independently developed by wanglian technology, a super node of Zhongxiang chain network, provides a better solution for the existing organization management. "Distributed autonomous organization is not a new concept. The rapid development of blockchain technology has given birth to distributed organization Dao.
        ”Cai Maohua, the representative of the super node of the public chain network and the deputy general manager of wangchain technology, introduced that Dao is an organizational distributed governance model that encodes the organization's management and operation rules in the form of smart contracts on the blockchain, so as to realize the co creation, sharing and co governance of all organization participants. Therefore, Dao is expected to become a new and effective organization to deal with uncertain, diverse and complex environments. Caimaohua said that vonedao was mainly built on three concepts. The first is co creation. Based on the common organizational consensus or vision, organizations join Dao to cooperate to achieve goals. For example, in the one year since the establishment of the public chain network, each super node has worked for the common goal of the public chain network &mdash& mdash; Build the most influential industrial alliance chain system in China, and carry out deep cooperation according to their respective fields of expertise.
        The second is sharing, which records the contribution value of organization members through the token economic model and distributes the organization income. Zhongxiang chain will also build an open token economic model based on the consensus of all super nodes, so that all super nodes can share benefits and values. The third is co governance. Each member of the organization also has the right of community governance while shouldering the goal responsibility. Each super node member of the crowdsource chain can offer suggestions for the development of the crowdsource chain through proposals, and support and deny the proposals through voting. "The Dao application of the public chain network will continue to promote the equal, open and free distributed self-organizing cooperation ecosystem of the participating nodes of the public chain network.
        ”Caimaohua mentioned that through the self-organization and collaboration of the vonedao ecosystem, Zhongxiang chain network will work with partners to build a trusted blockchain alliance, chain industry alliance, and realize the trusted alliance and value sharing of the blockchain industry through self-organization governance such as token incentives, transaction management, proposal voting, etc. "Digital collections are digital assets based on blockchain technology. The openness, transparency and tamperability of blockchain technology provide great convenience for asset ownership and circulation efficiency." Huang Shengli, the representative of the super node of Zhongxiang chain network and the CEO of Motian technology, pointed out that there are two major application scenarios of digital assets outside the financial industry. The first is art. Digital collections let artists get rid of the physical carrier for the first time, and embody value through scarcity and collectability.
        The second is IP consumption. Digital collections reflect the value of assets by providing consumers with identity and rights services. Huang Shengli believes that digital collections can empower IP in three aspects. First, efficiency improvement. Digital collections are not constrained by the construction period and technology of offline production, and can be more unrestrained; Combine technology and creative creation to improve user experience and interactivity. Second, user operation and marketing. Digital collections provide IP parties with an effective starting point for private domain operations, and are the core means to enhance brand influence and achieve sustainable development. The advantage of blockchain technology's right confirmation certificate makes it easy for brands to build a member management system on the basis of private domain operations.
        Third, commercial authorization. IP authorization is one of the main ways to commercialize intellectual property. The IP party can give the holders commercial rights and interests through digital collections, and expand the scale of authorized business in the form of cooperation and co creation. "Mobian universe is a trendy cultural and creative IP digital collection platform jointly launched by Mobian and lockerr, which provides many technical solutions for the IP Party of the project. Mobian digital collection platform has been connected to the public chain network." According to Huang Shengli, Motian universe provides various selling functions for issuers, and the brand can customize the selling form. Motian universe also supports avant-garde AR technology to realize the three-dimensional visualization of digital collections. Collection holders can interact their digital collections with the real environment at any time, so that designers' creativity can be more vivid.
        The first anniversary of Zhongxiang chain network is held in the meta universe. The magnificent Zhongxiang ecological chain Island, the booming future technology, diverse and rich cultural integration, and the booming digital Tibetan creation are just the tip of the iceberg of the new world. The infinity of the new world may require everyone to participate in the creation. Developing digital economy is a national strategy and the trend of the times. Standing at the new starting point of the first anniversary of the public chain network, we should grasp the new opportunities of the digital economy, accept the diversity of the new world, and build the public chain network into a chain network for young people, a compatible and open chain network, and a pioneer of Web3.0, leading to "nuclear fission" and "nuclear fusion". Opportunities are always left to those who are prepared. We warmly welcome colleagues in the digital economy to join the public chain network, build the public chain network, and create a new world!.
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