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The developer of my world announced that it would completely ban NFT and blockchain technology

Time : 13/05/2022 Author : rpz78n Click : + -
        Mojangstudios, the developer of my world, announced that it would completely ban NFT and blockchain technology, and would not use blockchain technology in game client and server programs, nor create game related NFT content. Src=mojangstudios said that each of these used content of NFT and other blockchain technologies creates digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusivity, diverting attention from playing games, which is inconsistent with the values of creativity, inclusiveness and common play of my world. Lingkong game, the developer of Showa story of America, announced that it had received $8million in financing led by galaxyinteractive, which would speed up the development of the game and expand its business in overseas markets.
        In addition, Lingkong game recently set up Lingkong American studio in Manhattan, New York. Src= "Showa story of America" is a B-level film style action adventure game that pays tribute to the popular culture of the 1980s, which caused a lot of discussion when it was released at the beginning of the year. Reddit Forum revealed more information about the remake of the last survivor, the last survivor: Part 1. This time, the content is a 2-minute live demonstration of players manipulating Joel to fight; In addition, the firearm transformation system and preview page in this game are also consistent with the last survivor: Part II. The reason why the name of the transplanted version of "last survivor: Part I" is different from that of "last survivor: Part II" is that this work adopts the brand-new technology of the engine of "last survivor: Part II". Both the texture effect, lighting and particle effect, and even the style of the whole map are completely different from the original version, so that players can re experience Joel and Ellie's journey across the United States in the next generation of pictures.
        The official of Goddess 5 confirmed in the QA dialogue session released today that the PS4 version of Goddess 5: Royal version cannot be directly upgraded to ps5 version. If you want to play ps5 version, you need to buy it again. In addition, this physical version will only launch ps5 and NS platforms. Fami Tong revealed the game scoring information that will be published in this week's magazine. In the new week, there are three games participating in the evaluation, namely "live space-time warriors" (33 points), blue thunder gunvolt3 lock ring (33 points), and "Red Devils: a symphony of legendary color" (27 points). Here are fami Tong's comments on the time Warrior:.
        Recently, an ideal L9 store test drive recently hit a pit on the road at high speed, causing air leakage damage to the right front air spring, which has brought users' doubts about the quality and durability of the air spring.
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