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Tencent's first blockchain game? Penguin land announced: the last piece of pure land on earth

Time : 03/02/2022 Author : owxf2z Click : + -
        The up2018 Tencent new cultural and creative ecology conference will be held at the National Convention Center in Beijing from April 22 to 23, when Tencent games will release a new vision &mdash& mdash; "Explore more possibilities for games". At the same time, it is rumored that the first blockchain game will be released, code named "Z". According to the official website, the background of the game is: the future of the earth, frequent earthquakes, raging yellow sand, plate collisions, the intensification of the greenhouse effect, the rise of global sea level, the devastating meteorological catastrophe sweeping the world, environmental degradation led to the intensification of natural disasters, and almost all species disappeared in this century's catastrophe. Penguin continent has become the last piece of pure land on the earth. Penguins here are the only intelligent group left on the planet.
        It is reported that blockchain is a cutting-edge technology, and Tencent hopes that games can be combined with blockchain, but compared with those "financial games", Tencent games will adjust the scale of combining blockchain, and will pay more attention to using the underlying technology of blockchain to improve gameplay and game value, rather than hype and coin issuance.
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