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What does Changsha Economic Development Zone rely on for three companies to be listed among the top 100 blockchain enterprises?

Time : 22/03/2022 Author : mv8pon Click : + -
        In the newly released list of "top 100 Chinese industrial blockchain enterprises in 2022", three enterprises, Hunan Tianhe Guoyun Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Hexin Anhua blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. and Shugen Gezhi Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd., were selected. In June, 2018, Changsha Economic Development Zone issued the policy on supporting the development of blockchain industry (Trial), which was the local policy with the largest support for the domestic blockchain industry at that time; In July 2021, the "several policies of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone on accelerating the development of blockchain industry" was launched, which is the first special policy in China to comprehensively guide the development of a new generation of information technology enabled real economy such as blockchain; In December 2021, the blockchain industry development plan (2022-2026) of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone (Changsha area of Hunan pilot Free Trade Zone) was released.
        In addition, Changsha Economic Development Zone has a 100 billion level industrial development chassis, and the supply chain management and industrial structure optimization and upgrading of engineering machinery, automobile, advanced rail transit equipment and other industries provide a broad market space for the application of blockchain. The enabling mode of "blockchain +5g+ artificial intelligence" has been vividly practiced in manufacturing enterprises such as Lansi technology, Shanhe intelligence, railway construction heavy industry, Kaiyuan instrument and Dingli technology, aiming at the development of blockchain industry in Changsha Economic Development Zone.
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