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Fast reading blockchain, ▏ latest technology and application trends (issue 41)

Time : 08/05/2022 Author : p8odw7 Click : + -
        South Korea launched the "first public blockchain platform", led by the government mint and LG; Microsoft and adents develop blockchain fraud detection system to speed up the pace of industrial crackdown on counterfeits; Wal Mart has obtained a new patent, and the patient medical records will be stored in the blockchain database &hellip& hellip; The following takes you to the blockchain time. It is understood that komsco is under the jurisdiction of the government and is engaged in printing and casting legal notes, coins, stamps, passports and other government documents. Now, it focuses on more key services, plans to establish an open blockchain cloud platform, issue community tokens through this platform, and provide digital authentication and certificate authentication services to the public.
        The platform will be based on LG's monachain blockchain platform. The internal platform was launched in May, specializing in digital authentication, digital supply chain management, especially digital currency business. According to CCN, lgcns officials said at the launch ceremony that monachain allows users to create their own digital currency wallets. With this function, local governments will distribute benefits and local currency to end users through the new blockchain platform. Recently, Microsoft said that it had cooperated with adents (a serialization and traceability solution provider) to launch a blockchain based tracking and tracking solution in the supply chain industry.
        The new platform will provide unit level tracking, enabling users to track individual products throughout the supply chain. The platform is a "combination of technology", which will combine blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and serialization to speed up the pace of combating industrial counterfeiting. Microsoft said that this cooperation will complement its own blockchain initiatives to meet the traceability challenges in the supply chain. Christopher ·, founder and CEO of adents; Christophedevins also said that the adentsnovatrack developed by them in cooperation with Microsoft's alliance will provide blockchain based unit identification for different industries around the world, and its deep foundation and success in serialization and traceability, coupled with the perfect combination of Microsoft azure cloud technology, will provide customers with full transparency of the entire supply chain and ensure the reliability of end-users' products.
        According to CNN, Wal Mart has obtained a medical patent based on blockchain technology. The patent was applied for on December 14th, 2016, and was recently approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent aims to store the medical records of patients in the blockchain database. In case of emergency, the hospital has the right to obtain its information. Wal Mart's patent application shows that they call this blockchain database system "obtainingamedicalrecordstoredonblockchainfromawearabledevice".
        The system consists of three key equipments. One of them is wearable device bracelet, which is the local storage medium of blockchain database. Second, radio frequency identification (RFID) scanners. The patient's bracelet is scanned to realize the transmission of medical records. Third, the biometric scanner is used to obtain the biometric signal of the patient (which can be face, retina, iris or fingerprint) for decryption. Once decrypted, the patient's medical information can be shared with other medical institutions, including nurses, doctors and other relevant medical personnel. Of course, it also includes the transaction behavior between the hospital and patients during rescue. In fact, it is not difficult to find that this patent is actually a combination of medical data, blockchain and the Internet of things.
        The Internet of things is a network that connects any item to the Internet through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system, laser scanners and other information sensing devices, and carries out information exchange and communication, so as to realize the intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management of items. Combined with blockchain, historical data can be read and traced on this basis. However, this patent has not been combined with specific medical scenes, so it has not yet highlighted the huge advantages of its combination. According to the New York Times on June 17, former reporters and editors of the Denver Post plan to launch a new local media platform in cooperation with the consensus supported blockchain start-up "folk media company".
        According to the times, after leaving the Denver Post, the organization founded a new local state online newspaper, the Colorado sun. After acquiring the parent company medianewsgroup, New York hedge fund aldenglobalcapital took over the Denver Post and managed it through its subsidiary digitalfirstmedia. According to the times, the Colorado sun will store data through blockchain technology, and the initial funds will come from the public. Once the new media begins to operate, the Colorado sun will become "a community supported, journalist owned team that focuses on investigating, interpreting and narrating news, serving a state undergoing massive change", and will not advertise at all.
        The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange (ADX) has signed a cooperation agreement with Equifax, a British financial technology company, to provide blockchain technical services for the capital market. Equichain will provide advice to ADX on the best way to use new technologies, including blockchain, to improve the operational efficiency of the exchange in terms of transaction speed and security. It is understood that ADX is a stock exchange that adopts blockchain technology and uses distributed ledger technology for electronic voting services at the annual general meeting of its listed companies. Headquartered in London, equichain manages two groups: one for institutional investors and the other for market infrastructure providers such as stock exchanges.
        ADX will join the second group, which also includes leading enterprises in the financial technology and financial services industries. The statement announced that the group would "explore the application of equichain platform and products, and discuss the practical application of blockchain in the capital market." ADX will become a member of this group and work closely with other partners to share knowledge and experience of using blockchain technology in the industry. Nicholasbone, CEO of equichain, said, "this (partnership) will further establish a more streamlined capital market environment for investors, thereby improving efficiency and reducing risks and costs.
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