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How to create a Dao?

Time : 23/03/2022 Author : nix3ua Click : + -
        It is an organizational structure in which control is decentralized rather than hierarchical. Dao uses smart contracts on the blockchain, and participants use governance tokens to vote on proposed actions. The word Dao became a buzzword in encryption in 2021, but this concept is popular because it has real value. According to the data of deepdao, the total capital value of the Dao ecosystem was $8.7 billion as of June 2022. The first Dao, called thedao, was launched on Ethereum in 2016. Although Dao can be established on any blockchain that supports smart contracts,.
        3. Create a mission statement: fund and promote the exploration of unknown places, and protect historical objects, works and sites. Discovery Dao is committed to funding individuals and organizations that strive to explore and protect history. Dao will donate all funds raised beyond operating costs to charities, schools, museums and global organizations. Next, we want to set the location of the Dao for member participation, community building, and announcements. The most commonly used platforms are twitter, discord, and telegraph If any web2 application still exists in Web3, it is discord.
        It used to be the basis for establishing contact with game players, but now it has also become the organizational base of Dao. Dao leaders like discord because it can organize thousands of people together and have assigned different roles and formed working groups. 1) Dao type being started: guild (jointly providing services); Clubs (few financial decisions); Venture capital (for large-scale financial decisions; grants (distribution of wealth); And products (management products or agreements);. is not a tool specifically used to start Dao, but a popular tool used by Dao to adjust membership.
        It achieves this goal by verifying that each member currently holds the Dao's token, allowing access to various discard channels of the Dao, and kicking out members who no longer hold tokens. Aragon is an open source platform for starting and maintaining Dao on Ethereum blockchain. Aragon provides two main products: aragonclient, a toolkit for developers to create online organizations, which aims to improve transparency and customizability, and aragongovern, a Dao governance framework with on chain execution and plug-in dispute resolution. Ultimately, Dao will need a Ministry of finance to store its funds and manage its tokens.
        The decision on which tool to use depends on the needs and capital size of the group. Dao will need a compatible wallet, such as metamask, walletconnect or Portis. Gnosissafe is an Ethereum wallet, which requires a minimum number of people to approve transactions before they can occur. When a Dao wants to adopt an action plan, it is voted by the members of the Dao (see the snapshot below) and then executed by a group of core signers, which is called multi signature. With gnosissafe, users can define the signer account list and the required number of signers, so no Dao member can transfer funds independently.
        To start the Web3 investment club on syndicate, the founder needs to connect a wallet such as metamask to the syndicate network. Deposits will be collected in the wallet, and any existing assets in the wallet will be visible to all club members. After the founder of the investment club chooses the name, the platform will assign a club token symbol. Then, the syndicate investment club can become the treasure house of Dao built around it. After establishing the Treasury, the Dao will need a way for members to vote on the proposal. Snapshots are by far the most popular tool. It is a decentralized voting system that allows users to create proposals and vote off the chain, which means voting - without exchanging cryptocurrencies - using erc-20 tokens or even NFT to display voting capabilities.
        Think of juicebox as a Web3 version of KickStarter. The project uses juicebox to raise funds from their community through smart contracts on Ethereum. The project can design the fund-raising page and fund structure, and define how to allocate funds and rewards. Mirror is best known for its blog platform based on blockchain technology. However, in addition to publishing articles, Dao can also use mirror to carry out crowdfunding projects using Ethereum smart contracts and convert posts to NFT. From fashionable Daos like digitalax to Daos formed around the purchase of sports franchises, to Daos like maker, they act as the Central Bank of DFI, and Daos have various styles.
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