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Zhijiang blockchain weekly report - the first domestic white paper on integral blockchain standards was released,Inquiry of blockchain integral system

Time : 21/02/2022 Author : egsh60 Click : + -
        Today, the 14th five year plan for the national economic and social development of Hubei Province and the outline of the long-term goals for the 2035 are released: layout blockchain and other cutting-edge industries, promote the deep integration of blockchain with artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of things and other technologies, speed up blockchain technology innovation, application innovation, model innovation, and build a blockchain innovation and development cluster with national influence. Build a blockchain application service ecosystem with Hubei characteristics of "smart trust, smart management and smart management", and create a blockchain capability platform with centralized operation, standardized operation and visual management. Implement the large-scale deployment project of intelligent sensors. Build Hubei blockchain service network. (Securities Times).
        Blockchain is deeply integrated into the construction of xiong'an. The fund application, approval, allocation and other work related to the project construction in xiong'an new area are completed through the blockchain platform. The first urban blockchain underlying operating system in China has been developed and put into use, which can provide a flexible environment for blockchain technology research, urban applications, industrial applications, etc. (financial sector). In the special interview on the cost of living competitiveness improvement project of the top ten projects of a happy life held in Vientiane City, Chenghua District, Chengdu on the afternoon of April 7, Zhang Jiaqiang, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department of Chengdu housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, revealed that Chengdu is promoting the integration of big data, cloud computing and blockchain technology with smart property management through the use of new generation information technology, and there will be more inclusive government services in property management in the future Cross border integration of community governance and industry governance.
        (Red Star News). Recently, 01 blockchain, together with zero one think tank and digital asset research institute, released the global blockchain industry development monthly report (March 2021). According to the monthly report, 233 financing events occurred in the global blockchain related industries in March 2021, of which 170 disclosed the specific financing amount, with a total financing amount of more than $3.256 billion (based on the real-time exchange rate on April 7). From the financing situation of global blockchain in the past half year, except September 2020, the average number of financing events in a single month is about 60-70, and 233 financing events in March 2021 have exceeded the average value of the past few months; From the perspective of total financing amount in a single month, the financing amount increased significantly in March 2021.
        (zero one think tank & 01 blockchain). On April 10, the launch conference of the establishment of China business points alliance and the blockchain technology innovation and application summit forum with the theme of "building the future of ecological smart chain — — opening a new era of trusted business points" were held in Chongqing. Jiangbei District of Chongqing will implement the new infrastructure, industrial companies and industrial ecology of the business points alliance chain, take the lead in carrying out the first pilot of points standardization, interoperability and mutual exchange, create a full scene set of "housing, tourism, shopping and entertainment", promote the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and promote the creation of "two high" demonstration areas and Chengdu Chongqing dual city economic circle demonstration areas.
        (Securities Daily). Rizhao Port, a port in Shandong Province, has introduced blockchain technology to try to build a blockchain timber business service platform in coastal ports across the country, breaking the traditional loading and unloading mode and building a new form of port service that is mutually trusted, transparent and traceable, which not only brings considerable cost savings to customers every year, but also creates multi-dimensional value for upstream and downstream industrial chains. (Rizhao Port). Since this year, the municipal administrative examination and approval Bureau has continuously innovated its handling processes and service methods, vigorously promoted the application of blockchain technology in the field of government services, and achieved "face brushing" services by launching the blockchain "authorization application" function in the "Ai Shandong Qing e-office". Now, when enterprises apply for such businesses, they do not need to carry the original ID card of the applicant. They just need to log in to the "approval digital space" app of "aishangdong qingban" within two days before handling the business, and launch the authorization application online. The platform will inform the applicant of the detailed authorization process in the form of SMS. After face recognition, remote authorization can be completed.
        This service measure fully protects personal privacy and greatly simplifies the working time, links and materials. At the same time, blockchain technology is used to confirm data rights, ensure information security, data traceability, credible consensus, promote information sharing and mutual recognition, and provide great convenience for business enterprises and individuals. (Qingdao daily). China business points alliance was established in Chongqing on the 10th. Jiangbei District of Chongqing, as the first pilot to carry out the standardized exchange and mutual exchange of points, will implement the new infrastructure, industrial companies and industrial ecology of the business points alliance chain, create a full set of "housing, tourism, shopping and entertainment" and promote the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. (China News Network).
        Recently, the general office of the provincial government issued several measures to support the development of blockchain industry in Yunnan Province, proposing 10 measures to support the construction of new blockchain infrastructure, strengthen the guidance of blockchain government applications, and cultivate the blockchain industry application market, so as to promote the construction of Yunnan into a blockchain application testing ground and gathering area, and create a national blockchain industry highland. (Yunnan Daily). Justice is rigorous and fair. Blockchain "hand in hand" justice solves the generation, storage, transmission, extraction and verification of electronic evidence, which is of great significance for deepening the reform of the judicial system and promoting the modernization of judicial capacity and judicial system. In Hangzhou, which takes the lead and strives to build "the first city of digital economy", the pace of judicial reform continues to move forward.
        At present, the people's Procuratorate of West Lake District is working with the public security and court of West Lake District to try to use blockchain electronic deposit technology in more case areas and more case handling links, so as to strengthen the standardization of evidence extraction, the security of preservation and circulation, and the effectiveness of examination and judgment. On the basis of setting up careful and rigorous evidence rules, the people's Procuratorate of Xihu District hopes to establish a unified judicial chain platform for the whole region, so as to make the handling of cases more efficient and rigorous. (Hangzhou Daily).
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