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Latest blockchain game recommendations!?

Time : 18/08/2021 Author : bn82l1 Click : + -
        The blockchain game platform has launched a new cryptoderby game, which is a little different from traditional pet nurturing games such as cryptokitties. In cryptoderby games, there are two competitive modes, namely arena and Grand Prix. In the arena, all players can let their horses compete, and get the corresponding ranking and points rewards through the competition results. In the Grand Prix, all players are allowed to participate, but only one horse can be registered. At the same time, a "betting" method is added. In order to ensure fairness, the system will only select 10 horses with similar strength to compete according to the registered horses in each period, and allow other players to bet on the competition results, so as to obtain the corresponding points reward.
        In order to improve the enthusiasm of players, the top three players in each Grand Prix will receive additional rewards. A part of tokens will be drawn from the betting of this competition and directly rewarded to the corresponding players. For experienced players, we all know that all kinds of benefits are the best at the beginning of the online publicity stage of a game, so no matter what game you participate in, if you can be the first batch of players to play the game, the general result will not be worse. Because on the one hand, the purpose of the game is for entertainment, but for blockchain games, in addition to entertainment, you can also make money, which depends on your understanding of the industry and the specific understanding of the game project you want to participate in.
        The traditional free to play mode has been unable to meet the higher-level pursuit of game users, and the play to earn mode has opened a new round of journey of various game platforms in the blockchain world. The game field with native digital gene coincides with the natural "coincidence" of blockchain. Due to its rapid user fission, it is also considered to be the fastest field and important tipping point of blockchain. However, due to the current limitations of blockchain data throughput and delay, the operation of large-scale games on the whole chain is obviously impractical, and the IP traffic painstakingly managed by game companies will end with it. At this time, a plan that can take into account game manufacturers, traditional game players and chain game enthusiasts is about to emerge, that is, the chain transformation of traditional games.
        Based on the characteristics of blockchain, such as decentralization, tamper proof, trustworthiness, non-homogeneous right confirmation, asset security and cross platform, it has strong privacy and security protection for important game data and assets in real time, and user information. Based on blockchain, users' digital assets can be circulated on various game platforms, rather than limited to a single game. This development trend is expected to form a multi game ecosystem. It can be said that the game chain transformation is a very creative solution at present. At present, the number of traditional games in the chain transformation continues to increase, which will bring great changes to the traditional game industry. Chain entertainment legend is a "game + blockchain" product that closely follows the Web3.0 era. It is classic and has been officially licensed by Legend 1.8.0.
        It retains the classic playing method of legend, and important props are linked in real time. Playing boss during the opening of the game is more likely to get BTC rewards. The PC end and mobile client of chain entertainment legend will be opened to public game lovers in April 2022. It is worth noting that chain entertainment legend will open the "game prop (NFT)" activity on March 8, 2022. Magicuniverse is a simulated business + battle chain game based on the encrypted asset "playtoearn" mode. In the early stage, based on the public chain of BSC, Multi Chain gameplay and cross chain applications such as BSC and eth will be opened in the future.
        Magicofuniverse is a gamefi game based on blockchain technology. We use heroes and charge them at a specific stage and let them fight automatically. Heroes need to use the game currency token "MGC" token to buy, and the illusion recharge will cost "CRA" token!. 3. To create a new fantasy level, please check the new fantasy column, which explains the cost of MGC tokens to establish a level. 4. MGC output, that is, you will get the total amount of MGC tokens for a day for each fantasy mining (complete 2 fantasy recharge to get the maximum daily MGC). 2. Players need to buy two battle mages in the game, each costing 15000mgc tokens.
        (enter the level II "warrior bar" for recruitment, and click "X" after recruitment Close the page. Today, I want to talk about thetanarena game, a multiplayer online tactical competitive game and grand escape game based on blockchain. It is said to be a blockchain game with many interesting and unique game designs to achieve the economic direction in the game. Thetanarena was developed by wolffun, a famous Vietnamese developer. Wolffun once created two mature games recommended by editors on googleplay, tankraidonline and heroesstrike, with more than 10million downloads.
        Everyone should understand and participate in this. Kardiachain and wolffun have the same vision of creating a new experience of multiplayer online tactical competitive games and grand escape games. They want to eliminate most common obstacles and create a real "social game experience" and profit model for players. Next, let's take a look at what efforts and innovations they have made. There is no doubt that the type of multiplayer online tactical competitive games is now the giant plate of e-sports, and the big escape game is the heart of every game player, but for new players, they may be a little complicated. The token economy and gamefi functions in thetanarena games are the main driving forces of blockchain based games, which are very suitable for game players and investors to participate.
        The official website shows that the private placement financing was completed in August, including so many investors, highlighting the word "not bad money!"!. Let's take a look at the official website. The overall design is a top-down overall map view; Let's have a feeling of being in position C. The overall character and environment design of the game is mainly modern and simple, which adds a retro and nostalgic feeling, and greatly enhances the player's vision and action space. Its main core mechanism focuses on players' personal skills and team cooperation. Players can play their best in each game to win the best reward. The threshold of his game is not! have Door! Sill! Let's see how to play the game. There are three classes in the game: tank, shooter and assassin.
        Each player can choose a profession according to his own playing method. The game mode is mainly divided into four modes. The first mode is the big escape mode, which is the chicken eating mode of the fire now. You can choose double row with your teammates. This mode can accommodate up to 42 players at the same time. You will eat chicken in the end of your life. Good luck, eat chicken tonight. This mode looks a bit like the wilderness duel mode of wilderness chaos, but the maximum limit of that mode is 10 people, The higher the survival ranking of the same model, the richer the reward you will get. The second mode is the 4v4 team mode. This mode is that killing one side will win. This mode is more pure.
        Going in is all kinds of random killing,. The third mode is the star snatching mode, which mainly depends on the team score to win. A star will appear on the map every once in a while. You can get points by picking it up close to the star. When you kill the other party, the star points on the other party will fall. After the countdown, the party with high scores will win. The fourth mode is the tower pushing mode, which requires players to cooperate with each other, You can win by pushing down the enemy crystal. This play is a bit like the push tower in the League of heroes. At present, it is not known whether you can type and speak in this game. After all, it needs tacit understanding to cooperate with the game. How can this game make money? Thetanarena has two kinds of tokens. One is that thetan (THC) is obtained by fighting and winning game rewards. The number depends on the level of loot and the rarity of heroes. The second is to do tasks and rank rewards. You can also buy battle passes here. Thc is mainly used to upgrade heroes and buy hero boxes, In this way, more advanced and rare heroes can be created, and the gold will be faster. The second token is thc's game gem, which can be sold, upgraded and directly purchased. Heroes can also be divided into advanced heroes and free heroes. The rarity of heroes and the rarity of skin can also be divided into three levels: ordinary, rare and legendary.
        Ordinary players will be assigned a default hero when they enter the game system. They can get token rewards by playing games. Krypton gold players can buy more advanced heroes, which will make gold faster. If you don't want to invest too much, you can directly use free heroes to participate in the battle. Another important point is that content creators and anchors can expect the unique live broadcast system of thetanarena, which can support anchors to directly enter the live broadcast platform, and players can support their favorite anchors with THC and THG.
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