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Blockchain 30 and its future in the eyes of Lin frightenhong, the money circle boss

Time : 25/07/2021 Author : le7bqt Click : + -
        Mentioning the name of Lin frighten Hong, I believe many people who mix in the coin circle will not feel strange. As the founder of Bodhi, Lin Weihong has been in the currency circle for seven years. Since he entered the bitcoin industry, he has accurately stepped on every outbreak point of cryptocurrency: several rounds of rise and fall cycles of bitcoin, capacity expansion war, Ethereum online, the biggest bifurcation crisis in history after thedao was stolen. Then he participated in China's ICO and coin refund crisis. Now he is a member of blockchain entrepreneurship tide. At the gmic2018 global mobile Internet Conference, Mr. Lin qiehong also served as a guest and invited him to the global blockchain summit to share his views on the current situation, blockchain 3.0 and the future of blockchain.
        Mr. Lin Weihong first made his own views on the development history of blockchain and the definition of blockchain. In the scope of traditional cognition, people always think of "decentralization", "world computer", "distributed ledger" and other natural things about blockchain first. Mr. Lin Jinghong agreed with these views, but said it was not comprehensive enough. In his view, in addition to the advantages of blockchain, we also need to see that blockchain is not a science, blockchain is not absolutely safe, and blockchain is not omnipotent. If the current Internet system is a complete uncle, blockchain is a forest composed of such trees.
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