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Latest blockchain policies,Digital economy takes off! Officially released the latest regulatory policy inventory of global blockchain in 2022

Time : 12/06/2022 Author : h34qf8 Click : + -
        In recent years, the digital economy has faced great opportunities and challenges. Countries around the world have accelerated research on the blockchain industry and formulated corresponding regulatory policies for digital currencies. In recent years, countries all over the world are vigorously developing the digital economy. China has included the digital economy in its national strategy and implemented it in the work of governments at all levels. Other countries at the forefront of digital economy development, such as the United States, the European Union, India, Mexico, Brazil, have also introduced relevant policies to promote the digital transformation of industries. In the process of rapid digitalization, the development of blockchain technology is particularly important. It solves the key problems in the development of digital economy, such as security, trust, power confirmation and so on.
        The controllability of data sources, privacy protection, auditability of data use and other issues have been gradually improved, making the whole process of data flow transparent and safe, recordable and quantifiable, so that the value of data can be truly realized on the technical platform. Since 2022, under the influence of multiple internal and external factors, the global encrypted digital asset market has ushered in no small shock. According to coinmarketcap data, as of July 3, 2022, there were 20091 currencies in the global digital currency market, with a total market value of about $878.8 billion, of which the total market value of top30 digital currency was about $834.9 billion, accounting for about 95.88% of the total market value of all digital currencies.
        BTC, Eth and usdt rank among the top three in the market value of global digital currencies. In addition to encrypting the digital asset market, the research and development of legal digital currency (CBDC) around the world has also made great progress. As of June 2022, cbdcs in 10 countries and regions have been officially launched and put into operation. At present, the projects that have been officially launched include jam Dex in Jamaica, e-naira in Nigeria, sanddollar in the Bahamas, and dcash in the Eastern Caribbean (including 7 regions). We find that small economies and developing countries are more flexible and radical in the development of CBDC, while developed countries and large economies are relatively cautious and slow.
        Of course, the rise of the digital asset market must be accompanied by huge opportunities and risks, and a perfect regulatory system is essential. Although there is no unified consensus on the global regulation of the digital asset market, at present, most markets have a relatively clear regulatory framework, and Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, the United States, Russia, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions have developed corresponding regulatory models. These regulatory models are in a state of enforceability and compliance. For example, Hong Kong, China has developed a license and sandbox regulatory model for the crypto asset exchange. The regulation is gradually clear and open, providing a better environment for the growth of encrypted digital assets. Based on this, onpay conducted research on blockchain policies in 6 continents and 82 countries and regions, and launched the latest regulatory policy inventory of global blockchain in 2022: attitudes towards digital currency, so that more digital participants can obtain more comprehensive and clearer policies and rules in a timely manner.
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