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Shanghai released the conflux tree blockchain public chain system 20 to seize the "new track" of the digital economy with digital rights and interests,What coins are there in the public blockchain

Time : 02/07/2022 Author : ehj1mp Click : + -
        Xinmin Evening News (reporter mayaning) as one of the world's three major blockchain public chains, the conflux tree blockchain public chain system, after the main network has operated stably for nearly 400 days, the number of users has exceeded 10.5 million, and the daily processing of transactions has reached 300000 to 500000, today it welcomes the 2.0 upgraded version. In the foreseeable future, the underlying technology of the tree blockchain system will support the "meta universe" and "Web3.0" industries on a large scale, release the capacity of VR, AR, games, artificial intelligence and other related digital information industries horizontally and vertically, and help the transformation of digital governance and the intensive leap forward growth of the digital economy. Blockchain public chain system is the basic research and development in the field of information technology, and it is also an international track. It needs continuous refinement and innovation, and surpasses itself and competitors in the same track.
        "Conflux tree blockchain public Chain System 1.0" breaks through the system performance bottleneck of blockchain public chain in transaction throughput (TPS) and confirmationlatency without sacrificing security and decentralization. It can handle more than 3000 transactions per second, 428 times that of the first generation public chain "bitcoin" system and 75 times that of the second generation public chain "Ethereum" system. Therefore, the conflux tree blockchain public chain 1.0 "has achieved performance leadership in the world, with dynamic nodes ranking among the top three in the world, and is called the third generation public chain by the industry. At present, we are in the era of technological change and technological progress giving birth to new business forms, new models and new drivers of economic development. The meta universe and Web3.0, which are based on Distributed Systems (blockchains) and can contain all digitalized and digitalized scenes, are roaring around the world.
        "Conflux tree public chain system 2.0" is an iteration evolving under this background. The iterated tree graph public chain has stronger security, compatibility and applicability, and provides a safe and solid digital base for the development of digital economy in China and the world and various forms of "meta universe" and "Web3.0". According to Professor long fan, President of treetop blockchain Research Institute, "conflux treetop blockchain public chain system 2.0" adds a final confirmation mechanism using proof of interest (POS) to confirm the status of blockchain through POS voting. The new confirmation mechanism enhances the ability of the conflux tree public chain system to resist 51% attacks, and is also easier to understand, helping to reduce the cognitive cost of blockchain developers and users.
        This upgrade does not involve the packaging and execution rules of blockchain transactions, and does not affect the normal use of ordinary users. At the same time, in order to speed up the expansion of users and ecology of the tree map public chain system, the upgraded version 2.0 will introduce a virtual partition (called confluxespace) that is fully compatible with Ethereum, allowing various existing applications of Ethereum ecosystem to directly access and manipulate accounts in confluxespace. Data is the foundation of digital economy, and data rights and interests are the biggest difference between the era of "Web3.0", "meta universe" and "Web2.0". "I think it is very important to rely on the leading blockchain technology advantage of conflux tree to prospectively lay out the digital identity construction of enterprises and natural persons.
        ”At the press conference, long fan shared the latest scientific research and judgment, because digital identity is the basis of digital rights and interests, the basis of urban digital governance transformation and the basis of the "new track" of digital economy. Preemptive layout is beneficial to the high-quality development of digital economy and the construction of a new development pattern of digital economy. In his view, the "meta universe" is not a simple superposition of various information technologies or digital twins. Data rights and interests are the development direction of the future Internet.
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