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Blockchain is in a bottleneck, but this coin is on the cusp of the storm. Old leek: you can clear the warehouse!

Time : 28/10/2021 Author : zm89yd Click : + -
        Recently, the market in the currency circle has always been up and down. At present, bitcoin is rising, but the rise is not large, and some currencies are rising. As for the market, ups and downs are always inevitable. Everyone should be optimistic about the money in their hands and have confidence. However, if you want to choose mainstream currency, try not to buy fake currency, and you don't know when it will return to zero. When will the bull market come? Who knows when the bull market will come? But it's not urgent. I believe it should rise this year. The so-called "one year in the coin circle, ten years in the world" is really right. Since there are not many new funds recently, prices may rise and fall. Investors coming from the bull market are estimated to hold some non mainstream small currencies more or less. These small currencies are either only launched on some small exchanges, or the daily trading volume on large exchanges is low. In terms of their loss ratio, it is normal that the estimated loss ratio of buying at 70% or 80% at the halfway point. After all, this wave of many mainstream varieties is also halved and halved.
        I personally own three small currencies, and the market value has already been reduced to 30%. I completely died of the bottom hunting of small currencies. Up to now, I have no courage to bottom hunt for these varieties. Although once the market comes, the outbreak of small and medium-sized currencies is far greater than that of mainstream varieties, but under the long-term bear market, many small currencies are probably unable to resist, not to mention that many small projects have reported the purpose of harvesting leeks since they were launched, and their leaders have no intention to resist at all, so in general, A trade-off must be made between the high growth space expectation of holding small currencies and the extremely high risk of zeroing. Many old chives in the currency circle said: you can't really make money in the currency market without going through a bull bear conversion. Looking back, many investors who entered the currency market at the beginning of the bull market last year retook most of their profits and even hurt their principal. Apart from market factors, the bigger reason is that these people have too much expectations for small and medium-sized currencies and have too many positions in these varieties.
        Therefore, if you really want to survive this long winter, you'd better try to hold those mainstream varieties with strong team operation and good reputation and influence. If you can cut small currencies, it's really of little significance. On October 13, weissratings launched a vote on Twitter: among digital currencies lower than US $1, which currency has the most investment value? In this poll, 5726 netizens participated, of which 64% voted for XRP and a quarter voted for ADA. Star coin (STR) has only 8% support; Compared with the previous three digital currencies, iota has the least supporters, only 3%.
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